What’s in a Voice?


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Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany

This post is reblogged from my Supernatural Underground Monthly offering.

With #NaNoWriMo in full swing, I’ve seen more than a few questions pop up in the social buzz about #VOICE. For example, a post yesterday questioned writing multiple characters. It had everyone talking.

The smartest answer?

Make it sound real.

This reminds me of ​Tatiana Maslany’s incredible delivery of – what is it now, twelve -  cloned versions of herself on Orphan Black? The writers give each character a different personality, back-story and voice, and Tatiana delivers in a way that feels authentic. Not forced.

And those accents!

Editor Ariel Hahn says voice is the absence of artifice. It’s what comes out when you have just yourself. She says not to worry though; it will develop on its own if you keep writing!

China Mieville

China Mieville puts it like this: Every book I write, the first thing I have to do is get into the voice, and the voice varies from book to book – that’s part of what’s interesting to me . . . Of course, who you’re writing for is part of the decision about the voice of the book . . . but the person you’re writing for is (sorry to repeat what is a cliche, but it’s true) yourself – though yourself at different times and in different moods.

So when I wrote Railsea, I was very much wanting to write a story for myself at a certain age. I tried to inhabit the voice that would excite and win over and appeal to and interest that me, rather than thinking “now to write to appeal to children”. I wouldn’t know how – but I do know how to tell younger-me a story he would like, I think and hope.It takes self-reflection for a writer to pull this off.

Les Edgerton suggests that the best way to find your voice is to write autobiographically. “Writers will never find a powerful, evocative voice until they learn to be bone-deep honest with themselves, open and vulnerable”.As the saying goes, if you’re a writer, who needs therapy?

Here are examples of voice in two different projects I’m currently working on:

Black Tuesday (w/t) – NY, 1926 Paranormal Romance

The secretaries were like birds on a hot wire, all a chatty flap. Hammond’s door was open, the man shouting on the phone.

    “What happened?” Charlotte asked the receptionist.

    “He was actually here!”

    “Who?” Charlotte knew perfectly well who. It was all she could do to keep from running after him.

    “Leon Marcottie!” the office girls said in unison.

    “Him?” Charlotte managed to shrug one shoulder. “I hear he’s a real cake eater . . .”

The Blood in the Beginning (w/t) – 2020, LA Urban Fantasy

The detective and I went way back, not in a cozy, family friendship way, hell no. He’d set me straight when I went a little wayward.

    Okay. A lot wayward . . .

    Rourke kept me out of juvie, for the most part, and though there’d been no luck finding decent foster care, he started me in the LA-MMA junior circuit, and that saved my life.

    “You want to fight, you might as well learn how not to get killed.”    

    When I showed up for my first class, he was leading it. Yeah, we went way back.

VOICE is like a fingerprint – if you listen closely, you’ll find the writer’s unique signature. Do you have a favorite voice in film, TV or novels? I’d love to hear more! Comments welcome. :)

I am a Supernatural Underground author writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA and epic science fantasy novels out through Harpercollins Publishing Australia and USA.

You can find out more about me at kimfalconer.com or here on the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter.

I posts over at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month. My latest release is”Blood and Water” in Supernatural Underground: Vampires Gone Wild. :)

Neptune, Redemption and the Nature of Archetypes


With Neptune empowered in the sign of Pisces, the Symbolreader offers a timely and insightful article on the and longing for unity with the divine, and redemption.
Thank you, Monika. Brilliant!

Originally posted on symbolreader:

Bassin de Neptune, Versaiiles

Bassin de Neptune, Versailles

“The longing for redemption is an ancient, strange and many-headed daimon, which dwells within even the most earthbound and prosaic of souls. Sometimes eloquent and sometimes mute, this daimon aspires toward some dimly sensed union with an all-seeing, all-loving, ineffable Other, in whose encircling embrace may be found ultimate solace for the harsh limits of mortality and the frightening isolation of individuality which lie embedded somewhere, albeit unconscious, in every life. Even if we do not call the Other by any divine name, but instead direct our devotion and our yearning toward unrecognized surrogates such as humanity en masse, family, nature, art, love, or admiration for a particular person or thing. The hallmarks of the longing for redemption are, first, that it is a longing; that it is compulsive and absolute, and often collides violently with individual values; and third, that its goal is not…

View original 552 more words

Astro-LOA Flash: Fixed Signs


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Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 7.15.32 am

Astro-Clock from Io Click to Enlarge

Astro-LOA Flash: With the majority of planets in the fixed signs of Leo and Scorpio, the feeling is “stick with it.”

