Crown of Bones by A. K. Wilder

I’m so thrilled to announce my next release – Crown of Bones, book #1 in The Bone Throwers Series. (writing as A. K. Wilder)



Deets below – contact me on A.K. Wilder and join us on Instagram @akwilder & @entangledteen for a hot giveaway.

Title: Crown of Bones
Author:  A.K. Wilder
Release Date: March 3rd, 2020
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In a world on the brink of the next Great Dying, no amount of training can prepare us for what is to come …

A young heir will raise the most powerful phantom in all of Baiseen.

A dangerous High Savant will do anything to control the nine realms.

A mysterious and deadly Mar race will steal children into the sea.

And a handsome guide with far too many secrets will make me fall in love.

My name is Ash. A lowly scribe meant to observe and record. And yet I think I’m destined to save us all.

What the Cover Might Have Been

Here are a few of the early drafts from the Entangled Art Department. I loved them all, in different ways.

These drafts were created with the w/t of The Bone Throwers, now the series title.

Jump onto Instagram for more details! @entangledteen & @akwilder

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 7.18.07 am.png

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See you there!



Best Places in the World for You


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Who wants to explore relocation in astrology?

Hi everyone! I just announced this course over at the GoodVibeAstrology blog and wanted to share it here too.

Click on my channel link for the short tutorial on Astrology & Relocation.

Click here for how to create your Astro*Carto*Graphy and a relocation chart.

This is prep for our newest Doorways to Manifesting Course – Astrology and Relocation.

In this course you will learn about Astro*Carto*Graphy, the art of viewing your chart all over the world. As well, we will create specific relocation charts for various places in the world.

Armed with these tools, you’ll have added information for making choices on where to be in the world. This works for a big shift or a fun holiday.

Simply put, our new relocation astrology course at GVA focuses on moving and manifesting in a new area. We’ll use these techniques of astrology and the law of attraction to better understand ourselves and our desires.

You’re welcome to ask questions in the comments or join in here! The course is running live online in September 2019.

Love to see you there!


Get Set for 2019


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Aldama Fireworks by Andrew Osta

Hi everyone,

Ready for 2019?

Here are links to support the wrap-up of 2018 and launch into 2019. But it’s not dead-set on NYE. This time, you want to release those intentions on the January eclipse, and the New Moon on Chinese New Year of the Pig. Links below…

Save Intentions for the January 5th Eclipse

Think of an eclipse as a super potent new or full moon. To occur, they must be in alignment with the North and South Lunar nodes, meaning the universe is lining up events that put you on your Path. Eclipses break up logjams, situations that are stagnate an no longer serving our greatest expansion. They are often a wild ride, bring life to a crises point of some kind… read more at GVA’s Pre-Paving 2019

Celebrate Mars into Aries 2019

Mars 2019 moves into Aries, zing on the New year! This is the sign that represents the beginning of any manifestation. It’s where we jump into activity, initiate and assert ourselves and interACT in the world of appearances. Here are the times below.

Mars into Aries 2019 Dec 31/Jan 1, 2019
LA – Mon – 6:19 pm
NY – Mon – 9:19 pm
LON – Tue – 2:19 am
SYD – Tue – 1:19 pm

Read your sign’s tips in the Mars 2019 horoscopes…

Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019

Welcome the Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019.

Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019 Times
New Moon @ 15 Aquarius
LA – Feb 4 – 1:04 pm
NY – Feb 4 – 4:04 pm
LON – Feb 4 – 9:04 pm
SYD – Feb 5 – 8:04 am

In Chinese Astrology, the new year falls on the second New Moon after the solstice. Depending on where you are in the world, this year it’s February 4th/5th. And yes, it coincides with the Aquarius New Moon which becomes an event chart for the next twelve months. We’ll look more at that chart below, but first, a little intro to the sign of the Pig.

Read your Chinese New Year of the Pig Horoscopes and tips…

The Bone Throwers Series Launch – September 2019

The long-anticipated YA Fantasy Series launches this year! ARC and Giveaway art on the cards. Meanwhile, have a throw of the bones to help set your New Years intentions. Updates on…

New Courses at

Starting January 11, 2019, courses will be offered at GVA as stand-along modules. You can become a member and access them all, or take them individually in your own time. Signup for our FREE TRIAL course, Essential Astro-LOA Tools to learn the basics of Astrology and the Law of Attraction, or Join Now at last years prices. See you all on our open forum and calls in 2019!


