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Sidney Harold Meteyard's Eros

Eros usually spends a month or so in each sign but once a year Asteroid 433 lingers for almost six months, direct, retrograde and direct, in a single sign. This year, from Jan 2, 2012, it’s in Virgo!

What does this mean, to have Eros express through the symbol of the “virgin”, the sacred feminine who relies on no one but herself for her sense of identity? What awakens when the god of love links with Virgo’s ruler, the quick silver messenger, winged Mercury?

Think about Virgo the symbol of the possibility to learn and transform oneself through a personal ‘crisis’—which may mean a catharsis. (I mean CRISIS, from the Greek KRINEIN,  to separate, distinguish, decide)

A decision is the act of accepting to become different from what one has been—thus the acceptance of change and self transformation. — Dane Rudhyar

The operant words here are Change and Self-transformation. After all, Virgo is a mutable sign. That means fluid and transforming! Getting lose and easy with what is and what is about to be!

Virgo can express in the finely tuned development of skills and talents, discernment and exactitude. Represented by the ‘Virgin’ Goddesses, Virgo’s resources include an animated and perceptive mind, quick assessment of precarious situations, flexibility of thought, articulate communication and the famous critical eye.

The natural seat of Virgo is the sixth house, ruling the health and well-being of the body, the link between psyche and soma, and anything that assists the ways and means in which we accomplish our will: service, employment, pets, gadgets and ritual magic. The relationships symbolic of this house are unequal, forming their basses from how one thing might enhance or support another.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, quicksilver messenger of the gods. Co-ruler of Gemini, this planet oversees communications of all kinds, commerce, teaching, learning, expression through the written or spoken word and objective observation. It is Virgo’s link with Mercury that gives extra zest and vigor, making it the most lively and inquisitive of the Earth signs. Virgo also expresses Mercury’s aptitude for efficiency, systematic organization and the hard work necessary to turn thoughts into language, interchange and effective expertise.

With Eros in Virgo, there could be a lot of systematic or analytical thinking, and re-thinking, about erotic relationships of all kinds! Communication takes an erotic tone – it becomes intense, provocative and transforming. .

Where we find Virgo in the horoscope is where we need to analyze and discriminate, keeping what is valuable and eliminating what is not. Virgo by house is an area of life were we need to be organized, refine our purpose through talents, skills and abilities and use our vibrant nervous energy in creative and productive ways.

Is Eros here going to be “all talk and no action”? No way!

…Virgo stand(s) for instrumentation, implementation and technical competence. –Dennis Elwell

Eros in Virgo will want to explore the depths of the erotic in very tangible ways! Virgo is a sensual sign, and with Eros here, we are likely to notice all the little details of taste, touch, smell, sound, and visual observation. Eros will want to experience life through a duality of inputs, being mentally tuned by Mercury and at the same time acutely aware of the body through association with the earthy element.

With this Eros transit, we may be able to synthesis the two, bringing articulate intellectuality to the experiences of the senses and exploring physically the ideas of the mind. Eros transiting through Virgo may bring the CRISIS that enables us to separate, distinguish, appreciate and decide on issues relating to the house and planets contacted. It could be dramatic, and productive! You will feel alive!

In March Eros will conjunct Mars (also in a lengthy stay in Virgo) and his soulmate Psyche, a powerful connection to tap into! Where will Eros in Virgo affect your chart the most? Which houses and what planets will be activated over the next six months?  Check it out (tutorial for discovering your Virgo sector here) and discuss in the comments!

Meanwhile, we can honor intimacy, passions and desires through tantric sensuality, sacred sex, direct communication and ritual with nature. Take time to attend to the finer details in life by appreciating of all the little things and releasing’ tolerations’. By eliminating what is no longer genuine and respecting what is authentic, life itself becomes more and meaningful.

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