This is fabulous if you want to put extra miles on a project, are involved in #NaNoWrMo, or are on the final lap in accomplishing a long cherished dream.

It can also feel like wading through wet cement.

If you’re experiencing the latter, relax, and breathe, breathe breathe.

Let go of resistance, and explore Jeannette’s insights for yourself: Know All is Good.

What a thought provoking day! Enjoy.

All is Well


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Hey Everyone, this is a RE-BLOG from Jeannette Maw at GoodVibeCoach.com. It blows me away every time I hear her tell this story. Enjoy! xKim

When the vibes get kinky this is how I remind myself that life is good and all is well.

I hope you like it … (Read in full . . .)

Once upon a time I read a book by Kim Falconer called The Spell of Rosette. (It’s a fab story!)


The first night I went to sleep after starting Kim’s book, I had a life-changing dream.

In this dream I experienced everything a human being could. (You know how dreams are that way – impossible things and such.)

  • I was loved and I was abandoned.
  • I was successful and I failed.
  • I was healthy and I was sick.
  • I was adored and I was shunned.
  • I was murdered and I did murder.

I think I was even male and female. I experienced everything a person could experience in this dream. And felt every emotion a person could feel . . .  (Read in full . . .)

Full Moon Aurochs


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Lascaux cave painting of aurochs

Happy Full Moon in the powerhouse sign of the  Aurochs.

This image is an ancient form of Taurus the bull, corresponding to strong, sustaining power and.

The Aurochs is linked to the modality and element of Earth. Think fixed, grounded, stable and tenacious.

Point Taurus in the direction of a desire and she gets the job done.

L.A. – Thursday 14.13
NEW YORK – Thursday 17.23
LONDON – Thursday 22.23
SYDNEY – Friday 09.23

Astro-LOA FLASH: At 14 degrees of Taurus, the full moon is in the second or Virgo/Mercury Decan. It combines Mercury’s power of discrimination and flexibility to the stick-to-it nature of the Bull.

Sensuality is still strong, yet now it needs a more social, flirty and intellectual expression. The affinity for change and flexibility augments, making this energy Less likely to lounge around ‘chewing things over’ and more likely to take action.

This full moon links to the Uranus – Pluto square, making it personal, intimate. Tune in to synchronicity and insights that will support change (and I mean, change for the better!).

It’s a perfect time to release any old habit pattern that has survived past the use by date. Take time to think on that. What would you like to release, physically, mentally or spiritually? Now’s the time to set that intention, and let go.

NOTE: don’t despair if you aren’t seeing the results you want immediately. The thoughts you think now are like money in the bank!

AriesARIES: The focus is on personal finances, but deeper than that, your sense of self value. If you want to amp up your bank account and develop your talents and resources to their fullest, turn your attention to self-esteem. Release self-doubts.

TaurusTAURUS: Taurus Sun or rising isn’t that keen on change, but this full moon is just what you need to drop resistance and let new intentions fly free. The focus is on your ‘shop window,’ and how you relate to others. Ask what you can do for YOU!

GeminiGEMINI: This full moon brings reclusive tendencies where you go deep into the privacy of your own thoughts to awaken hidden ideas. Superficial-social, for the next few days, will not serve. Meditate, contemplate, renew. Fill the tanks; release ‘must’.

CancerCANCER: The focus is on your connection to like-minded others, friends and possibly technology and innovation. You benefit from visioning and really feeling your goals and dreams for the future. Don’t spend this one alone. Reach out.

