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Today’s Astro Flash:

‘The Draconic Sun on Jupiter shines the light of awareness on your core beliefs.

This is an awakening, a revelation of consciousness that puts you in a new frame of mind. On the verge of change, look to the horizon you want to experience.

Rapture and individuation go hand and hand.’

Q. If rapture is ecstasy, what is individuation?

Individuation is the process of becoming self-aware. It is the recognition of our multiplicity of being and the ‘permission’ we grant ourselves to express diversity and contrast in creative and fulfilling ways.

Living your values means knowing what’s most important to you and honoring it daily. – Jeannette Maw on Valuies: Quick Ticket to Raising the Vibration

How do we get there? By knowing our core beliefs, the key elements that, when expressed, resonate so fully that we feel inner peace  and rapture simply in the act of expressing them. They can range from the experiences like to accomplish, inspire, serve, excel, experiment, risk to be of value, teach, nurture, beauty, loveliness . . .  The key is knowing them as they change and develop and honouring them in all thought and action. The road to enlightenment begins right here, right now, with awareness and appreciation of our true core values.

What are your core values? Share them here, if you like and contemplate them today!

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