Astro-Biz Free Call


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Circus Fantasy by Liza Paizis

The call recording is up on GVA. Thank you everyone for for joining in and offering your charts as examples.

This months free call – September 24th 6pm Eastern (USA) – over at is an introduction to our newest course: Astro-Biz – 5 Steps to Rock Star Entrepreneurship.

Jeannette and I will give an overview of the course and how your natal chart knows your most authentic path to become a rockin’ business owner …

Join us as we play with examples, looking at your unique path to professional success as a freelancer, artists/writer, service provider, CEO of your own gig, or counselor/coach helping others reach their highest potential.

We’ll be looking at:

1) Mars and your best ways to take action

2) Saturn and how to set authentic goals/face gremlin fears

3) The MC and your personalized approach to PR, marketing and public identity

4) Tapping into the inner audacity coach with Chiron

5) Discovering your High Road with the North Lunar Node

Bring your charts (by having them created online and uploaded to the GVA gallery or accessible by link) and your questions, or listen in/stream online.

Call starts – 6pm Eastern (USA)

LA – Wed – 3pm
NY – Wed – 6pm
LON – Wed – 11pm
SYD – Thu – 8am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

Or dial in: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!

Equinox New Moon


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Phoenix by Boris Indrikov

Phoenix by Boris Indrikov

The New Moon in Libra rises just one day after the equinox, making this one of the most potent lunations of 2014.

LA – Monday 7:29 pm
NY – Monday 10:29 pm
LON– Tuesday 3:29 am
SYD– Tuesday 12:29 pm

You’ll want to set intentions around collaboration, union and partnerships, contemplating where you want to share your life be it business, friendship, artistry or romance.

The Sun/Moon in Libra awakens resources in the house it transits including an objective and astute mind, fluid and refined communication skills, sociability, enthusiasm for artistic expression, beauty, creativity, the desire to share and a graceful path to charge.

Libra by HOUSE is an area of life where we need to share our ideals, socialize, experience beauty and refinement and accommodate to the needs of others so we experience ongoing relationships and connections. It requires a finely tuned balance between self-direction and collaboration expressed through ideas, companionship and artistic creation.

Think about where Libra is in your chart and watch the light switch on! This tutorial on Transits of the Sun will show you how to find the degrees in your house cusps. Also watchTransits of the Moon tutorial for further insights.

Quick list of the 12 houses:

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Note which house you have  0 – 1 Libra and put some thought and focus there, in that area of life.

Because this New Moon is on the Equinox, it falls within one degree of the O Degree Aries Point (which included all four cardinal signs). It symbolizes added power, drive and significant. On top of that, it links to Mars in Sagittarius, adding fiery drive and heat. You’ll be inspired in all kinds of ways and it’s quite possible change will be easier, more graceful now.

Note that in Astrology, the elements (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) of the signs are divided into ‘decanates’, or divisions of 10. In this method, each sign is divided into three lots of 10 degrees (0 – 10, 10 – 20, 20 – 30). The first taking on the nature of the sign itself ( Libra ). The second decan takes on qualities of the next sign in its element (in this case, AIR) ( Aquarius) and the third taking on the subsequent sign of its element ( Gemini).

Think of the planetary ruler of the sign of each new decan. They add their own spark of energy to the mix. For the New Moon at 1 degree Libra, it falls in the 1st, or Venus rules decanate, adding a double whammy to the Libra-Venus vibe.

0 to 9′ 59 Libra: Libra – Libra Easy going, with a cultivated and gentle nature. Nothing course or raw here. Sensual and artistic; social and attracting. Doesn’t like to do things alone. Needs to express creativity.

LA – Tuesday 11:14 pm
NY – Wednesday 02:14 am
LON– Wednesday 07:14 am
SYD– Wednesday 04:14 pm

Horoscope Tips for the Equinox New Moon

AriesARIES or  0 LIBRA in the 7TH House: The New Moon in your house of personal one-to-one relationships, business or pleasure, has a wild, adventurous, breakout feel! You want to go of anything that smacks of ‘toleration’ and getting on with life. Bold, dynamic and ready to roar! Get thee to the adventure!