LeoLEO: Your most cherished intentions around your work life, career, mission and profession have the longest legs right now. Forget about other concerns for the next few days and plant those psychic seed in fertile, imaginative soil. It’s happening!

VirgoVIRGO: A creature of habit, and rightly so, you maximize this full moon by changing up. Explore people, places, ideas and cultures outside your normal everyday experience. You don’t have to ‘go there’; just imagine a wider canvass. Think ‘global’.

LibraLIBRA: On the surface, deal with any debt, unresolved joint finances or tax issues. On a deeper level, this is the time to unravel the emotional generator that lies beneath. Set intentions to release any irksome creations or tolerations and they’re toast!

ScorpioSCORPIO: After the recent splash of eclipses, this is a time for you to re-set. What do you really want in your relationship world. With this powerhouse configuration driving, you gain by initiating change, clarity, and elevation to the next level.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Set intentions around harmony in the work place, increased sense of adventure in your daily life and optimal, energetic, fabulous health. The more you let go of any gremlin vibe or grudges, the freer you’ll feel. Relax and release limiting beliefs!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Anything that gives you a chance to shine, to express your individuality and amp up your creative pleasure is perfect for this full moon. It’s about knowing what you love, and finding ways to do more of that, every day!

AquariusAQUARIUS: This is were you get clarity around home, domestic and family desires. What wants changing? Improving? Imagine it now. On a deeper level, get to the core of your inner world, the heart of your emotional stability, and make a wish.

piscesPISCES: If you’re thinking of improving your education, starting a study group, writing, teaching, learning or training, now is the perfect time to give that a go. The more you open up the channels of communication, the more abundance you attract!


Want to learn more about astrology and the law of attraction? Drop by Good Vibe Astrology, sign up for weekly tips.

Our Free Monthly Call is November 26th.

See you there!

October Roundtable


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Consulting the Oracle by John Waterhouse

The recording for this Roundtable is up on the GVA main page. What a great discussion. Thank you everyone for joining in!

Jeannette and I will be tabling your Astrology and Law of Attraction questions tomorrow over at GVA. It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice.

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask your questions or stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, please have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload.

October 29/30 GVA Roundtable

LA – 3 pm
NY – 6 pm
LON – 11 pm
SYD – 9 am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!


Solar Eclipse in Scorpio


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Holly SierraTutt'Ar@ (16)

Holly Sierra ~ American Magic realism painter

Astro-LOA Flash: The dark  moon is on us, the shadow of the eclipse.

For the next two days, you want to ease back on the throttle, rest, reflect and self-repair.

Clear the mind of clutter, and hit the refresh button in the Scorpio sector of your chart, because . . .

. . . the October 23, 2014 solar eclipse in Scorpio is a powerful time to set your focused, edgy, cut-to-the-chase intentions.

You don’t want to saw logs through this one. ie Heads up!

This eclipse is within 10 degrees of the November 3, 2013 eclipse, meaning what you were desiring then may be coming into fruition, taking new shape or being scrubbed for an even better plan. Get a bigger perspective. With Venus conjunct as well at 0 Scorpio, there is added attraction, and allure. The desires will not be set aside . . .

If you remember back to October 24, 1995, the Thursday/Friday eclipse is EXACTLY on that degree. One way to leverage this would be to take the knowledge you gained from the experiences of that time and apply it to your life now. Think how much wiser you are.

LA   – Thursday – 2:57 pm
NY   – Thursday – 5:57 pm
LON – Thursday -10:57 pm
SYD – Friday – 8:57 am

Remember, where we find Scorpio in the horoscope is where we need to experience life in the moment and on the edge. It is where we need to merge our energy with others to create something we could not do on our own. This erotic merging can not transpire until we have severed our umbilical ties with the past, co-dependent relationships. To this end, Scorpio is about the enticement to leave the juvenile ties that keep us dependent so we may form adult-to-adult relationships. Scorpio asks that we leave our familiar ground, be it supportive or destructive, and venture out into the world to re-create ourselves anew.

Sign by sign tips for the Eclipse: Where are you setting your intentions for the next stage of your journey?

