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Welcome Everyone to 2012!

The New Year dawns and all your intentions are shooting out like rockets to the universe. Aries Moon and Mercury is square Mars so put some POW into your thoughts and sort out any counter intentions.

There is much Node activity so you can expect shifts in relationship, new BFF’s and mentors (or mentoring others) and a sense of renewal in the heart department.  By the 6th, Pluto and Vesta meet, Eros is well and truly into Virgo and it’s time for some razzle-dazzle in the daily routine!

January 8th is Mercury into Capricorn and the mind turns towards business and tangible outcomes. Full moon on the 9th (scopes up by then!) brings feelings. Check in, not out. The 10th is a fabulous line-up of Mars, Eros and Psychic. OMgoodness! Make a wish!

January 13 is a pre-heat for June 2012. Notice what you are sensing. Tune into your inner guidance and assess, adjust, appreciate. Venus into her favourite sign of Pisces on the 14th is creative and compassionate. Open your heart to a wider community.

By the third week the Sun is into cosmic social worker Aquarius with a New Moon on the 23rd. This rings in the Chinese New Year of the Dragon (I’ll post on this one in the New Moon Newsletter). Sign up if you want it delivered to your inbox.

Mars goes Rx (retrograde) on the 24th! Where is your white tornado cleaning up? (tutorial to find it here) Support the actions as you ‘re-do’ readjust and remake. Be flexible!  Mercury into Aquarius on the 28th brings you into a social and community frame of mind. What can you do to contribute?

The month ends with Moon in Taurus. Be resplendent, and have a wonderful month!

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