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, vibrant and fulfilling 2019!


Mercury Rx and the Trickster


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Sarah Janette

“The Trickster’s function is to break taboos, create mischief, stir things up. In the end the Trickster gives people what they really want: some sort of freedom.” — Tom Robbins

Re-Blogged from a New Post at

As Mercury is about to turn retrograde for the fourth time in 2018, you might be feeling a little edgy. Where is the Trickster going to stir up dust this time? What can you do to stay calm, clear and in control? Is that even the goal?

Mercury Rx at 13 Sagittarius
LA – Nov 16 – 5:33 pm
NY – Nov 16 – 8:33 pm
LON – Nov 17 – 1:33 am
SYD – Nov 17 – 12:33 pm

Review what Mercury Rx Symbolizes

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 2.49.51 pm

First, to understand the astronomy of a retrograde planet, check out this 5-minute tutorial on my Youtube Channel- Planetary Retrogrades.

Next, know that metaphorically, the messenger of the gods is slowing down, going back over old territory, signalling a time for you to rethink your beliefs, MO, approach, actions, desires and above all thoughts, especially, this time around, in the area of life where you find 27 Scorpio to 13 Sagittarius. If you aren’t sure, ask for help in the comments.

But that’s not all that’s happening. Mercury Rx means the Trickster is afoot and anything is game.

Mercury Rx Do’s and Don’t’s

Things not to do on the Mercury Rx

Continue reading over at my…


Body Wisdom


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NorthernLightsbyLucyCampbell- Body Wisdom

Northern Lights by Lucy Campbell

Re-Blogged from

Come join us in Body Wisdom, GVA’s new course with Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer.

Here’s the rundown: Starting on the 16th of October, Body Wisdom will explore the in-depth relationship between the body, image and self-esteem. Also, we’ll look at health and well being, success and manifesting. Yes, your body has a big say in this too. Above all, the connection between your astrology chart and your physicality will help you glean, maybe for the first time, the wisdom your body has to offer.

Body Wisdom Topics Include:

The body and patterns of love and nurturing

Self and self-esteem

The astrology of the body:

  • The ascendant and 1st house
  • The Moon and her aspects
  • The 6th House
  • Astro-identity
  • Transits
  • Midpoints
  • Venus Retrograde
  • Basics of Medical Astrology


Addictions and habits


‘Karma’ and what we expect to get

Beliefs and alignment

Our 5 closest people

DNA, gene expression and magic

Talking to the body

Listening to your body wisdom

Forming a new relationship with your body

How to Join the Body Wisdom Course

Body Wisdom runs for 8 weeks, delivered through live calls and recordings. As well, there is a forum for discussions with other members and Jeannette Maw and Kim Falconer. Most importantly, we’ll look at your astrology to help you uncover the powerful relationship you have with your body. While turning resistance into love and acceptance, we aim to bring new awareness that can change your connection to your body forever. Even more, this course will help you make sense of the mystery and magic of life as a spirit being inside a physical body.

Ready for the key to unlocking your body wisdom?

You can access Body Wisdom in one of three ways:

1. Take the Body Wisdom Course on its own. Starts October 16, 2018 – $127

2. Access the Body Wisdom course by becoming a member of GVA for  9/mo recurring, or $99/year one off. This will give you access to all past courses and forum boards as well.

Email Kim if you have any questions.

See you there! xxKim

Prep for the July Eclipse


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This is a re-Blog from GoodVibeAstrology – July 27 Eclipse Energy

Welcome to the July 27 Eclipse – the second on of the season

The July 27 Eclipse energy is raw, potent and potentially life changing. You’re going to want to get into alignment with the flow, release resistance and sort out any stagnant behaviors. This is a total lunar eclipse, the full moon @4 Aquarius on the South Lunar Node, and conjunct Mars Rx – the perfect time to let go of ‘tolerations’ and ease up on the gas.

Here’s the 6 minute Vlog to get you up to speed, and feeling confident:

Date and Times on the July 27 Eclipse

LA – July 27 – 1:21 pm

NY – July 27 – 4:21 pm

Lon – July 27 – 9:21 pm

Syd – July 28 – 6:21 am

Quick Eclipse Tips

The eclipse means the moon is conjunct the North Lunar Node and opposite the sun/South Node. Symbolically, it’s a time of culmination and release.