Aries ARIES or Aries Rising: The trail blazer in you may want to strike out on your own, but the eclipse is calls for contact, connection, action, and not the superficial kind. If you find yourself in the midst of fights and arguments, rethink your intimate life. Where are you resisting creative engagement with another? Can you set an intention about shared resources? That’s where you hit the jackpot.

Taurus TAURUS or Taurus Rising: The eclipse in your opposite sign of Scorpio places the emphasis right on you personal, one-to-one relationships. This is about commitment to your social connections, business or otherwise. Are you engaging completely and with your whole heart? Sharing? Trusting? Set intentions around experiencing the collaborations of your dreams.

Gemini GEMINI or Gemini Rising: Sometimes Gemini can be so busy and focused in the mind, that the body becomes a vehicle only, perhaps a neglected one. Use this powerful eclipse to connect with your physicality, set into motion a new health, fitness, exercise routine and discover the meaning of holistic awareness. Psyche and Soma. Can you listen to the wisdom of your body?

Cancer CANCER or Cancer Rising: You might have gotten into the habit of pleasing others to such a degree that your own personal creative self-expression has been curbed, or taken a back seat. If so, you’ll want to make an artistic play-date with yourself. Set intentions around honoring your Muse AND collaborating with others, standing your own ground AND sharing, listening, fostering.

Leo LEO or Leo Rising: Much of your intensity is naturally expressed out in the world, in the public performance domain, but this lunar even pulls you into the depths of your Self. Where you crave intensity, strength and transformation is in the roots of your being, private, domestic, introspective. Plumb the depths of your soul, and set intentions on your ideal living situation. Play with this!

Virgo VIRGO or Virgo Rising: The urge for intensity, power and change comes out in conversation and those can get heated, passionate, exciting/volatile. Power struggles demand resolution and this is the perfect time to remind yourself, and others, where you stand: on your own two feet. Use the strength of your words as a creative force to be reckoned with. Set intentions for writing, communication, commerce.

Libra LIBRA or Libra Rising: Intentions set around the authentic expression of your core values and sense of self-worth serve you well on this eclipse, as do honest thoughts of financial abundance. Transformation is afoot and it’s reflected in all the ebb and flow of energy – money, emotions, projects, support. Notice what lights your fire. Are you getting enough of that? Time to set more in motion.

Scorpio SCORPIO or Scorpio rising: Your personal new moon, the eclipse brings any power issue home to roost. You meet contrast face on, warrior stance, ready to engage. Remember, it’s intense connection you want. Check in to how you’re attracting it. Creatively? Destructively? You decide how this goes, but in the moment, appreciate the participation; enjoy the ‘battle’!

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising: As much as you like a cheering crowd, this eclipse is about retreat into the realms of the unconscious, a journey of dreams and inner horizons. Set intentions around self-reflection via meditation, service to others less fortunate, connection with all life. Risk something to make a difference. Ask, “how can I serve?”

Capricorn CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising: Your leadership capability is longing for challenge, growth and the testing of metals. Are you utilizing your talents to the max, or holding back? Engage with the ‘group’, lead the way, push past fears. The realm of one-to-many connection calls. Own your power and set your intentions for bigger goals and desires.

Aquarius AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising: Whatever challenges and potent engagements the solar eclipse brings, they won’t be secret. It’s all happening in the public eye where you are recognized, talked about, scrutinized and reviewed. Put the focus on your social connections, career and mission in life. Redefinition is in order. Ask what you can do for the collective? The inner cosmic social worker comes to life.

pisces PISCES or Pisces Rising: The solar eclipse in your house of new horizons coincides with an intense desire to explore the distant, less travels and unknown. You want to expand and are willing to take risks, engage your power, and try new things to do so. Set intentions to make your life bigger, more meaningful, more aware! Ride this wave to a new shore!

Remember, the eclipse energy can activate 30 days before or 30 days after the event.  Think AWARENESS! Eyes open for the gifts (as in, Finding Buried Treasure by Jeannette Maw.)

Feel free to post your experiences, intentions and happenings in the comments.

