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There are three charts from the initial post with intercepted signs of Leo and Aquarius. I thought that would be a good one to cover! Thank you for offering you data for this topic, everyone!

The first is Candy’s chart (you should be able to click on the thumbnail images and get readable charts to study) with Leo intercepted in the 8th and Aquarius in the 2nd. Candy is an author friend of mine and I can tell you right now she’s multi- talented (art, photography, non-ficiton, novels) so we can’t say that Leo intercepted means creativity is stifled. It’s there all right but it’s not always easy to bring out into the world, nor is it what the world might be expecting!

Leo is where we need to leave our own personal stamp and where we need to be centre stage. Leo is like the Sun: we express our inner purpose out in the world. The Aquarius polarity is where we must ‘dare to be different’ with a (Leo) sense of purpose. When this polarity is intercepted the environment may not support creative success to the fullest (in this case through shared resources and joint projects where energy is merged) and it might take rebelling against social conditioning to develop the skills and values it takes to break out in the Leo house. Think ‘rebel with a brilliantly creative cause.’

Catherine has the same interception in the same houses only Mars (energy, will) and the North Node (path) are involved. Here it is doubly necessary to break out of social conditioning to find the resources, talent and skills to feel the creative purpose in life. In all three of these charts (Shay’s below too) the door to creativity is a la Cancer, soft, sensitive, shy and hidden. This is what people see, as opposed to the bold, willful, fiery Leo, which is their true creative heart. The bottom line is, you can feel unrecognised. The door to talents and skill development (2nd house) is Capricorn – the traditional rout. So here they are as kids being offered these traditional methodologies and taught to conform when that is the LAST thing that supports their art!

Shay’s chart has the same intercepted signs but the houses are reversed. She intuitively has highly creative talents and needs positive feedback and recognition to continue developing them, but the early environment might not have offered the recognition she needed to thrive (seeing her as quiet and reserved, not strutting her stuff when there was much to strut!) When it comes to shared resources, she’s the one with the ‘left field’ approach but the expectations are for her to conform. Ouch! Again the North Node is involved so getting onto the lift path can be frustrating because growing up people are saying the path is x and really it’s y & z!

Does this conjure any thoughts? And what about the duplicated signs of Gemini and Sagittarius? Would love to share some thoughts there!

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