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Expect more oomph in your Capricorn house over the next few days!

A magnetic filament in the sun’s northern hemisphere erupted on Jan. 5th and it looks like it might deliver a glancing blow to our magnetic field tonight or tomorrow, just in time for the full moon. What does this mean? Some astrologers feel it’s an added boost of energy a la the sign involved. ie Capricorn (where the sun is transiting now).

What kind of space weather are we talking about? CME? Solar Winds? Solar Flares? These are all different energies. The flares are eruptions of hydrogen within the sun that create magnetic disturbances (affecting pipelines, communications, power plants etc). CME’s (coronal mass ejection) are, effectively, very BIG solar flares. Solar Wind is the constant flow of charged particles emanating from the sun in all directions. There are times when the wind is stronger, and the flares higher. We see this mostly as increased aurora as the solar wind hit the Earth’s magnetic field, strange and very beautiful! CME’s can be larger than the sun and yes, that’s what’s hurling our way at the moment.

Because the cycles are predictable, they’re in the realm of the astrological symbol system. We have to remember though, that, as Deepak Chopra recently said in a talk about ‘reality’, objects, events, measurements and facts are modes of human perception, not attributes of the universe. Think of this metaphorically. As above, so below. If there is a CME ‘out there’ then something is happening here, in our own hearts.

The sun represents the inner most Self, our core (heart), individuation and what we are becoming. At times of flares, we can look deep into the source of our ‘light’, into what gives us meaning and purpose, what sustains us. Symbolically we can turn our focus inward as the sun in our solar system brings new light from the depths.

Wherever the full moon is shining in your natal chart, (hints here) look also to the opposite house where Capricorn resides, where we feel ambitious, productive and the urge is towards individuation and autonomy. In contrast, the moon in the Cancer house is where we can feel the need to nurture, to be needed or even emotional dependency, all of which can grow into relationships of mutualism (in biology – two organisms of different species relate in such a way that both benefit).

Just think know thyself and feel compassion for others. That’s it in a nut shell.

Do you all know where this is happening in your charts? I’m in the 5th and 11th – individual creativity and the polarity of group creations. You?

Happy full moon, everyone!

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