Happy New Moon Eclipse, everyone! xxxKim

Desire and Destiny


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Over at the Supernatural Underground, I’m running a giveaway . . . and some thoughts on desire.

Originally posted on The Supernatural Underground:

Life’s Desires by Florian Geiss

Desire . . . a verb that means “wish, or long for,” from the Latin desiderare. The original sense of the word may be, “await what the stars will bring,” from the phrase de sidere (from the stars).

I love this connection to ‘the stars.’ It brings to mind a sense of destiny, spoken of in a beautiful quote from the Upanishad:

You are your deepest driving desire. 

As is your desire, so is your will. 

As is your will, so is your deed. 

As is your deed, so is your destiny. 

You are your deepest, driving desire . . . 

― Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Some believe that desire is our undoing. They might even quote various teachings to support the thought, but are we really translating correctly?

View original 250 more words – comment there to win your Amazon.com book voucher.

Review to Renew – Mercury Rx


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From a Guy’s Perspective – the Dwaddler

Mercury, planet of commerce, connection and communications, turns retrograde tomorrow, taking an apparent backward motion through the sky.

Thank you Cafe Astrology

Mercury Rx @ 2 Scorpio – Oct 4/5
LA Saturday   9:56 am
NY Saturday 12:56 pm
LON Saturday 5:56 pm
SYD Sunday   3:56 am

Mercury Direct @ 16 Libra Oct 25/26
LA Saturday  12:09 pm
NY Saturday    3:09 pm
LON Saturday  8:09 pm
SYD Sunday    6:09 am

With Mercury Rx in Libra, you want to rethink, reconsider, review, reevaluate ideas and FEELINGS in the house where Mercury is transiting Rx (that’s the house(s) that contain 16 Libra to 2 Scorpio). Put a lovely, caring and compassionate ‘soft focus’ there.

Ask, what constitutes sharing, partnership and collaboration to me? The most primary way you can improve your life at this time is to re-frame your notions of relationship to (input the house(s) involved). Tips for your re-frame and reflection below:

AriesARIES: Mercury in the 7th house - Communication with partners, practical or intimate, goes a bit zany– muddled and/or blurred! It’s not the best time to come to any conclusions as wires get crossed. Use your gut feelings to make choices that can’t be delayed, and ask what you believe about partnerships/creative collaborations. Rethink all relationships, without judgement.

TaurusTAURUS: Mercury in the 6th house – Mercury Rx through your 6th house of well-being says reconsider your lifestyle and daily habits. Is this really what you want, or are you there because of circumstances ‘beyond your control?’ (ha!) Take stock of your nutrition, exercise, healthy care, comfort zone and routine. Start with what you believe about your body! More Self-Love!

GeminiGEMINI: Mercury in the 5th house – This is a time to go into cruise control on the creative realm and practice the art of allowing. Think play, recreation, romance and relaxation. Consider where you can expand your beliefs and live more in the ‘now’. The goal is to drop judgment and experience life in the red hot moment. And it will be red hot, when you allow it!

CancerCANCER: Mercury in the 4th house – Thoughts yearn towards to home life, family and symbiotic connections. Give yourself enough ‘me’ time to appreciate recent inner growth and development. Ask what family means to you. Home sweet home? Is there anything you believe that could be limiting your experience of others? Listen. Love. Reflect!

LeoLEO: Mercury in the 3rd house – The Mercury Rx puts the Trickster in control of your tongue, (which might be amazing). Still, you might say one thing when they hear another. Emails, sans body language, get misconstrued. Don’t even think about sending text msg without punctuation. This excellent for revising manuscripts, biz plans or creative projects. But, check your tires.

VirgoVIRGO: Mercury in the 2nd house – Use this Mercury Rx to get in touch with what really gives you a sense of peace and happiness, then let go of the outmoded core values and actions that aren’t taking you there. Awareness is the first step. It will lead to skill and talent development that is more authentic than you ever though possible. Expect a clean fresh $$ Vibe.

