The Karma Course


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Shadowscapes Tarot

Image: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Hi Everyone,

As you know, most of my posts are going up on the new GVA site, the Daily Astro-LOA Flash on Facebook, the Supernatural Underground, the New Moon Newsletter,… but I wanted to make sure you all had a heads up on the new course I’m offeringAstrology, Karma, Reincarnation and the Law of Attraction.

We call it the ‘Karma Course’ for short.

How the past can unlock your future ….

The Karma Course Start Date : March 21, 2017 – Free for all GVA Circle Members
Member Details HERE
Join GVA for one year and get all 10 courses free.

The new Karma Course will explore ideas of Reincarnation, karma, the Law of Attraction, and how they relate to astrology, and you. Join me and Jeannette Maw on this wonderful journey.

Once you take this course, you’ll see your life in a whole new way!

audioAudio Intro to the Karma Course

Listen to the introductory recording.

What is the Karma Course?

The Karma Course delves into the aspects of your birth chart, along with your sign and house placements, to help unlock mysteries and patterns from the past. References on these philosophies include ancient cultural and religious beliefs, along with contemporary speakers on the subject like Bashar, Abraham-Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and astrologers who work with past lives and karma, including Howard Sasportas, Judy Hall, Isabel Hickey and Edgar Cayce.

The goal is to reveal the core meaning of karma, not as retribution or ‘pay back’ but as synchronicity, an alignment. By understanding the continuity of spirit, and why we have certain patterns and contrasts in our lives, we can learn to change what we don’t want, consciously. Right here. Right now.

Karma Course Topics

LOA and Karma

Ideas of Reincarnation and Past Lives

Astrology as a Past Life Clock looking at:

  • the Sun and Moon
  • Lunar Nodes
  • 12th houses
  • Saturn
  • Conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines and oppositions
  • Synastry and Karma
  • Location and Karma
  • Asteroids and Karma
  • Transits and Progressions

Turning Contrast into Gold

Prerequisites for the Karma Course

You need to be a GVA Circle Member to participate in the course.

And, you’ll receive the most out of the Karma Course if you have a familiarity with the basic building blocks of astrology – the signs, planets, houses and aspects – and how they relate to the law of attraction. If you aren’t confident in these areas, please take our complementary course #1 Essential Astrology and Law of Attraction .

Join as an Open Member to access Course #1 Essential Astrology.

Astrology, Karma and the Law of Attraction requires full membership to participate. Please head over to Join Us for more details there.

Questions and comments welcome here!

e8017-kimfalconer_fullI hope you are all as excited about this exploration as I am!







Align with the Stars – Jan 2017


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Image: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – Wheel of Fortune

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for our monthly Align with the Stars call on Talkshoe

Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about the January – February 2017 Astro weather including Mercury Direct, Saturn trine Uranus and the Full Moon T-Square. Exciting events!

Our monthly “Align with the Stars” calls are a chance for everyone to learn how to put astrology and the Law of Attraction into practice. All welcome to the live gathering. Come check out our community!

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask questions or simply stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, upload your chart to  the GVA Gallery before the call.

Call Date and Time

January 10/11 Tuesday/Wednesday

LA – Tuesday – 2pm
NY – Tuesday – 5pm
Lon- Wednesday – 10 am
Syd- Wednesday – 9 am

See you there!

To stream online, visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe. GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859

Open to everyone

Learn more about



Mercury Direct News


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Baja California by Leon Afremov

Welcome Mercury Direct – TODAY – and welcome the New Year of 2017!

The first announcement is, I’ve diversified my sites somewhat and want to point you in the right direction(s). If you want to follow the Daily Astro-Flash, catch it on my Facebook page: Kim Falconer Author. Here’s today’s with Mercury Direct:


Astro-Flash MONDAY – Mercury, messenger of the gods, has turned direct! You may not notice an instant easy flow, but over the next days and weeks, things fall into place. Connections have more grace. Messages, more clarity. Purchases, more reliability. Whatever was brewing early December resurfaces in sharper relief. Choices are made without hesitation or doubt. Onward and upward!

Some of you know, GVA – aka – has a brand new, blog style site welcoming open members (free to register) and full members (joining at a reduced yearly price). Our newest course is on Karmic Astrology and the Law of Attraction. Email me if you aren’t a member and want a seat.

My latest release with excerpts and info is on

All other books and writing resources are at and Save the Day.