TaurusTAURUS or 0 LIBRA in the 6Tth HOUSE: Take this super-mojo energy and pour it into your health and well-being. Set new gym goals, start the best ever nutritional program and light a fire under all your beliefs about what you can and can not achieve. Drop the ones that don’t support; exalt the ones that do! Move the body.

GeminiGEMINI or  0 LIBRA in the 5th HOUSE : This is all about co-creation, brainstorming, mind-melds and magic Muse conjuring. Also surprise dates with hotties! There is a project at hand that benefits from partnership. All you have to do is reach out. If at first no one steps up, partner with your Muse, your ever present creative spirit who is waiting to be met halfway!

CancerCANCER or 0 LIBRA in the 4th HOUSE: If there is one place to ‘get yourself correct’ this month it is in the home and those you live with. Think external – repairs, Feng Shui, de-clutter, collaborative sanctuary creation mode. Internally – emotional peace and psychological stability with all intimate connections. One supports the other. Get to it!

LeoLEO or 0 LIBRA in the 3rd HOUSE: Your New Moon is in the house of communications, supporting rash and honest ‘clearing of the air’ statements. This gets you and all your relationships on track, up to date and free of constraint. No more hedging the difficult ‘issues’. Let it out. Purge. Connect! Writing or speaking collaboration rocks.

VirgoVIRGO or 0 LIBRA in the 2nd HOUSE: This New Moon is all about developing talents and resources that excite you the most. No going it alone! There is someone out there who is ready to collaborate, supporting your in your creative genius. Connect with two goals in mind – creative self-expression and financial abundance. Win-win.

LibraLIBRA or 0 LIBRA in the 1st HOUSE: This is your personal New Moon and with it comes the creation of balance between what you experience as Self and what you perceive as Other. No more all or nothing when it comes to partnerships and unions. Your primary relationship is with you. Nurture that AND explore. Amp up self love.

ScorpioSCORPIO or 0 LIBRA in the 12th HOUSE: This is you ‘shadow’ New Moon, a time where you chill, meditate, immerse in beauty and form connections to your inner world. (‘Imaginary’ friends can be most beneficial right now.) Call on your angels, conjure your ‘Deamon‘ and raise your phantom! Explore behind the veil.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS or 0 LIBRA in the 11th HOUSE: The ‘friendship’ New Moon is upon you! Get out of any routine, or spiral trajectory, and find, honor and appreciate the bejazza out of your friends. Celebrate the people in your life who vibe like you, understand your quirks and love all the crazy things you do. Connect. Connect. Connect!

CapricornCAPRICORN or 0 LIBRA in the 10th HOUSE: Time to buff up your public identity and connections to the collective. A glorious New Moon of empowerment, potential and ultra-savvy leadership awaits. It’s not about having to be perfect. It’s about having a generous heart, caring about your collective and participating with integrity. Join in.

AquariusAQUARIUS or 0 LIBRA in the 9th HOUSE: You will LOVE this as long as you have enough ‘space’ around you, which is really a state of mind. Let go of all the ‘facts’ and things you know ‘for sure’. It’s time to be blown away by the realm of infinite possibilities. As you travel (metaphoric or real), you gain epiphanies through friends.

piscesPISCES or 0 LIBRA in the 8th HOUSE: The New Moon in Libra is an arrow pointing towards intimacy, connection and transformation through love. All you have to do is show up. In your willingness to become more than you already are, surrender to the call of the wild, the unknown, the unknowable. Follow your heart and merge!

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmFeel free to post your comments, queries and happenings below, or

Over at GoodVibeAastrology, Jeannette Maw and I will be running our free call on the 24th, introducing our next course:- Astro-Biz – 5 steps to rock star entrepreneurship. Bring along your charts for some on the spot insights. We’ll be talking about all 5 steps on the call.