LibraLIBRA: Mercury in the 1st house - Mercury Rx meanders through your home, work, Self and relationship life. Everything! Best reflect on what you believe about what you do, where you do it, whom you do it with. How? Just set an intention to notice the things you like about your life and smile. Exhale and limitations are going, going, gone.

ScorpioSCORPIO: Mercury in the 12th house - With Mercury Rx in your solar 12th house, it’s time to go ‘in’ and listen to your dreams. Not daydream fantasies of achievement, goals, challenges and actions, but really sink deep into the depths of your soul. What messages are welling up from there? Watch for synchronicity. Tune into feelings, receive and immerse.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: Mercury in the 11th house - Mercury Rx in your 11th house of friends and groups can turn the usual gatherings/community into a mix of emoticons, all rolling about in different directions. The question is how do you feel? Allow for a new view when it comes to social connections, and find ways to relax amid the tension. Gems emerge when you aren’t looking.

CapricornCAPRICORN: Mercury in the 10th house – Career, mission or profession can feel like a dream time journey, with the auto focus weaving in and out! This is good news! For the next three weeks you let go of trying to micromanage your future and ‘make things happen.’ Let your neurons ease off so the universe can open new doors to infinite possibilities! Schedule light.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Mercury in the 9th house -Travel or study plans turn into the trickster’s playground for the next three weeks. Deep breaths. Remember, it’s not about forging ahead right now, but finding peace and serenity in the midst of contrast. Take time out to reconsider your world view. Is it what you think, or what you are expected to think?

piscesPISCES: Mercury in the 8th house - Mercury Rx in your house of shared resources has you reconsidering any joint financial arrangements, both income and debt. As you sift through possibilities, you’ll discover creative ways to organize and restructure the boundaries to your liking. You decide, but not yet. Let it marinate for a while. Go have fun.

If you’re inteGoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlrested in some first class guidance in using astrology to improve your entrepreneur skills, join us at GoodVibeAstrology.com in a five week course with Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer:
Astro-Biz: 5 Points to Reveal Your Rock Star Entrepreneur.

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Astro Revelations for Entrepreneurs


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This post is from Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe Blog.

We’re running the course together over at GoodVibeAstrology.com.

I just loved her examples and wanted to Re-Blog it here (if anyone knows how to put the reblog function on a blogger site, please let me know).


There’s a special place in my heart for fellow freelancers and self employed healers.

The work we do feels more important than ever, yet there are many gifted energy workers walking away from their soul work because they haven’t figured out how to make it work.

Which is why I get super-creative about supporting our success from a variety of angles.

Here’s a glimpse of what an astrology chart can reveal about business success:

* An essential oils distributor found it easy to get excited about new ideas. She had all the enthusiasm and big ideas in the world – in the beginning. But once she put things in motion the thrill was gone. She wondered what was wrong with her follow-through skills, but it wasn’t that. She simply has Mars in Aries in the 10th house. Her m.o. is to lead the party, and once underway hand the reins over to someone else. Once she realized that and changed her business model, success was in her hands.

* A retail store owner with Sun in Libra and Taurus rising couldn’t understand why the harder he ‘tried’ the less he accomplished, until his chart revealed he could accomplish more by slacking off and allowing ‘them’ to come to him. He wasn’t a chaser, even though all the previous coaches said he had to go out there and make it happen. Not so for the Venus ruled Taurus rising!

* A coach who hadn’t attracted the clients she wanted or income she needed turned to her astrology chart for answers. She had Sun in the 10th house, revealing how very important it was to feel of value. Her fear of letting other people down was holding her natural talents back. Once she found what would support her highest dreams – in this case it was working with groups instead of one-to-one -everything changed. Suddenly she plugged into effortless success and breathed new life into her professional dreams.

Good Vibe AstrologyIf you’re a freelancer or solopreneur who isn’t yet gleaning insights from your astrology for business purposes, you’re invited to check out Astro-Biz for Entrepreneurs led by me and Kim Falconer starting October 3rd.

It’s a five week course intended to help you engage a more authentic and successful (and of course, LOA friendly) approach to manifesting your business success.

You can get the early bird price of $197 until Saturday.