Expect some emotional cleansing, the ‘good for the soul’ kind. You might also find something you’ve been waiting for arrives – the news, the green light, the big opportunity, and if not, you understand where, how, when and why it’s time to regroup. Either way, see it as a msg that progress is possible, and it is! The focus might well be on relationship and there could be a big CHARGE that needs releasing. You could see the light in terms of how to live your connections in a more fulfilling-to-you way.

Remember, if you want to improve your relationships ‘out there’ in the world, improve your relationship to yourself. It all begins with you.

How to go with the wild flow of this eclipse?

First, release those ‘tolerations’. Here’s how Jeannette Maw describes them:

To tolerate something means to “allow the existence of, to permit or endure or put up with something.” This implies that the something (or someone) is less than ideal and tends to drain a person’s energy. Thus, a toleration is often a hindering influence to the vibration. More . . .

Rainer Maria Rilke puts it like this:

It is not inertia alone that is responsible for human relationships repeating themselves from case to case, indescribably monotonous and unrenewed: it is shyness before any sort of new, unforeseeable experience with which one does not think oneself able to cope. But only someone who is ready for everything, who excludes nothing, not even the most enigmatic, will live the relation to another as something alive.

Go to your chart now and identify which houses are activated by this eclipse, especially the T-Square from Uranus (as discussed on the vid). Those are the areas of like where you can decluter, release, let go and move on, and have eyes for the gifts. Things get exciting, edge even, and take you on your way! Go with it, and evolve.

See you for comments below, or for GVA members, on the FORUM.

Solar Eclipse Insights – July 2018


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michael-parkes-magic-realism-paintings-720-2Solar Eclipse – Image by Michael Parkes

Hi Everyone, this is a RE_Blog post from

I wanted to give you all a heads up for the partial eclipse of July 12th/13th so I’ve made a quick podcast with all the details. It covers the timing, how to prep before, during and after, and some details on the astrology that makes this eclipse unique.

Check it out on the GoodVibeAstrology Playlist, or watch below.

Solar Eclipse Times in your Zone

LA – July 12 – 7:48 pm

NY – July 12 – 10:48 pm

LON – July 13 – 3:48 am

Syd – July 13 – 12:48 pm

Key Words for Houses

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 6.28.29 pm

Solar Eclipse Grand Trine and Pluto Opposition

Solar Eclipse | Grand Trine

Solar Eclipse | Pluto Opposition

I’d love to hear about where this is happening in your chart and the results you’re experience.

See you in the comments, or for members, on the GVA Forum.


Welcome the Solstice 2018


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Image by Michael Parkes

Hi Everyone, I’m updating the Solstice post over at GVA, making it relevant for June 21, 2018. It’s happening now! See times below.

First up, happy mid-winter solstice in the southern hemisphere; mid-summer in the north. This is a time to celebrate, appreciate and feel gratitude for the blessings in life. Let’s count them! Fuel our goals, aspirations and desires by honoring the connection to life, love, nurturing and joy. Make this whole week a an inner, and outer celebration.

Think of the Solstice Dance as a turning point, symbolic of endings and new beginnings. With Uranus and Chiron closely connected to the o degree Cancer sun (the solstice point), something in your life is on the brink of change.

Not sure what intentions to set?

Why not Throw the Bones over at my YA Fantasy site –

Technical Notes

In Astrology, two major things happen at the solstice.

1) Sun crosses the AP – the zero degree “Aries” point. Pardon, you might say. The sun is nowhere near Aries. It’s 0 degrees of Cancer.

True, but all the Cardinal points of the zodiac, 0 Aries, 0 Cancer, 0 Libra and 0 Capricorn are collectively called the “Aries Point”. If you take a square piece of paper and fold it so each corner is in the same place, you’ll see why.

2) the sun crosses the Draconic Nodes, releasing energy to move you along your path.

If you want to fast track your abundance, creativity, well-being, love and enlightenment, then focus your thoughts on what you want to experience on or in the days after the Solstice.

Solstice 2018 @ 0 degrees Cancer

LA – June 21 – 3:07 am
NY – June 21 – 6:07 am
LON – June 21 – 11:07 am
SYD – June 21 – 8:07 pm

Using your Chart to Amp up Solstice Intentions

Read more at or join up and we’ll look at your chart on the new forum.

Catch the Astro-LOA Flash on the FB page and all things writerly over on the Supernatural Underground, Throw the Bones, if you haven’t had your oracle read yet. See you around the haunts!

Kim Falconer’s upcoming Series – The Bone Thrower – is out September 2019. Her latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.