Happy Equinox New Moon, everyone! xxxKim

Juno: the Source of the Soul’s Procreation


Another excellent post from the Symbolreader. Thank you! The asteroid Juno is 20 Cancer today, conjunct my Uranus. What a wonderful surprise! Where’s the supreme mother goddess transiting in your chart today?

Originally posted on symbolreader:


Erte, “Hera”

Before Her reign was overthrown as the Achaean tribes took over Greece Hera (Roman Juno) was the supreme mother goddess, a benevolent cow-eyed triple goddess of the earth and the sky, the creator of the Milky Way, which she painted in the heavens with the milk from her breasts. “As goddess of birth and death, of spring and autumn, Hera held the emblems, respectively, of a cuckoo and a pomegranate,” writes Patricia Monaghan. The chief god of her conquerors was Zeus. Naturally, his worshippers saw Hera’s widespread cult as a threat. An arranged (forced) marriage between the two deities seemed like an only solution. For Demetra George and many other contemporary devotees of the Goddess, Hera is “the image of the turbulent nation princess coerced, but never really subdued, by an alien conqueror. “ She may have been subdued, her old ways supplanted by the new patriarchal order…

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Mars in Sagittarius


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The Juggler, by Michael Parkes

Astro-LOA Flash: Mars into Sagittarius on the 13th/14th of September

LA –   Saturday –  2:56 pm
NY –   Saturday –  5:56 pm
LON – Saturday – 10:56 pm
SYD – Sunday –     7:56 am

Mars into Sagittarius is the talker, the traveling, the new opportunities maker. This is a restless, fire fueled energy that needs room to move.

It takes a strong Saturn presence to contain this brand of warrior and with the departing conjunction (when Saturn and Mars were together in Scorpio) there is a feeling of:

1) take what you know and DO something with it

2) allow for impulses and intuitive feelings

3) ask, “how can I be more independent, playful and free?”

You’re going to want to have a powerful and engaging physical channel for this mojo as well.

Mars into Saggo Checklist:

I am:

Feeling sexy
Expanding my horizons
Taking emotional risks
Saying it like it is
Feeling empowered in my physicality
Shooting arrows into the future
Appreciating everything
Excluding nothing

Yes, Mars is all about the action and in Saggo, it goes LARGE, but not all actions are create equal. Check what Jeannette Maw has to say about categories of action.

What’s your mantra for Mars into Sagittarius? Where is it lighting up your chart? I would love to hear about it!

Happy Mars into Sagittarius :) xKim

Full Moon and You


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Equilibrio by Chelin Sanjuan

Astro-LOA Tip of the Week:

The full moon this week is pivotal when it comes to your ‘big picture,’ ie life path. See times below.

Sitting exact on the  Jupiter/North Node midpoint, the FM activates where you may:

1) release anxiety

2) drop limiting beliefs

3) move forward in a new-for-you direction.

If it all feels like chaos central, see if you can focus on one small step toward clarity. That might mean de-cluttering a drawer (symbolic of clearing the mind), taking a walk in nature, doing yoga, meditation, or putting on your fav music and dancing. (see Zen and the Zodiac for more ideas)

The point is, this energy WILL lead you onward and upward, when resistance is gone.

Ideas? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

FULL MOON @16 Pisces
LA – Monday – 6:38 pm
NY – Monday – 9:38 pm
LON – Tuesday – 2:38 am
SYD –Tuesday – 11:38 am

Jeannette’s notes on: Resistance vs. Allowing.

* * *

At Good Vibe Astrology we’re talking about entrepreneurship this month and learn what your astrology can tell you about pitching, launching and moving forward with ideas. Join us on the Inner Circle forum/calls, or our monthly  Free Call, open to all, September 24th.

Happy manifesting, and have a wonderful Full Moon!

August Roundtable Call


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Consulting the Oracle by John Waterhouse

The call recording is up on the Free Astro-LOA page at – Enjoy, and thanks everyone who was on the call. Your support and insights are greatly appreciated.