You don’t have to be astrologically savvy to benefit from this course. Check out more details here or email with any questions.

Astro-Biz Free Call


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Circus Fantasy by Liza Paizis

The call recording is up on GVA. Thank you everyone for for joining in and offering your charts as examples.

This months free call – September 24th 6pm Eastern (USA) – over at GoodVibeAstrology.com is an introduction to our newest course: Astro-Biz – 5 Steps to Rock Star Entrepreneurship.

Jeannette and I will give an overview of the course and how your natal chart knows your most authentic path to become a rockin’ business owner …

Join us as we play with examples, looking at your unique path to professional success as a freelancer, artists/writer, service provider, CEO of your own gig, or counselor/coach helping others reach their highest potential.

We’ll be looking at:

1) Mars and your best ways to take action

2) Saturn and how to set authentic goals/face gremlin fears

3) The MC and your personalized approach to PR, marketing and public identity

4) Tapping into the inner audacity coach with Chiron

5) Discovering your High Road with the North Lunar Node

Bring your charts (by having them created online and uploaded to the GVA gallery or accessible by link) and your questions, or listen in/stream online.

Call starts – 6pm Eastern (USA)

LA – Wed – 3pm
NY – Wed – 6pm
LON – Wed – 11pm
SYD – Thu – 8am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

Or dial in: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!

Equinox New Moon


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Phoenix by Boris Indrikov

Phoenix by Boris Indrikov

The New Moon in Libra rises just one day after the equinox, making this one of the most potent lunations of 2014.

LA – Monday 7:29 pm
NY – Monday 10:29 pm
LON– Tuesday 3:29 am
SYD– Tuesday 12:29 pm

You’ll want to set intentions around collaboration, union and partnerships, contemplating where you want to share your life be it business, friendship, artistry or romance.

The Sun/Moon in Libra awakens resources in the house it transits including an objective and astute mind, fluid and refined communication skills, sociability, enthusiasm for artistic expression, beauty, creativity, the desire to share and a graceful path to charge.

Libra by HOUSE is an area of life where we need to share our ideals, socialize, experience beauty and refinement and accommodate to the needs of others so we experience ongoing relationships and connections. It requires a finely tuned balance between self-direction and collaboration expressed through ideas, companionship and artistic creation.

Think about where Libra is in your chart and watch the light switch on! This tutorial on Transits of the Sun will show you how to find the degrees in your house cusps. Also watchTransits of the Moon tutorial for further insights.

Quick list of the 12 houses:

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Note which house you have  0 – 1 Libra and put some thought and focus there, in that area of life.

Because this New Moon is on the Equinox, it falls within one degree of the O Degree Aries Point (which included all four cardinal signs). It symbolizes added power, drive and significant. On top of that, it links to Mars in Sagittarius, adding fiery drive and heat. You’ll be inspired in all kinds of ways and it’s quite possible change will be easier, more graceful now.

Note that in Astrology, the elements (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) of the signs are divided into ‘decanates’, or divisions of 10. In this method, each sign is divided into three lots of 10 degrees (0 – 10, 10 – 20, 20 – 30). The first taking on the nature of the sign itself ( Libra ). The second decan takes on qualities of the next sign in its element (in this case, AIR) ( Aquarius) and the third taking on the subsequent sign of its element ( Gemini).

Think of the planetary ruler of the sign of each new decan. They add their own spark of energy to the mix. For the New Moon at 1 degree Libra, it falls in the 1st, or Venus rules decanate, adding a double whammy to the Libra-Venus vibe.

0 to 9′ 59 Libra: LibraLibra Easy going, with a cultivated and gentle nature. Nothing course or raw here. Sensual and artistic; social and attracting. Doesn’t like to do things alone. Needs to express creativity.

LA – Tuesday 11:14 pm
NY – Wednesday 02:14 am
LON– Wednesday 07:14 am
SYD– Wednesday 04:14 pm

Horoscope Tips for the Equinox New Moon

AriesARIES or  0 LIBRA in the 7TH House: The New Moon in your house of personal one-to-one relationships, business or pleasure, has a wild, adventurous, breakout feel! You want to go of anything that smacks of ‘toleration’ and getting on with life. Bold, dynamic and ready to roar! Get thee to the adventure!