And, for those interested in what’s next –  I will be announcing NEWS in a matter of weeks. I can’t say anything yet, but I will leave you with this clip as a small hint. More soon!

vp_01Click to Enlarge

Happy Mercury Direct, Everyone!

Have a great week.


Mercury Rx & Updates


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Image by Liza Falzon

Hi Everyone,

So much is happening, I thought I better post an update here to cover it all.


My Good Vibe School of Astrology has opened on the new site, with new format, new courses and a lot more materials accessible for ‘open membership’ ie, free access. One new feature is that all Open Members have access to the GVA Essentials Astrology Course. It covers the basics of Signs, Planets, Houses and Aspects and how they relate to the Law of Attraction. Jump in whenever you feel the urge.

Also are insights into Mercury Rx New Year, where Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn, in two days! There is a GVA talk on the subject, recorded last week, with example charts to get everyone up to speed.

Asteroid Icarus is also conjunct Pluto for the first time in 12 months. Check out how you can leverage this energy to release tolerations and free up creative energy on Icarus Edge.


Over at the Supernatural Underground, I’ve just posted an article for writers and creatives called Writer’s Agony and Ecstasy. I shared a version of this earlier on and wanted to bring it on Sup, and here too.

The good news is, I’ve finished another novel. The other news is, finishing it dropped me into a well of grief.

It’s happened so regularly, this emotional plummet after achievement, a kind of post-completion depression, I decided to do a little research.

Turns out, it’s a thing.

I also added a Reviews Page to If you have a review you want me to include, with a link to your blog/website/FB, let me know.


I’m writing the Daily Astro Flash on FB if you haven’t seen it. I’ll put a link in the menu bar here too. It runs Monday – Saturday and is open to all. Your comments are always welcome.

Oh, and the dates aren’t set, or the seat numbers, but I am running a course in early 2017 on Karmic Astrology and the Law of Attraction. Details here. Shoot me an email if you are interested and want to reserve a seat.

Finally, I can’t release any details yet, but I will post this image and say, “Coming 2017, worldwide.”


Have a fabulous Holiday Season, everyone. I’ll be offering more updates around the solstice. If you have any questions or comments, fire away!


The Guff on Supermoons


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Hey everyone. This is reblogged from my Diary. I wanted to post it here, in case you hadn’t seen.

Thoughts on Supermoons

… Here’s the guff.

Hang on. I should say, here’s my guff. I don’t expect everyone to agree.

There are people who swear by ‘supermoons’, saying the moon is larger at these times, and yeah, it looks larger, by about 14%. But heads up. It hasn’t really changed size.

The appearance changes because the moon has cycles of perigee — when it’s closer to earth. (if you can call 357,000 km close).  The perigee happens 2-3 times every 14 months.

Social Media gets all excited about it, claiming there is stronger astro effect raining moonbeams down on our heads. Like, get out the garlic and the holy water or something.

Me? I don’t give ‘supermoons’ a thought, basically because it’s the New or Full Moon that matters astrologically (the lunations as we call them), not the proximity of the moon to earth via the ecliptic. I guess you could argue that because it looks bigger, it does more, but then there’s Pluto, you know? 4.28 billion km from New LA.  Not super close … but super powerful. A Pluto transit trumps a lunar one, super or otherwise, by about a million …

Read the rest of the post on the original site …

Align with the Stars – October


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Image: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law – Wheel of Fortune

Hi Everyone,

It’s time for our monthly Align with the Stars call on Talkshoe

Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about the October – November 2016 Astro weather including Venus into Sagittarius and Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Exciting events!

Our monthly “Align with the Stars” calls are a chance for everyone to learn how to put Astro-LOA to practice. All welcome to the live gathering. Come check out our community!

Feel free to listen and/or join in, ask questions or simply stream online.

If you want to use you chart as an example, have a link to it ready either from the Gallery or your own upload link. New members of GVA, to put your chart up in the gallery just follow this simple tutorial.

Call Date and Time

October 18/19 Tuesday/Wednesday

LA – Tuesday – 4pm
NY – Tuesday – 7pm
Lon- Wednesday – 12 am
Syd- Wednesday – 10 am

See you there!

To stream online, visit Good Vibe Astrology on TalkShoe. GoodVibeAstroD52cR06bP01ZL-Hoover6b_smlOr dial in on Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 25859 Open to everyone (downloads available only to GVA Members).