Jeannette and I will be tabling your questions tomorrow over at GVA’s Monthly Roundtable Call. If you’re feeling stuck manifesting health, love, financial abundance, the career of a life time or creative dream, we’ll explore your best approach, using astrology and law of attraction tools. It’s a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice.

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask your questions or stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, please have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload. (you can email your chart to Jeannette and I before the call).

August 27/28 GVA Roundtable

LA 3 pm
NY 6 pm
Lon 11 pm
Syd 8 am

To stream online, (or download after the call) visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone.

See you there!


Magic New Moon


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In Between Here and Not Here by Paul Bond

In Between Here and Not Here by Paul Bond

The Dark Moon in Leo  over the next day is all about the muse. You want to rest, relax, cat nap, meditate, share meals with friends and appreciate the glorious world. Allow for healing and self repair as you take time out from the slip stream of life.

Then, on the New Moon (check times below) launch, pitch, plan and participate. Your new adventure awaits!

The New Moon in Virgo is perfect for bringing more ritual into the daily routine, amping up both ‘heart’ and ‘production’. It’s a time to appreciate what is working and feel compassion and reverence for all life, beginning with your own.

This New Moon chart also contains the long anticipated Mars – Saturn conjunction at 17 Scorpio. Think Luke Skywalker (Mars) and Obiwan Kenobi (Saturn). To learn more about this energy, listen to the GVA recording “Mars and Saturn Conjunction”).

LA –  Monday – 7:13 am
NY –  Monday – 10:13 am
LON – Monday – 3:13 pm
SYD – Tuesday – 12:13 am

Virgo is about about skill development, and the rituals in life that are constantly creating and re-creating our experience of reality. It’s magic to the core that we can all access.

Think – ritual magic, new beginnings, initiation and awareness! You start creating habits that make life better. Now. Read your sun sign below, and the house where you find 2 degrees Virgo. It’s may point to specific ways you can create abundance and well being through ritual in your life.

Listen to the recorded call where Jeannette Maw and I talk about “The Power of Ritual” at GoodVibeAstrology in our Free Astro-LOA Page.

AriesARIES/6th house: The New Moon in your house of health is the perfect time to start supportive new habits in the realm of diet, exercise and daily ritual. Think of your body as your best friend. What do you feed her? How do you keep her fit and active? When do you let her rest? Play? Explore? Connect?

TaurusTAURUS/ 5th house: The creative and playful sphere of the heart is awakened at this New Moon. Consider what rituals you have in place around your artistic expression? Is it haphazard, random or so strict there’s no room to breathe? Set into motion some healthy ways to connect to your inner child. Play, and have fun.

GeminiGEMINI/ 4th house: The New Moon lights up your home, family and emotional security sector. What are you doing to feather your nest, metaphorically and literally? Ask how ritual can improve this area of life. Regular family dinners? Time with relatives that could use your expertise? Renewed Feng Shui in the home? De-clutter!

CancerCANCER/ 3rd house: This is the perfect time to create new habits around self-talk, verbal communication and written or spoken expression, teaching and leaning. Notice how you connect socially, around familiar, haunts then start putting more conscious awareness on your words. Try scripting it the way you want!

LeoLEO/ 2nd house: New Moon amps up your house of money, a representation of your inner core values and self-esteem. This is excellent for boosting feelings of self-worth and setting in place new habits of care, respect and generosity. Let go of any critical judgments and embrace the abundance of allowing. Fly free!

VirgoVIRGO/first house: This is your ‘birthday’ New Moon and ideal for starting any new project that has your ‘heart’s desire’ in it. Most likely, opportunities are rolling in. You get to pick your favorite and shower it with positive energy. The trick is to not become totally obsessed. Start a habit of balance in everything you do. Equilibrium.

LibraLIBRA/ 12th house: The New Moon in Virgo is your ‘Dream Moon’ as it activates your unconscious mind. Up comes all the buried treasures in the form of inspiration, epiphanies, synchronicities and head over heels love interests. Treat this like a preview of coming attractions. Nurture, respect, revel and enjoy!