TaurusTAURUS or 0 LIBRA in the 6Tth HOUSE: Take this super-mojo energy and pour it into your health and well-being. Set new gym goals, start the best ever nutritional program and light a fire under all your beliefs about what you can and can not achieve. Drop the ones that don’t support; exalt the ones that do! Move the body.

GeminiGEMINI or  0 LIBRA in the 5th HOUSE : This is all about co-creation, brainstorming, mind-melds and magic Muse conjuring. Also surprise dates with hotties! There is a project at hand that benefits from partnership. All you have to do is reach out. If at first no one steps up, partner with your Muse, your ever present creative spirit who is waiting to be met halfway!

CancerCANCER or 0 LIBRA in the 4th HOUSE: If there is one place to ‘get yourself correct’ this month it is in the home and those you live with. Think external – repairs, Feng Shui, de-clutter, collaborative sanctuary creation mode. Internally – emotional peace and psychological stability with all intimate connections. One supports the other. Get to it!

LeoLEO or 0 LIBRA in the 3rd HOUSE: Your New Moon is in the house of communications, supporting rash and honest ‘clearing of the air’ statements. This gets you and all your relationships on track, up to date and free of constraint. No more hedging the difficult ‘issues’. Let it out. Purge. Connect! Writing or speaking collaboration rocks.

VirgoVIRGO or 0 LIBRA in the 2nd HOUSE: This New Moon is all about developing talents and resources that excite you the most. No going it alone! There is someone out there who is ready to collaborate, supporting your in your creative genius. Connect with two goals in mind – creative self-expression and financial abundance. Win-win.

LibraLIBRA or 0 LIBRA in the 1st HOUSE: This is your personal New Moon and with it comes the creation of balance between what you experience as Self and what you perceive as Other. No more all or nothing when it comes to partnerships and unions. Your primary relationship is with you. Nurture that AND explore. Amp up self love.

ScorpioSCORPIO or 0 LIBRA in the 12th HOUSE: This is you ‘shadow’ New Moon, a time where you chill, meditate, immerse in beauty and form connections to your inner world. (‘Imaginary’ friends can be most beneficial right now.) Call on your angels, conjure your ‘Deamon‘ and raise your phantom! Explore behind the veil.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS or 0 LIBRA in the 11th HOUSE: The ‘friendship’ New Moon is upon you! Get out of any routine, or spiral trajectory, and find, honor and appreciate the bejazza out of your friends. Celebrate the people in your life who vibe like you, understand your quirks and love all the crazy things you do. Connect. Connect. Connect!

CapricornCAPRICORN or 0 LIBRA in the 10th HOUSE: Time to buff up your public identity and connections to the collective. A glorious New Moon of empowerment, potential and ultra-savvy leadership awaits. It’s not about having to be perfect. It’s about having a generous heart, caring about your collective and participating with integrity. Join in.

AquariusAQUARIUS or 0 LIBRA in the 9th HOUSE: You will LOVE this as long as you have enough ‘space’ around you, which is really a state of mind. Let go of all the ‘facts’ and things you know ‘for sure’. It’s time to be blown away by the realm of infinite possibilities. As you travel (metaphoric or real), you gain epiphanies through friends.

piscesPISCES or 0 LIBRA in the 8th HOUSE: The New Moon in Libra is an arrow pointing towards intimacy, connection and transformation through love. All you have to do is show up. In your willingness to become more than you already are, surrender to the call of the wild, the unknown, the unknowable. Follow your heart and merge!

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmFeel free to post your comments, queries and happenings below, or

Over at GoodVibeAastrology, Jeannette Maw and I will be running our free call on the 24th, introducing our next course:- Astro-Biz – 5 steps to rock star entrepreneurship. Bring along your charts for some on the spot insights. We’ll be talking about all 5 steps on the call.

Happy Equinox New Moon, everyone! xxxKim


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