Learn more about Kim at, the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter. Check @a.k.wilder on Instagram, or visit where she teaches law of attraction and astrology.

Kim also runs Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Check out her daily Astrology Weather Report on Facebook.

Sun Jupiter Shine Updates


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Hoisting our Dreams into the Light of Another Sun – Paul Bond

Hi everyone,

With Sun on Jupiter, I wanted to give you links to recent posts over at GVA and the Supernatural Underground.

Saturn Trine Uranus

First up, check out Saturn trine Uranus, exact November 11th. Think: stability meets excitement. Learn more about it at

Jupiter into Scorpio

As an astrological archetype, Jupiter is know as the ‘Greater Benefic’ expanding horizons. In Scorpio, think expansion of authentic feelings.

Almost anybody can learn to think or believe or know, but not a single human being can be taught to feel. Why? Because whenever you think or you believe or you know, you’re a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you’re nobody-but-yourself. –Laura Riding

Read the entire post here, on my astrology site.

Daily Astro-LOA Flash – Astrology Weather Report

Check my Facebook page for the Daily Astro-LOA Flash – here’s today’s:

THURSDAY Astro-LOA Flash – Astrology Weather Report – Sun conjunct Jupiter elevates us, expanding feelings of warmth, optimism and ability. For the next 36 hours, leverage the ‘Greater Benefic’ to imaging your life as you want it to be. FEEL what that is like. As in all things, you’ll see it when you believe it. Let Jupiter give you the confidence to level. Shoot for the moon.
Image – Rafal Olbinski

Five Reasons Why YA

For my writerly/readerly friends, here’s 5 reasons why Young Adult fiction is read by all ages.

On the Supernatural Underground.

AKA Putting Out

What is it like for an author and editor as they whip a manuscript into shape? Start with working 24/7 to meet a crazy-ass publication deadline that gets closer every day. Think LONG hours, but that’s okay due to the insomnia, challenged ego, insane research for justifications and/or corrections, cancelled dates, meetings, hook-ups, anything that requires cooking, dishes or the care and feeding of pets and children…

Read more on the Supernatural Underground.

Kim Falconer’s latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.

Learn more about Kim at, the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter. Check @a.k.wilder on Instagram, or visit where she teaches law of attraction and astrology.

Kim also runs Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Check out her daily Astrology Weather Report on Facebook.

Total Eclipse and Other Updates


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‘Face the Music’ by Annadusa

Hi everyone,

As you may know, my daily astrology weather posts are on found on Facebook – Astro-LOA Flash, and more in depth Astrology & Law of Attraction offerings over at But I wanted to post updates here, just in case you having seen the links yet.

We are in the dark moon phase until the Total Eclipse (see times below), so remember to relax, rest and restore. Now! Your goal is peace.

Total Solar Eclipse August 21st/22nd

The powerhouse eclipse of August is on the 21st/22nd. This is a TOTAL solar eclipse (New Moon) with the North Node only 3 degrees away. Basically bang on!

The house that holds 28 degrees of Leo is where you point. Be ready to change up your look, attitude and perspective here.

The more you go into transform-for-the-better mode, the more benefits you’ll receive. Start practicing now by breathing deeply, taking in every experience and feeling grateful.

This eclipse pulls in powerful allies: It squares Mars and trines Uranus, gods of initiation and radical reinvention.

Technical NoteThe Moon goes VOC at the moment of the eclipse meaning those links to Mars and Uranus are already over by the time of the event. If you’ve done your house work, been honest with yourself and others and are not repressing your true desires, this is going to be a blast of ‘new beginnings’ mojo!

To find where to observe the total solar eclipse, go here.


L.A. – Monday 11.30
NEW YORK – Monday 14.30
LONDON – Monday 19.30
SYDNEY – Tuesday 4.30

Prep for the Eclipse Season Gifts

Ways to prepare for the eclipse opportunities include:

  1. clean and decutter
  2. clear the air emotionally
  3. get more rest
  4. boost your nutrition
  5. find time to exercise
  6. appreciate what is
  7. amp up self love

Mercury Rx August-September 2017

Mercury, messenger of the gods, is Stationary/Rx in Virgo, then moves backwards into Leo until Sept 5.

It’s a time to rethink your steps, reconsider offers, reflect on your choices and redo where necessary. Sure, mechanics and technology can go a bit haywire, communications, keys, tickets, bookings, contracts, letters and words too.

