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Let’s look at some of the examples from those who commented on Part I. Remember interceptions are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things but simply energy. By understanding it better, we can gain awareness, an essential ingredient to living an authentic life (ie being happy).

First we’ll look at Janette’s chart and Jan’s because they are both great examples AND have the same signs and houses involved. Click HERE for an enlarged img of the first chart. Notice that it is the Aries and Libra polarity that is intercepted and the 6th and 12th houses. There are quite a few planets involved as well. (if you want help identifying the signs and planets there is a tutorial here)

With Aries intercepted in the 12th house, the initial approach to this area of life—the collective unconscious, secrecy, dreams, how we serve others, creative wellspring, the muse, compassion, spirituality, unity—is through Pisces. We go into this realm with the desire to merge with the collective. We want peace, union and renewal. In this area of life, others see Pisces on the 12th people as being soft, fluid, dreamy and accepting. But . . . when they start to ‘do’ this house, when they volunteer, dream journal, notice synchronicities, practice healing arts, daydream or spend time in hospital, they wake up the hidden Aries room.

Where Pisces wants to merge and go with the flow, Aries wants to lead, be the boss, develop a strong identity and assert the will. Pisces is a people pleaser. Aries is not. Pisces goes with the collective will. Aries must initiate individually. Most likely the early life didn’t provide the environment and support to tap this Aries side of the personality. Now that Uranus is transiting there for the next seven years, there could be a whole lot of independent action going on in this realm of life!

The next example is Jan’s chart and we see the same interception only the Moon in Aries is in the hidden room! It can mean the the fiery and passionate emotions were not supported growing up. There could be the feeling that the parents disapproved and were always trying to get this Aries Moon to sit still, be ‘lady like’ and quiet! It can make it hard to connect to the feeling world when one’s feelings aren’t initially appreciated. This can have a strong influence on the 3rd and 4th houses (where Cancer, the Moon’s sign) is duplicated in this example. Make sense?

When it comes to the opposite sign of Libra intercepted in the 6th house, the initial approach is through earthy, analytical Virgo. That means organising a job or task has them getting in there and making lists and structuring the heck out of it all but there’s a sense of isolation. What is really wanted is to share. To partner. It’s possible that at first, the people one really want to connect with just aren’t there (because the vibe is attracting Virgo when you really want Libra).

In the case of Janette’s multiple planets there, how important is finding the ‘right-for-her people’ on the job and in the day to day life? VERY important!With transiting Saturn through Libra now, Uranus opposite and Pluto square, there’s every opportunity to get to know this ‘hidden’ part of the Self. Mainly we have to loosen our grip on ‘who we think we are’ and be open to our inner guidance.

Thank you for volunteering your charts Janette and Jan (that’s going to wake up your Aries right there!) Please feel welcome to share your thoughts on how you’ve found the environment a factor in expressing who you are in the 6th and 12th. Anything you want to add is most welcome. For everyone who supplied chart data, thank you. I plan to carry on this week discussing interceptions with as many examples as I can.

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