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Astro Flash: Venus conjunct Chiron at 2 degrees Pisces, an annual event that brings the wisdom and audacity of the centaur to the sensuality and wiles of the goddess of love.

It may also bring memories of a wound. This is the perfect day to remember pasts hurt in a new, carefree way. Embrace the saying never mind!

Water Centaurs by Aaron Briggs

Tips: If your love life could use a vibe shift (or if you just said, ‘what love life?’) then now is the perfect time to change the way you think. (And that’s all that needs to happen to make a difference—change the way you think!)

1) Find your story: To alter your thoughts about love (i.e. improve your love life) you have to know what they are in the first place. The quickest way to find out is to ask. ‘What’s my story?’ Answer that in six words or less please. You might say I never should have said YES.  Or maybe it’s All the good ones are taken . . .

2) Let go of the old story: You might think there are perfectly good reason for the old story. I mean, if you did get hurt, cheated on, lied to etc it can be hard to paint a different picture, but that’s the next step. Why, because if you have a story, your life will reinforces it. Period.  But there are versions of what has happened to us, and we can always choose which to tell.

Take Medusa for example. There are several versions of her mythology. In one story she is raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena. The goddess punished her for this, made her a monster who could turn men to stone. But in another version  Medusa is an ally of Athena (her image is on her shield). No rape, no curses. She is a powerful warrior protecting her lands from barbarians.  Both are Medusa stories, just different ‘tellings’.

3) Write a better story: The ancient Greeks called fate ‘that which is written.’ They thought it was immutable.  We know differently now. Changing our story literally means changing our ‘fate’. Remember, we choose which version of our lives to tell.

Tomorrow I’ll put up some scopes designed to help identify old stories and find better ones. Stay tuned! (This topic was originally posted on the Good Vibe Blog)

PS My friend Larry Williamson just sent me this, before he saw my post! A one minute clip that says it all! Thank you Larry!

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