Learn more about

If you want a free 30 day trial to GoodVibeAstrology, email me!


Vindemiatrix New Moon


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Finding Solace by Crispin Korschen

Finding Solace by Crispin Korschen

NEW MOON September 30th/October 1st
@8 LIBRA 15

LA – Friday – 5:12 pm
NY – Friday – 8:12 pm
LON – Saturday – 1:12 am
SYD– Saturday – 10:12 am

This lovely new moon in Libra is on the fixed star Vindemiatrix, and asteroid Pandora, the mischief makers. With ruling Venus, energetic Mars, expansive Jupiter, pragmatic Saturn, mystical Neptune and game changer Pluto involved, we’re in for a dynamic time.

The intentions you set on this new moon will bring change for the better, as long as you are in touch with what you really want. Release ANYTHING that drains; fuel EVERYTHING that excites. Remember, this is trickster energy. The goal is to balance; the method could involve tipping the apple cart. Don’t judge. Allow.

Notice the New Moon falls in the FIRST Decan of Libra (between 0 and 10 degrees) taking on a Venus-Venus quality. In spite of the Trickster afoot, the New Moon leans towards easy going, with a cultivated and gentle nature. Nothing course or raw here, especially with Mars exalted in Capricorn. It’s sensual and artistic; social and attracting. Loves company. Wants to express creativity.

Check the scopes for sign by sign hints.

AriesARIES: The New Moon in your house of personal one-to-one relationships, business or pleasure, has a gentle but persistent breakout feel! You are letting go of anything that smacks of ‘toleration’ and getting on with life. Bold, dynamic and ready to improve the situation. Get thee to the high road!

TaurusTAURUS: Take this vitalizing energy and pour it into your health and well-being. Set new gym goals, start the best ever nutritional program and light a fire under all your beliefs about what you can and can not achieve. Drop anyone or anything that fails to support; exalt the things that do!

GeminiGEMINI: This is all about co-creation, brainstorming, mind-melds and magic Muse conjuring. There is a project at hand that benefits from partnership. All you have to do is reach out. If at first no one steps up, partner with your Muse, your ever present creative spirit who is waiting to be invited in!

CancerCANCER: If there is one place to ‘get yourself correct’ this month it is in the home and those you live with. Think external – repairs, Feng Shui, de-clutter, collaborative sanctuary creation mode. Internally – emotional peace and psychological stability with connections. One supports the other. Get to it!

LeoLEO: Your New Moon is in the house of communications, supporting rash and honest ‘clearing of the air’ statements. This gets you and all your relationships on track, up to date and free of constraint. No more hedging the difficult ‘issues’. Let it out. Purge. Connect! Do it!

VirgoVIRGO: This New Moon is all about developing talents and resources that will support you. No going it alone! There is someone out there who is ready to collaborate, fueling your creative genius. Connect with two goals in mind – creative self-expression and financial abundance. Nice.

LibraLIBRA: This is your personal New Moon and with it comes the creation of balance between what you experience as Self and what you perceive as Other. No more all or nothing when it comes to partnerships and unions. Your primary relationship is with you. Nurture that AND explore the new connections!

ScorpioSCORPIO: This is you ‘shadow’ New Moon, a time where you chill, meditate, immerse in beauty and form connections to your inner world. (‘Imaginary’ friends can be most beneficial right now!) Call on your angels, conjure your ‘Deamon‘ and raise your phantom! Explore behind the veil!

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The ‘friendship’ New Moon is upon you! Get out of any routine, or spiral trajectory, find honor and appreciate the bejazza out of your friends. Celebrate the people in your life who vibe like you, understand your quirks and love all the crazy things you do. Connect. Connect. Connect!

CapricornCAPRICORN: Time to buff up your public identity and connections to the collective! A glorious New Moon of empowerment, potential and ultra-savvy leadership awaits. It’s not about having to be perfect. It’s about having a generous heart, caring about your people and aspiring with integrity.

AquariusAQUARIUS: You will LOVE this New Moon, as long as you have ‘space’ around you, which is a state of mind. Let go of all the ‘facts’ and things you know ‘for sure’. It’s time to be mind blown by the realm of infinite possibilities. As you travel (real or metaphorical), you meet friends /lovers along the way!

piscesPISCES: The New Moon in Libra is an arrow pointing towards intimacy, connection and transformation through love. All you have to do is show up. In your willingness to become more than you already are, surrender to the call of the wild, the unknown, the unknowable. Merge! All this to reform you.

