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The Daily Astro Flash today is about letting go of micro-management, or even macro-management for that matter. The ides is to stop worrying and trust that life has your back:

Neptune opposite one of the royal stars, Regulus, the Watcher of the North, symbolizes a lift of spirits, a lightening of the heart. Whatever issues weigh you down, you can give them over to the universe, your guardian angels, your higher self, however you envision your ‘supernatural’ support. Remember, you’re entitled to a bit of a break!

How many ways can you let go of your struggles today? If you have any tips, I’d love to hear about them. Meanwhile, here’s a few of mine to get you started:

1. Stop talking about how hard it is
2. Do things you love
3. Get more rest
4. Get more exercise
5. Call a time out (stop thinking about it!)
6. Trust that everything’s going to be all right

For more hints you can read this great article by Abigail Steidley on ‘slacker manifesting’. I’m actually doing a course on this at the Good Vibe University. So supportive!

Have a wonderful, carefree day today, everyone!

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