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Road to the Soul explores the distant past, the Southern Continent of Gaela before is sank beneath the sea. This was the land that spawned the Draconians of which Quillian, the time-slipping Were-fey, is a distant relation. The story has a rich and complex history that began with a grain of truth: the elements of time folding and destiny are mythologies of the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail, otherwise known as the Lunar Nodes.

From the North Node is plotted what we call in astrology the Draconic Zodiac, a window into the heart. Not may astrologers use the ‘Draco’ chart but I find it fascinating, and revealing. For example,  Today’s Daily reads:

Sun conjuncts Draconic Mars at 5 Capricorn bringing a sense of power and accomplishment to your actions. This is going to instill all kinds of confidence in the eyes of others. The desire to create (artistic or procreative) is tempered with an earthy, practical vibe. Patience, serenity AND brilliance! Have a great day 🙂

Road to the Soul

Like the North Node, the Draconic chart says something about where we are headed, if we chose to reach out, and also like the South Node, it says something about where we have been, what’s comforting, familiar and secure. Some think of the Draco chart as as the “purpose” behind the soul’s intention and link it to a sense of destiny or fate.

I like to think of the Draconic chart as a layer of “soul fabric” that lies underneath the outward personality. You can’t see it unless you look deep. Like the silk lining of a jacket, we never think about it being there and it never fully shows, yet it is a substance that makes the wearing of the coat more comfortable—a better fit—and when the breeze flips up an edge and we get a glimpse of that contrasting color and silky texture, we go “ahhh”.

The Draconic chart is something like that.

For those with planets in early late Sagittarius and early Capricorn, the long stay of Mars through Virgo will be especially interesting as it will be in the Draconic sector of Sag-Cap.

Meanwhile, we are all on the Road to the Soul. Blessing for the journey!