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Echo and Narcissus by John Waterhouse

Today’s Astro Flash: Venus square Juno is a day for appreciating the intricate beauty in life, especially your one-to-ones. There may be a bit of push and pull, contrast and challenge but underneath there is connection. Honour that! There’s something magnificent in every bond we form, no matter what the shape. Revel, relish, repair.

Juno differs from the other asteroid goddesses in her unwavering desire for marriage: Ceres prefers the company of the earth, her daughter and the occasional lover. A staunch virgin, Pallas Athena seeks the company of men as comrades in arms. Although offered the hand of marriage by Poseidon and Apollo, Vesta prefers to stay sequestered in her temple, content with managing the sacred flame of renewal. She welcomes men only as a consecrated act of divine union.

Yet Juno (Hera to the Greek) wanted Jupiter (Zeus), king of the pantheon of Mt. Olympus, to be her lawfully wedded husband. Originally a virgin sky deity in her own right, Juno’s marriage to Jupiter is thought to represents a merging of two cults that were once conflicting. How ever it came about, the marriage of Jupiter and Juno was a rocky one: Juno was faithful to her marriage vows; Jupiter was not.  In spite of their troubles, Jupiter still longed for his wife and they had at least three children together, an indication that something creative came from the union.

In the story of Echo and Narcissus, the inability to form relationship outside of oneself is portrayed. Echo loved the beautiful young Narcissus, but he loved only himself. When Juno is tracking down Jupiter and his latest love interest, Echo’s chatter distracts the queen of the gods and  Jupiter gets away. Furious, Juno curses Echo so that the nymph can never speak again but only repeat what she hears others say. This makes for some communication barriers in her own love life, ie, Narcissus.

But it wouldn’t have mattered. Narcissus spends his days staring at his own reflection, thinking it is a wondrous water nymph, the only creature on earth worthy of his love. This story, in full here,  represents aspects of loving another,  the first being the ability to love oneself. Eventually Echo is merged with the mountains and Narcissus becomes a beautiful flower, not quite the relationship evolution they were after but it’s a start. Like us, they are on the path!

Thoughts anyone? Can you see how all relationships, no matter how ‘disastrous’ or ‘one sided’ are steps in the direction of consciousness, of love?

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