Share what’s happening for you in the comments, and have a fabulous New Moon, everyone!


PS TBitB giveaway is still on. To put your name in the rafflecopter for a free paperback or ebook of The Blood in the Beginning, hop over to Blood Rose Books. Great reviews there too!








Urban Fantasy Interview and Giveaway


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da5c7de3bfc7cecd8fabc29107af17b5Loui Jover

Heyo 11th House Readers! This is a re-blog from the Sept 16th Sup post: CLICK HERE to win The Blood in the Beginning.

Over at Blood Rose Books, they are giving away copies of The Blood in the Beginning with my recent interview. I thought I would give you all the highlights, and the chance to grab an ebook (for Aussies) or physical book (for Aussies AND/or international peeps).

To enter, go to Blood Rose Books Interview with Kim Falconer.

Below are highlights of the interview (with my comments on the questions).

BRB: If there was one author you could co-write a novel with (they can be alive or dead) who would you choose and why?

KIM: They opened with this. Very challenging. I thought of 20, then 20 more … then thought of how to explain … I spent all day pondering it! You can see where I settled, after thinking of Homer to Jane Austen, all my Supernatural buddies, to several best friends …

BRB: …why did you decide to create the Mar?

KIM: More hours of contemplation. Did I create them? They already exist, right? They are mythological creatures appearing for thousands of years in all cultures, in all places, in all times. They well up from memory, for all of us … a loaded question, I thought!

BRB: …What about Astrology appeals to you?

KIM: For me, this question is like asking, ‘What is it about the English language that appeals to you? Here is my answer in full: My first six novels, the Quantum Enchantment and Quantum
Encryption series
, have themes of astrology and astronomy relevant to the plot. Some of the characters are expert stargazers and rely on the symbol system to solve mysteries and make critical choices. Being an astrologer for over 40+ years, my father an astrologer before me, means it’s part of the way I perceive the world. It naturally seeps into the writing, unless I make an effort to keep it out. I’m sure we’ll have more astro-relevance in the future. It would be
weird without it. (
But then, Weird Fiction could be fun!)

BRB: What do you think would be the hardest or most challenging genre to
write a novel in and why?

KIM: I liked this question, and had an answer immediately – narrative non-fiction  – a
novel-like story about real-life people and events. Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood is the classic example; Into the Wild is a more contemporary one. The research and ethical issues alone would be daunting for me, maybe even stifling, especially with a still-living subject. I have a lot of respect for authors who tackle this genre.

BRB: … how much research did you do in order to make the information in these parts of the book sound extremely real?
2387167-will_smithKIM: Another immediate answer. To quote Will Smith: “Sicking amounts of work.” But I loved every minute of it. One of my fav aspects of writing is discovering new things.

BRB: … what appeals to you of the darker side of our culture?

KIM: ‘I’m attracted to the dark side?’

BRB: Holy Crap is Ava an amazing character, she basically has the perfect balance of badassness, smarts but also self-aware (plus she lacks the whiny or smugness that many female characters have in this genre), what went in to her creation?
Was important to you to make sure she was balanced character? Do you train in
MMA to help Ava learn all her skills?

KIM: My answer in full, because what author doesn’t like chatting about their main characters? I’m syked you think Ava is amazing. A lot went into her creation.She evolved organically, but I think, for one, the environment has shaped her. She develops what it takes to survive the Big One, CHI-Tech, being raised in the system … survive and thrive. If she was whiny, I don’t think she would have made it through her teens, living under the radar, in the streets. Ava’s character grows from the unseen past that molded her to the current challenges she faces. It’s sink or swim. (LOL the pun).about_sword-2

I also wanted to balance Ava’s badassness with heart. She’s defensive, at times. Cautious. Brutal. But she will do anything for those she loves, as we find out.To help write ‘real’ characters, I give them astrological charts, a horoscope just like anyone born in the future might have, only I get to pick the day, month and year to fit. It ends up being a character reference guide. If I am not sure how she might respond to a certain situation, I refer to her chart and ask, “What would a Virgo with Pluto rising and Moon in Gemini do?” Gets me unstuck every time.

I’ve trained in martial arts and Iaido, (Japanese Sword) and I do pull on those experiences to choreograph fight scenes, but in this series, I collaborated with a Jujitsu and MMA fighter as well, to give that extra level of authenticity.

