6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. kristine Ditchfield said:

    Hi Kim, loved your words for today on Mystic medusa. Thankyou I will try to follow after what has just hit me emotionally this morning

  2. Greetings Kim , I am a beginner , I have watched your tutorials on youtube and printed up my natal chart & natal chart data sheet from astro.com. I would like to ask how i can find ” Note where 8 Capricorn is in your chart as well. What’s transforming there?” from your latest post? any info would be much appreciated.
    all the best and thanks

    • Hi Lucas, you can find 8 degrees of Capricorn first by looking at the glyph for Capricorn so you can recognize it in your chart. It looks like this: Capricorn Glyph. Now go to your chart and find the house cusp, the piece of pie, that has this glyph on it. It will sit between Sagittarius Sagittarius Glyph and Aquarius Aquarius Glyph. Each sign of the zodiac has 30 degrees (in a 360 degree circle) so spot where Capricorn begins (check the degree on the house cusp) and count forward (if it’s than 8 degrees) until you come to the point on the circle where 8 degrees of Capricorn sits. Note what house that is and if there are any planets nearby. Think about what is going on for you now, in that area of life.

      If you are still baffled, let me know!

      Thanks for asking :)

  3. Teresa Ramsey said:

    Am referencing your post about asteroid Karma being on South Node at 6 degrees Gemini and (without looking) am curious about Jupiter at that same degree now. What might that mean to you?

    • Good observation. Jupiter turning direct on the degree activates the point. Whatever was ‘happening’ in March-April 2012 might find ‘release’ when Jupiter turns direct on the 30th of January, 2013. Can I post your question on the comments for others to gain from?

      Thank you for pointing this out. It’s a good connection to note.

  4. Teresa Ramsey said:

    Sure, feel free to share the comment. Blessings in all ways.

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