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Happy Solstice Everyone!

I imagine we’re all a tad busy right now so I’m going to put up a few links to check out over the next few days. We can discuss any or all of them here.

#1 The New Moon Newsletter is up for those who don’t subscribe (or who have ultra efficient Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo spam filters)

#2 New Moon Scopes are live!

#3 Check out the Solstice Tips if you missed them 🙂

#4 I’m talking live tomorrow via Good Vibe University on all things 2012. It’s a free call so dial in and join us. Questions and comments welcome.

I’ll add anything of interest over the next few days. Coming up before the New Year will be a post on 2012, my views. Meanwhile, everyone have a fabulous holiday season and rest, relax, rejoice!