To see the full interview and put your name in the rafflecopter for a free paperback or ebook of The Blood in the Beginning, hop over to Blood Rose Books. Great reviews there too!

Kim Falconer’s latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.

You can also learn more about Kim at, the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter.  She posts here at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and runs Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. All Welcome.










New Moon Eclipse


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New Moon Eclipse @9 Virgo 21′
September 1, 2016
LA – Thursday – 2:04 am
NY – Thursday – 5:04 am
LON – Thursday – 10:04 am
SYD – Thursday – 7:04 pm

Welcome to the season of the Eclipses. For the next 24 hours, rest, relax, repose. Nothing has to be decided yet, especially with the new moon nigh.

The September Eclipse Season starts with the New Moon in Virgo on September 1, where new beginnings and adventure mixes with production oriented Saturn and action hero Mars. All the planets are operating against the backdrop of Mercury retrograde until the 22nd. Two steps forward, one back? Maybe, but you don’t want to stress about it.

The best strategy, and you do want a strategy, is to plan, brainstorm and negotiate, ready to launch and action your new inspirations late September or October. Meanwhile, it’s the perfect time to bring more ritual into the daily routine, amping up both ‘heart’ and ‘practicality’. Appreciate what is working and feel compassion and reverence for all life, beginning with your own.

Virgo is about skill development, and the rituals in life that are constantly creating and re-creating our experience of reality. Think – ritual magic, new beginnings, initiation and awareness. You start creating habits that make life better, for you.

Read your ‘solar houses’ below, and the house where you find 9 degrees Virgo.


AriesARIES/6th house:The New Moon Eclipse in your house of health is the perfect time to start supportive new habits in the realm of diet, exercise and daily ritual. Think of your body as your best friend. What do you feed her? How do you keep her fit and active? When do you let her rest? Play? Explore? Connect? Amp up the self-care.

TaurusTAURUS/ 5th house: The creative and playful sphere of the heart is awakened at this New Moon Eclipse. Ask what rituals do you have in place around your artistic expression? Is it haphazard, random or so strict there’s no room to breathe? Set into motion some healthy ways to connect to your inner child. Make them fun!

GeminiGEMINI/ 4th house: The New Moon Eclipse lights up your home, family and emotional security sector. What are you doing to feather your nest, metaphorically and literally? Ask how ritual can improve this area of life. Regular family dinners? Time with rels that could use your expertise? Renewed Feng Shui in the home? Go big!

CancerCANCER/ 3rd house: This is the perfect time to create new habits around self-talk, verbal communication and written or spoken expression, teaching and leaning. Notice how you connect socially around familiar haunts, and then start putting more conscious awareness on your thoughts. Remember, they turn into things!

LeoLEO/ 2nd house: New Moon Eclipse amps up your house of money, a representation of your inner core values and self-esteem. This is excellent for boosting feelings of self-worth and setting in place new habits of care, respect and generosity. Let go the critical and embrace the abundance of non-judgment. So freeing!

Virgo VIRGO/first house: This is your ‘birthday’ New Moon and ideal for starting any new project that has your ‘heart’s desire’ in it. Most likely opportunities are rolling in. You get to pick your favorite and lavish it with positive energy. The trick is to not become totally obsessed. Start a habit of balance in everything you do.

LibraLIBRA/ 12th house: The New Moon Eclipse in Virgo is your ‘Dream Moon’ as it activates your unconscious mind. Up comes all the buried treasures in the form of inspiration, epiphanies, synchronicities and head over heels love interests. Treat this like a preview of coming attractions. Nurture, respect, revel and enjoy!

ScorpioSCORPIO/ 11th house: The New Moon Eclipse in the house of friends is a wonderful opportunity to bring healthy habits of connection into being. Your powers of discernment are heightened, helping you know intuitively which birds of a feather you want to flock with. Remember, to have a friend, be a friend. Spend some time there!

Sagittarius SAGITTARIUS/ 10th house: Attention to detail and a feeling of new beginnings lights up your career sector. This is where you put new habits into place. If you’ve been overworking, pull back. If it’s been hard to focus, you practice new skills. As support and opportunities land, create the perfect balance of work and play.

CapricornCAPRICORN/ 9th house: This is your ‘Exploration Moon’ as a thirst for the unknown activates every cell in your body. What you thought was a closed door, a limitation or block, opens wide and you walk on through. The habit of open-mindedness can be developed now with very little effort. Easy breezy enlightenment time!