ScorpioSCORPIO/ 11th house: The New Moon in the house of friends is a wonderful opportunity to bring healthy habits of connection into being. Your powers of discernment are heightened, helping you know intuitively which birds of a feather you want to flock with. Remember, to have a friend, be a friend. Spend some time there!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS/ 10th house: Attention to detail and a feeling of new beginnings lights up your career sector. This is where you put new habits into place. If you’ve been overworking, pull back. If it’s been hard to focus, you practice new skills. As recognition and opportunities land, create the perfect balance of work and play.

CapricornCAPRICORN/ 9th house: This is your ‘Exploration Moon’ as a thirst for the unknown activates every cell in your body. What you thought was a closed door, a limitation or block, opens wide and you walk on through. The habit of open-mindedness can be developed now with very little effort. Easy breezy enlightenment time!

AquariusAQUARIUS/ 8th house: The Virgo New Moon is a chalice of overflowing opportunity where you create new habits around shared resources. This means anything from finances, money borrowed or loaned, creative projects and even intimate, erotic expression can take on new meaning in your life. Think Renaissance!

piscesPISCES/ 7th house: This is your ‘Relationship Moon’ where you can examine your personal one-to-ones and put into place more supportive, loving and caring habits. Old unconscious behaviors dissolve, replaced by mutual respect and reverence for life with another. Boundaries improve creating more room for unconditional love.

It takes 21 days to start a new habit. Let’s set fabulous intentions now!

Have a wonderful New Moon everyone! xKim

Sekhmet the Empowerer


Another wonderful post by the Symbolreader, a perfect way to celebrate asteroid Sekhmet into Scorpio today! Where is this powerful goddess transiting your chart? How will you honor her?

Originally posted on symbolreader:


Sekhmet from the temple of Mut at Luxor

Sekhmet, daughter of Ra, the sun god, is a goddess that, next to Hekate, has my utmost admiration, reverence and devotion. Her name is related to such words as strong, mighty and violent, and thus to the creative and destructive power of the Sun. The ancient Egyptian word “sekhem” meant power. She is a goddess included in the so-called Triad of Memphis, which included her consort the God Ptah (the Creator of the World) and the God Nefer-Tem (the Healer and Physician), their son. In Memphis, a Mystery School called the House of Life was devoted to worshiping the Triad.

Sekhmet is a very ancient, primordial goddess, as Robert Masters put it:

“She came into Egypt from a place unknown and at a time unrecorded. Some of Her Names refer to this very great antiquity—Lady of the Place of the Beginning of…

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Masquerade in Film and Literature


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The Mask of Zorro

The Mask of Zorro

This post is from my Supernatrual Underground spot. I thought I would highlight it here (manual reblog) so anyone who wants to win a free Kindle copy of Tatsania’s Gift (YA Urban Fantasy and prequel the QE Series) can pop their fav mask in the comments here, as well as there). Enjoy xxxKim

Since the beginning of time, masks have had a powerful influence on human evolution. From preliterate societies to the ancient Greeks and on to present times, the mask represents a part of our multiplicity, the many ‘selves’ that reside within.

Greek Comedy and Tragedy

Greek Comedy and Tragedy

In the Greek amphitheater, masks were performance props that helped bring out a ‘persona,’ a word that originally meant ‘to sound through’. The mask actually amplified the voice of the actor on stage, a wonderful metaphor for the expression of character.

Joseph Campbell explores this deeply in The Masks of God, delving into philosophical views of supreme beings in preliterate, Eastern, and Western cultures. He shows how, through story and ritual, we meet the divine, and sometimes demonic (dynamic), within – via our masks.In modern times, the mask (metaphorical or real) can be a way of allowing a particular aspect of our personality its day in the sun.

