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Who is giving books this holiday season?

A book can be a wonderful surprise, especially if you nail the recipient’s favourite genre. The support will help the book industry, authors, publishers and retailers included. How do you know which books to give? Here are some tips on finding the tome that makes friends and family smile

1) The gift certificate: This is ‘sure thing’ shopping, a way to give something you know they’ll love because they get to choose it themselves. All physical bookshops from Boarders to Collins to Dymocks have lovely little gift certificate cards. Online bookstores like Fishpond, The Nile or Booktopia offer them as well. The gift certificate says you’re thinking of them and you also think it’s best they make their own choices. This is especially good for in-laws, new friends, co-workers and ‘ex’s on good terms’.

2) Know your Audience: When you know someone well enough, you can be brave and choose a book or series that you think will light them up. This gift is touching because it reminds you both that you have shared interests, or even if their tastes are vastly different, you know that too and shop accordingly. This is recommended for live-ins, BFF’s and lovers or partners.

3) When you’re not sure: This is your chance to do some covert ops! Have you seen their bookshelf? What authors and publishers are there? Do you notice a consistent genre or theme? The idea is to listen when they talk about what they like, what lights them up. Do they have a new hobby? New fav author? New art interest? Self-help? Tune in to what they love and find a book that reflects it. Hint: See if they are on Goodreads for a look at their TBR list!

4) The electronic age: Remember it’s not always about the printed page. eReaders can make wonderful gifts and there are ways to gift eBooks as well. Kindle had the option to ‘give as a gift’ for specific books or you can buy eGift Certificates that are emailed directly to their inbox. Sus out what reader they have and go from there!

5) Trust your intuition. Giving gifts of any kind means taking a risk and that’s a wonderful way to expand the comfort zone. Allow your inner guidance, your intuition, to help make the choice! The beautiful thing about giving something as personal as a book is it shows you took the time and care.

Happy book shopping!