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The ‘future’ in my Quantum E. Series is not lightweight. I’ve written a post-apocalyptic Earth were things have gotten pretty harry: totalitarian government, solar shields blocking the sun, geo-engineering gone very wrong, loss of civil rights, gender biases, speciesism, tectonic plate shifts and the only currency is drinking water. Many have asked me if that’s what I ‘see’ for our future and my answer is no, not if we change the way we think, right now.

There are now 7 billion people on Earth and all we need is one percent of us to train our thoughts towards appreciation, compassion and awareness and it will raise the consciousness of the whole. Why? Because that’s all it takes to shift a paradigms. One percent.  Not such a big ask, eh?

Instead of my fictional 24th century Earth, I’m wishing for a world where there is reverence for all life, where we treat the planet and every inhabitant as a thou, not an it. From women, children and men to plants, animals, rivers, oceans, valleys, forests and grasslands, storms and thunder, sand and foam, if we treat them all with grace and respect there will be a beautiful world left behind for our offspring. What kind of wish is this? It’s a Neptune into Pisces wish as this planet returns to its home sign of compassion for the first time in over two and a half centuries. It is my hope that we will ‘entrain’ to the love, awe and communion that this transit represents.

Love yourself. Love the world. There is no power stronger than love. – Deepak Chopra

How can we co-create this? The first step is letting go of fear and the judgement that fuels it. Can you imagine what it would be like to view the world without the proviso of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and to remember that all roads lead to enlightenment? Impossible? Well, I’m not one for getting stuck with the ‘realistic!’ I prefer to think that success can look like failure in the middle and if things go pear-shaped in 2012, I will say, here we are, in the middle, going strong.

But it’s 2012, you say? Isn’t the world supposed to end?

 Here is the complex answer: The word cosmos means a ‘harmonious and orderly system’. If we believe this system is closed, has defined boundaries in which everything functions, then the system is determinate. Life is determinate. We can say what will happen as if it is already so. In that case, because the system is ordered and predictable, the planetary energies will symbolize equally predictable events: Line up with the Galactic Center, Uranus square Pluto will overthrowing outmoded social structures, the lengthy transit of Mars in Virgo will be busy taking things down to their component parts, cleaning them up and putting them back together again, the retrograde of Venus in Gemini will do a clean-sweep-rethink of our personal core values, Neptune will bring compassion, or deception and so on.

But when it comes to consciousness, we are no longer in a closed system. Enlightenment is experiencing this.

Nothing is deterministic at the level of consciousness because the source of reality, (consciousness itself) is acausal. It’s outside the closed system.

Objects, events, measurements, facts are all modes of human perception, not attributes of the universe. –Deepak Chopra

Here it is simplified: There is no spoon.

In other words, we get to make up our own damned minds!

So what is the impact of the planetary energies of 2012? It depends completely on the individual and where they stand, conscious or unconscious, inside or outside the ‘closed’ system. It depends on their level of awareness. This is why the oracle of Delphi said, Know Thyself. Awareness is everything!

It’s important to remember that we’ve had intense and fantastic ‘line ups’ of planets in the past and not everyone goes through a major shakeup. Even when Rome burned or Atlantis sank, somewhere else in the world, canaries were sang. We always get to choose how we respond to the energy coming our way. We decide. The more aware we are, the broader the choices.

As Jarrod Cossica says, If consciousness is currency I’ve got me a goldmine! –The Spell of Rosette

Bottom line, I don’t see ‘Dec 2012’ as signalling any observable ‘end’. If anything, I see it as an expansion. Change is happening, of course, and I am rooting for a rise of consciousness that brings creative and healing awareness to the planet.

Now, what are you intending for 2012?

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