We put on the mask and become something  else, something more than . . . This ‘primitive’ practice of donning a mask to express a repressed aspect of the Self is common. We do it all the time when we:

Ipkiss’s dog, Milo, in The Mask

Put on our happy face.

Find our serious look.

Give others our kick-ass stare.

Go all gooey or seductive . . .

We still use masks in fiction to embellish (hide, punish, trick, curse, bless, amplify) a character.

It may seem like the mask makes them more archetypal, as in the evil of Darth Vader, the trickster Stanley Ipkiss in The Mask, or Batman and Zorro’s dark hero, but the story always reveals its deeper meaning when the characters finally take off the mask. Then we see what lies beneath.

William Butler Yeats suggests we sometimes prefer the masks stay on!

The Mask

“PUT off that mask of burning gold
With emerald eyes.”
“O no, my dear, you make so bold
To find if hearts be wild and wise,
And yet not cold.”
“I would but find what’s there to find,
Love or deceit.”
“It was the mask engaged your mind,
And after set your heart to beat,
Not what’s behind.”
“But lest you are my enemy,
I must enquire.”
“O no, my dear, let all that be;
What matter, so there is but fire
In you, in me?”

What’s your favorite mask in film or literature? Lord Vader? Scream? Dread Pirate Roberts? Zorro? Predator? Stanley Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss’s dog?

Name your favorite, most scary/awesome/sexy mask in the comments  here AND over at the Supernatural Underground, and receive a Kindle copy of Tatsania’s Gift, a YA dystopia novella, lead in to the Quantum Encryption series.

Kim Falconer is a Supernatural Underground author writing paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA and epic science fantasy novels.You can find out more about Kim at or on the 11th House Blog (yes, we’re here) and on Facebook and Twitter.
She posts at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month. Her latest release is”Blood and Water” in Vampires Gone Wild.

Anubis Full Moon


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Anubis by Michael Parkes

Anubis by Michael Parkes

Astro-LOA Flash: The full moon in Aquarius is one of the best aligned lunar events all year for blasting through set points and self imposed glass ceilings – the unconscious cap on how good we can let anything be. The energy here is creative, exuberant, charismatic! Drawing in Uranus by trine, Saturn by square, conjunct asteroids Psyche, Sappho and Anubis, along with a lovely YOD to Chiron and Pluto, get ready to release inhibitions, go outside the box and find MORE of your potential, from the inside out. Wild winds with a strong chance of reaching new heights!

New Moon 18 Aquarius
LA  – Sunday – 11:10 am
NY  – Sunday –  2:00 pm
Lon – Sunday – 7 pm
Syd – Monday – 4 am

Where we find 18 Aquarius in the chart is where the Great Awakener works through us. 

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern). Both are strong willed planets with powerhouse desires and BOTH are in aspect to this full moon!

Think of Uranus as one of the most exciting planets to work with in deliberate creation as this is where we blast through limitation and break out of narrow beliefs! It’s insanely powerful energy, but without Saturn, we wouldn’t know were those limits lie. Saturn is a part of us that demands authenticity. It’s where we want to get things right, be successful, individuated, feel accomplished and build something tangible. But Uranus keeps us from getting caught in a rut. Joanne Whickenburg calls them the ‘dynamic duo’ as they are the innovation (Uranus) and the manifestation (Saturn) on which we create our dreams.

For this full moon, think of any limiting beliefs about yourself are you ready to drop. Write them down, and kiss them good bye!

With Asteroids Anubis, Psyche and Sappho lit up, you couldn’t have a better inner moment for amping up self-love. This is such a powerful practice. Try it in your Aquarius house today!

Look to where 18 Aquarius is in your chart (create your chart here) and really give yourself the inspiration, innovation and permission to go beyond your limits. (short tutorial on how to find any degree of the zodiac is in your chart here.

These key words for the houses will help you get an idea of what’s the buzz and where to put your focus! Let us know what’s up!