Don’t fight it. Reflect. This is a time of readjustment, especially in the house(s) where you find 28 Leo to 12 Virgo.

This is where you want to contemplate, rethinking your previous ideas, approach or beliefs.

First – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life

Second – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind

Third – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting

Fourth – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground

Fifth – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance

Sixth – Health, pets, daily routine, magic

Seventh – Socially significant relationships, contracts

Eighth – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust

Ninth – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW

Tenth – Career, mission, profession, public relations

Eleventh – Friends, goals for the future, groups

Twelfth – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states

Happy Eclipse Season, Everyone!




July New Moon


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Midnight Cat – Watercolour painting by Kirsten Bailey

Hi Everyone,

Quick update

Tips and insights into the July New Moon are up on Let’s chat about it there!

Align with the Stars

Our nest call is on July 11th where we’ll be talking about astrology and effortless manifesting, particularly around this Full Moon Cycle. Details here …

Dream Come True Astrology
Our next course at GVA starts in July and will be open to the complete astro novice as well as the sage and savvy.

In Dream Come True Astrology, Jeannette and Kim play with a variety of LOA manifesting techniques to help you point your life in the direction you want to go.

Be it love, money, career, health, home, travel, creativity, spirituality or partnerships, this course will pave your path with gold. More Details …

The Karma Course has just wrapped up. You can listen to all 7 Recordings, read supplementary material, conversations and join in on the conversations, discussing your own chart and the Karmic and past life implications. Start HERE.

Astrology Readings from Kim
My Astro Shop is open for a select number of readings in 2017. Please email first for availability.

My latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.

You can also learn more aboutme at, Instagram as @a.k.wilder, and on FaceBook and Twitter.  Or on where I teach law of attraction and astrology.

I  posts writerly articles at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and run Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Check out the daily Astro-LOA Flash horoscopes on Facebook.


Mapping a New World


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Re-Blogged from my monthly Supernatural Underground Post

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished a more polished version of the world Map of Amassia, the series I am currently writing. It’s out in 2018 with Entangled Teen. I’m thrilled to be writing Young Adult Fantasy for this publisher.

About the Map

Amassia is a time so far in the future that the continents have reformed into a single landmass. (It’s predicted to happen in another 250 million years.) Here’s a glimpse at my original drawing, before I learned the open source image editor, Gimp.

My worn sketch and noted for the world of Amassia

Why Maps?

We humans have been making maps for thousands of years. From cave paintings to ancient Babylon, Greece, and Asia, to the 21st century, maps are used as tools to help us understand, and explain, the known world.

My Father’s Dragon

It’s no wonder that many fantasy authors choose to do the same, even though their worlds will only exist in their reader’s imaginations.

It all started with Tolkien. The Hobbit, and the LOTR came with a map, and it’s an unspoken expectation that authors of this genre will follow suit.But for me, the longing to look at maps of imagined worlds began before LOTR was ever published, in a little book by Ruth Stiles Gannett called, My Father’s Dragon. I loved hearing the story, and tracing the journey of on the little map.

Another classic map on the heels of Tolkein, Brooks, Goodkind (who apparently didn’t like the idea of mapping at all), Eddings (who thought it was essential), Hobbs, Le Guin, Martin and countless other fantasy authors is the world of Harry Potter.


More recently is the Shadow Hunters, a TV version of The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare. With this app, Mundanes can download and view an overlay of the Shadow World right on their phones.


Mundanes’ Guide to the Shadow World
One of my favourite maps artistically is from our very own Helen Lowe’s Wall of Night Series. I love this fantasy world!
Wall of Night’s world of Haarth
And finally, here’s the map from one of the more ingenious and mind bending story worlds from China Meiville – The City and the City. When you think about it, it’t not that far from the Shadow Hunter world, where one city is superimposed over another.


The City and the City Map by Simon Rowe

What are your view on maps in books? Do you read them? Are they spoilers, or part of the adventure? Have a favourite?


Kim Falconer’s latest release is out now – The Blood in the Beginning – and Ava Sykes Novel. Find this novel in a store near you.
You can also learn more about Kim at, the 11th House Blog, and on FaceBook and Twitter.  Or on where she teaches law of attraction and astrology.
Kim posts  at the Supernatural Underground on the 16th of every month and runs Save the Day Writer’s Community on Facebook. Check out her daily Astro-LOA Flash horoscopes on Facebook