Aquarius AQUARIUS/ 8th house: The Virgo New Moon  Eclipse is a chalice of overflowing opportunity where you create new habits around shared resources. This means anything from finances, borrowed or loaned funds, creative projects and even intimate, erotic expression can take on new meaning in your life. Think Renaissance!

piscesPISCES/ 7th house: This is your ‘Relationship Moon’ where you can examine your personal one-to-ones and put into place more supportive, loving and caring habits. Old unconscious behaviors dissolve, replaced by mutual respect and reverence for life with another. Boundaries improve creating more room for unconditional love.

It takes 21 days to start a new habit. Let’s set fabulous intentions now!

Align with the Stars

Listen to the latest Align with the Stars recording where I talk with Jeannette Maw about Jupiter into Libra. Anyone who is keen to check out GoodVibeAstrolgy courses and forum, email me for a month’s free trial.

Have a wonderful, ritual filled, New Moon Eclipse!


You can find out more about me and my writing on Kim Falconer Author – Facebook, and at, here, at the 11th House Blog, Kim, Pinterest, and on FaceBook, Youtube and Twitter. I post over at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and most days on Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Also check out GoodVibeAstrology for all you Astro-LOA fans, and do check out my newest series!

Narrative Point Of View


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POV_2Click to watch a 3 minute tutorial on POV

This is a re-blog of a guest post I did with Helen Lowe. I’m offering some practical thoughts on the topic of narrative POV.

POV is short for point of view, or literally, “the position from which something is perceived.” The primary options in literature are: 1st person: I am telling this story, 2nd person: You are telling this story, 3rd person: She is telling this story.

It seems simple, but any POV you choose comes with certain constraints. Like naming a character, making a choice involves commitment. For example, if your protagonist’s name is Sally, you can’t suddenly start calling her Adele, at least, not without good reason. The same thing goes for POV.

If you’re using the first person point of view – “I hear voices,” (present tense), or “I heard voices,” (past tense) – and suddenly move to another POV –“The officer wonders what the voices mean,” (present tense) or, “The officer wondered what the voices meant,” (past tense) – you’ll need a good reason, and skill, to pull it off. It’s not generally done, or done well, unless you’re Charles Dickens or perhaps Stephen King.

Any perspective is easy to stay in, once you commit. Think of it as the angle of the camera, and keep asking,“Can they see this? Can they know this?” Sticking to an established POV is a skill gained with practice; realising how the POV shapes the story can be illusive.


Roy Stevenson travel writing

Why does that matter? POV influences everything, from the world building to the characters, and even the hidden, or not so hidden, connection between reader and author. The choice of POV, often made unconsciously, without a second thought, carries more weight than most writers care to believe. At least, that’s how it was for me, until I saw the light.

When I wrote The Blood in the Beginning I started out with the same POV I’d always used, 3rd person limited, past tense, the she heard voices POV. Why? It was familiar. I knew how to do it, and it would allow for a wide scope of character perspectives, resulting in a larger scale story-world. It was a logical choice, because I didn’t know where the story was going yet. It gave me room to explore. I also chose it because the genre, Urban Fantasy, allows it.

MMA_PosterThat last point should probably be first. Genre fiction carries with it a level of reader expectation. Yes, you can break the rules, but no, you don’t really want to, unless you’re Gabriel García Márquez, or King, or Dickens, in which case you can do whatever you want. But publishers might be cautious about acquiring an epic fantasy written in the second person, or a smorgasbord of 1st and 3rd, so it pays to know your genre as you set out. There are exceptions to everything, like those 2nd person choose your own adventure books, but in general, I don’t recommend it.

With plenty of UF written in the 3rd person, like Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghost series, Magic Street by Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, and Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments, I wasn’t exactly going out on a limb, doing the same. But … it didn’t work! Five chapters in and the story wasn’t developing the way I’d imagined. I struggled with why, and eventually it occurred to me.

The story didn’t need crazy amounts of scope that covered fifteen generations with thirty plus characters spanning every continent. The Blood in the Beginning tells the story of a lone gal in a tough town, a streetwise woman with strengths, fears, high hopes and the penchant of attracting supernatural trouble. I wanted the reader to be inside her head, feel what she felt, while it was happening. So, I started over, in the 1st person, and the story broke like a barracuda—fast, dangerous and hungry.