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, books, kids, art, romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups, collective
12th house – Unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditation

Moon, Eros and the Galactic Centre


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Astro-LOA Flash: Asteroid 433 Eros, joined by the Moon in Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius, the point on which our solar system orbits once every 250 million years. It’s a powerful energy to tune into!

The GC, the center of the Milky Way, was discovered in 1932 with the first radio-telescope (they were trying to figure out why there was static in the overseas phone lines and found the GC was partially to blame). It’s the source of most of the gravitational energy in our galaxy. Some scientists think there is a star sized black hole at the core, others have different theories, but the interesting thing is, long before radio-telescopes, the ancient Mayan’s were turning their horizon astronomy eyes exactly towards this point, even though it was technically ‘impossible’ for them to see.

The Mayan people described the GC, the ‘sun’ of our solar system now at 27 Sagittarius, as the Heart of Sky and the Dark Rift,  two center points of the cosmos, a kind of ‘light/dark, Shiva/Shakti, Yin/Yang’ image.

Think of this Moon/Eros contact as an awakening, a burst of energy that supports new feeling (or newly discovered repressed ones), habits and ways of connecting in the world. It’s an opportunity to release limiting beliefs and past conflicts, let go of anything you’ve been putting up with and refresh your core self. Great prep for the up coming Aquarius Full Moon.

If you want to leverage this energy specifically, look to where 26-28 degrees of Sagittarius is in your natal chart and jump into that area of life with your whole heart. Moon/Eros wants to engage, and the GC is all about expansion, and following your highest excitement, being your ‘best’ self.

More on Moon/Eros

The transiting Moon moves through the entire zodiac every 28+ days, so the conjunction with Eros is a monthly event. But not over the Galactic Center. That can only happen once every 5 years+. Think of it as a highly sensitized point.

Moon, Eros GC can coincide with the awakening of intense feelings and desires. The Moon wants comfort and security; Eros wants to seek it through intimacy, risk and intensity, with another, an artistic project, a problem to solve. In Sagittarius, on the GC, it may want to look far afield, ultimately seeking new knowledge of self, others and the universe.

Think of the Moon as a barometer of our emotionally harmony. We’re going to gain some insights here! If there is any tension or lack of clarity, this transit can synchronize with inner turmoil, blurred boundaries and the odd bit of acting out. The feelings are running high like a river and, depending on our capacity to contain and process, they may splash and spill over the banks. Sometimes only hindsight can illuminate the actions and reactions of this time.

How to handle it? Let Sagittarius be your guide. Think adventure, curiosity, and openness to new understanding. The desire is to experience the feelings through Eros (intensity, intimacy, transformation) and this can help us get in touch with our inner angel/demon dynamic. (Remember, all roads are good)

Mostly this transit will point out where the greatest need for nurturing, expansion and excitement is. Putting awareness on the area of life where you find 27 degrees of Sagittarius in your chart will help. A goldmine of insights and creative expression awaits!

Where is this happening for you? Comments welcome.

GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_mdmAdditional notes:

Finding where 27 degrees of Sagittarius is in your chart. (this tutorial shows how to create your chart, find the ascendant and read all the degrees on the house cusps.)

The meanings of the houses are deep and rich with metaphorical and literal content but here is a quick list to get you started.

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house - $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – Sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – Unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Note: The HOUSES are the pieces of pie, the sections of space divided into twelve 30 degree + or – slices round which the zodiac spans. They represent areas of life, inner and outer, and symbolize the environment where an intention or drive (planet/sign) is acting out. The ruler on the house cups and the sign or signs contained in the house suggest the climate found in that environment.

Any planets residing in a given house or transiting there show us where the needs and drives of the energy are operating for us. We meet those planets, and the archetypal characters they symbolize, in that area of life.

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Steamy August Stars


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Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush

Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush

The month of August begins in FIRE and WATER, which we know makes steam. There is a mix of creative enthusiasm, adventure and audacity (great for fueling ideas, goals and plans for the future) coupled with a pull toward introspection.

Find alignment by following paths that light you up, and taking time to reflect through meditation, journal writing and deeper conversations. Marry playfulness with receptivity.

