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Asteroid Philia is opposite Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, bringing warm waves of camaraderie. Today the collective–be it your inner circle of friends or a global community out to make a difference–holds your attention. You will notice how you fit in, how you serve, how you heal. Contribute!

This is reminding me of all my friends who have patiently stood by my while I immerse, (for years on end!) in my writing. How many times have I put publishing deadlines before anything else? Do you have a calculator? Let’s just say lots! So today, under the auspice of Philia, I’m going to ring, email and think of my inner circle whom I love and I’m also going to spend some time here, at the IS Foundation, the global community were I connect to make a difference to this world.

How are you taking the time to share the love, contribute and participate? I’m always open to more suggestions.

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