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L.A. – Sunday – 13:38
NEW YORK – Sunday – 16:38
LONDON – Sunday – 21:38
SYDNEY – Monday – 08:38

Tutorial for finding Jupiter in your chart is here 🙂

Jupiter turns direct and any project or career move that went off kilter at the end of May – June shifts back into gear. The king of the gods in the earthy sign of Taurus amplifies our ability to ‘provide and prosper’. Pick up the ball. Aim high! Play hard!

That’s what I wrote for today’s daily Astro-LOA Flash. If you follow my rss or my pages on FB, you’ll have read that one already. What you may not know is why Jupiter is connected to ‘abundance, success and expansion’. If all boils down to one word, CONFIDENCE!

Jupiter as an astrological archetype is know as the ‘Greater Benefic‘ It’s the largest planet in our solar system and is symbolic of large scale experiences – big wins, big times, big love. You get the picture. He is optimistic, popular, expansive and generous. Some call him the ‘Cosmic Santa Clause’ (others reserve that title for Neptune) but all agree, Jupiter lifts our hopes, helps us aim high and shows us new horizons. But what’s really going on when we experience this energy is we begin to believe in ourselves. That’s what makes it happen!

The power of the vibrations of confidence, commitment and belief . . . can turn dark horses into champions, long shots into heroes and underdogs into top dogs.Jeannette Maw

Confidence means you believe in yourself and where Jupiter turns direct symbolizes where we can amp up that belief and make things bigger! If it’s in your 5th house of romance, you’ll vibe self assured when meeting that hottie you’ve been ‘living’ to talk to. Suddenly your creative life is on fire. Why? Because you believe . . . Jupiter in the 10th house can amplify the career. You might wake up with the confidence to walk out of a deadbeat job and land the one of your dreams. Belief in yourself breeds trust and respect, even a bit of awe!

Have a look at where Jupiter is going direct in your natal chart (see tutorial for creating your chart and finding planets and points in the horoscope) and feel the sun shine in!

Love to hear your confidence stories in the comments! Woot!

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