On the 10th, the Full Moon in Aquarius brings a huge release of old energy. The T-Square with Saturn (old habits – new ambition) and applying Mars (urgency, action), along with the trine to Uranus (will to freedom) is a firecracker ready to light up the sky.

Use this by finding the objectivity of the Aquarius Moon (perspective) opposite the Sun (ego – creative purpose) and shed the thoughts, behaviors and patterns (people/jobs/beliefs) that no longer serve you. This month is perfect for releasing tolerations. Holding on to them, on the other hand, is going to sap your strength and stress your life. Jeanette Maw explains why:

I used to believe tolerance was a virtue, a trait to embrace. But it turns out a toleration isn’t necessarily good for your vibration. – Jeannette Maw

To tolerate something is to bear it, to put up with it, to ball and chain it to your life. Can you feel that vibration? The more we grit our teeth in toleration, the ‘worse’ things get. For us.

So how do you eliminate tolerations? Jeannette has quick tips (read the full article here):

1) identify tolerations – think through your physical environment, financial, relationships, personal health, body, creativity . . . where are you feeling stubbornness, jealousy, hard feelings, revenge, illness, obsession? Toleration generates these experiences.

2) make a list of your top ten ‘I have to put up with this‘ things. It might look like:

  • Hyper critical partner
  • Messy house mates
  • Boring job
  • Noisy neighbor . . .
  • No place to paint/write/sketch etc

Make your own list. Go for 10 to start.

3) release the tolerations, one by one.

How? Easy. Either :

1) eliminate them (break up, hire help, quit job, move house etc) OR
2) find a way to see the situation differently.

When you change your relationship to the tolerated thing so that it’s ‘no big deal’, in other words, when you take the charge off of it, it ceases to be an energy drain. Do this exercise before the full moon and as it comes into aspect, watch the tolerations lift. Your shoulders lighten and you breathe deeply again. Ahhhh . . .

On the 12th of August, Venus moves into Leo, putting three personal planets in this sign (Sun, Mercury, Venus) and the dazzling Jupiter. Where Leo resides in your chart is going to be party town and/or creative inspiration heaven, as long as you let go of those tolerations. If not, you’ll have a chance to see what they are doing to your energetic body, up close and personal.

If this does turn into crunch time, appreciate the front row seat on what isn’t in alignment with your core values. Remember, when we do something that aligns with one of our core values, we experience an infinite flow of energy. It feels like peace, abundance, joy. When we do something that is not an authentic value, we experience the opposite of bliss. Use the information of this week to identify where your alignment on and off kilter with your authentic self.

On the 15th Mercury goes into the home sign of Virgo along with the Sun on the 22nd. This shifts us into a little more of an EARTH vibe for the second half of the month. Practical activities, de-cluttering, sorting, ordering and examining and getting our hands into the earth, feeling the ground that supports us, and the sensuality of the body brings balance and peace. You’ll find a yoga practice, martial art, zumba, gym or swim routine, along with excellent eating habits and high levels of self care really support your alignment now.

New Moon on August 25th, at 2 Virgo, is going to be telling. The Mars/Saturn conjunction is spot on, pulling in Mercury sextile, Venus Square and Uranus inconjunct. Neptune is opposite this New Moon, offering a chance to glimpse infinite possibilities, if you have put in the reflection time, released tolerations and opened your mind to appreciating what is, right here, right now in this beautiful moment. From this place, you can set intentions for the up coming month of September, focusing on the core values of your Virgo house.


A steamy month of contrast, which serves your higher expansion, August brings the chance to release anything that’s weighing you down and open your life up to new possibilities. Utilize this energy, especially in the second half of the month, to turn lemons into lemonade. Make it a collaborative adventure!

Where are the key features of this month highlighting your chart? The Mars/Saturn conjunction at 17 Scorpio? The lovely conjunctions in Leo trine Uranus in Aries? Full and new moons? Share in the comments as the month unfolds!



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