Is Ava Sykes reliable enough to tell her own story? In the end, I think she is, and I’m glad I took the risk. For the emerging and seasoned writers out there, I encourage you to experiment with POV and see how changing it allows your story to grow in new ways.

KimFalconer_sm copyI’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, perhaps on your favorite POV to read and write, or on how many POVs I’ve used in this short article. I’d really like to know if anyone has read a novel in the 2nd person recently.


Align with the Stars August


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Image: Crispin Korschen

GVA Align with the Stars Call on TalkShoe

Jeannette Maw and I will be talking about the August – September 2016 Astro weather including Jupiter into Libra. Exciting events!

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Call Date and Time

August 22/23 Tuesday/Wednesday

LA – Tuesday – 4pm
NY – Tuesday – 7pm
Lon- Wednesday – 12 am
Syd- Wednesday – 9am

See you there!

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New Moon’s Sweet Brood


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Cheetah-Family1 (1)Astro-Flash: New Moon in Cancer on the 4th of July, trine to dreamy Neptune and opposite power-house Pluto, is going to bring out the Mother in us all. It could be literal, with intense conversations/revelations with your own mother or mothering figure, or it might be metaphorical. You don’t have to have a biological brood for this to apply. Think of offspring as animal, vegetable or mineral – a creative project, an idea or innovation will work just fine to stir up these gut level instincts.

Consider this a powerful lunation for the USA whose birthday is the 4th of July.

Hint: Be aware of your desire to control a situation and/or others involved.

Tip: Plant seeds that nurture you home and inner peace.

LA – Monday – 4:02
NY – Monday – 7:02
LON – Monday – 12:02
SYD – Monday – 21:02

AriesARIES: This new moon supports planned action, after contemplation. There are some questions to ask. Are you in the career of your dreams? Do you have the home life you desire? If not, why not? Take time out to discover what connections mean to you.

TaurusTAURUS: Your point of focus is towards an idea that has you all lit up. The issue is with execution, but you need to stop worrying about that. Allow your beliefs to guide you, throwing out what doesn’t fit and nurturing what does. Travel/change is amazing!

GeminiGEMINI: Don’t pretend that money doesn’t matter this month. You’re all about the flow of income streams. Opportunity to ‘make it big on your own’ never looked better, as long as you are living your heart, not somebody else’s. Amp the positive self-talk.

CancerCANCER: This is your personal New Moon, a time to assess your basic goals around the four pillars – self, others, career, home. Have these aspects of your life grown and changed with your personal evolution? If not, the time has come. Own your power and POV.

LeoLEO: Your dreams have never been so full of promise as they are now, nor as SLOW to leave the mark. To avert frustration, focus on the outcome you desire. Do what it takes to relax, allow and get out of the way of your next big thing. Cat naps bring epiphanies.

VirgoVIRGO: This New Moon asks that you reevaluate your goals for the future. It all begins in the present moment. Hung out there lately? Take some quiet time with a close friend/partner and script your desires. Have a 1, 3and 5 year plan. Make ’em BIG!

LibraLIBRA: This is a breakthrough, or break-up, time for your career/calling. Think social identity on the rise, if you are headed in the direction you really want to go. What you’re after now and what you perused a year ago are two different things. Get a move on.

ScorpioSCORPIO: This New Moon is going to take you places you’ve never been before. All you have to do is open your mind to fresh vistas, new perceptions and surprising landscapes. The fun thing is, you won’t be traveling along. Partnership is powerful now, if you want it.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The New Moon in your solar 8th house intensifies experiences of intimacy, trust or lack of trust and risk. Don’t panic. This can be a revitalizing time where you discover new aspects of yourself. Previous experience not required. Go all in.

CapricornCAPRICORN: Relationships are going through major metamorphosis. Think of it as an opportunity for creative change that gets your connected life more in alignment with your authentic self. You’ve already done the hard work. Now you relax, open and enjoy.

AquariusAQUARIUS: Pesky health issues or daily routine snags, trips to the vet or dentist are about to resolve beautifully, all on their own. This means you don’t have to micro-manage a thing. Your only task is to keep making choices that ring true, for you. Change heals.

piscesPISCES: The three C’s – children, creativity and connection – influence your next lunar month. You are thinking a lot about clan, and how you nurture your own. Use this time to appreciate those in your life, no matter what the capacity. Companionship rocks!

Happy New Moon everyone!


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