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'The Wheel' Edward Burne-Jones

Yesterday I talked about three tips for improving the love life a la the Venus and Chiron conjunction. Basically it’s
1) know your story
2) let go of the old story
3) write a better story.
Below is a little kick start on the process with the aid of astrological metaphors. Here’s the recap: (originally posted on the Good Vibe Blog )

Tip three: Write a better story!

The ancient Greeks called fate ‘that which is written.’ They thought it was immutable but we know differently now. Changing our story literally means changing our ‘fate’. Remember, we choose which version of our lives to tell.

The steps below are designed to help identify old stories and find better ones. Each sun sign is given with its opposite because relationships bring out the ‘bipolar’ in us—our sun sign AND the 180 degree opposite ‘shadow’ sign. If you know your Ascendant sign, read that polarity too!

Aries & Libra: These signs share the story of Lover vs. Power.  Aries wants to be the boss and Libra wants to feel the love but in relationship the traits can flip (daily). Suddenly Libra calls the shot and Aries is begging for romance. (The conflict is within, inherent in both signs) The stories go like this: Relationships are a compromise. Marriage is a trap. I’m lonelier with than without.  When these signs let go ‘domination and subservience’ stories the energy harmonizes and becomes a conduit for enlightenment.  At that point, the story transforms to ‘Having the time of my life!’

Taurus & Scorpio: Peace vs. Change. Taurus yearns for peace at the expense of change and Scorpio yearns for change at the expense of peace. Both are incredibly stubborn. (Talk about what you resist . . .)  The stories can be Love isn’t worth the risk. Relationships always blow up, (S)he’s like a ball & chain. When there is balance the propensity to fall into a secure but stagnant peace is replaced with the willingness to traverse new territory. The urge to flee when it becomes over challenged is grounded with an inner peace. Then the story is, Things just keep getting better!

Gemini & Sagittarius: Words vs. Actions. When it comes to love, these signs can get caught up on words, ideas, beliefs, philosophies and what to ‘do’ about them. Gemini wants to gather and disseminate vast amounts of information and Sagittarius wants to turn the sparkling wisdom into an action (or religion). Talk about mixed messages! Stories include No one understands. They never listen to me. I’m not smart enough (or they aren’t). It’s better to just have friends. When aligned, the drive to expand consciousness may live out through the deep sharing of ideas as well as the intimacy of the bodies.  Then the story becomes, Together is better than ever!

Cancer & Capricorn: Co-dependency verses vs. Self-sufficiency Capricorn represents independence, capability and sometimes insensitivity.  Cancer is nurturing, bonding and sometimes ultra needy.  The combination can leave the partner saying WTH? The story goes like this: I’m not good enough for him/her. He only wants me for my money. Marriage is better than being alone (or the opposite). Alignment comes when the longing to immerse in the inner world of feelings moves into the larger collective and the desire for accomplishment move inwards to meet the empathy and compassion of shared feelings. Then the story becomes, Life’s a beautiful symbiosis!

Leo & Aquarius Self vs. Group. Traditionally, Leo is the monarch and Aquarius the cosmic social worker.  Leo finds creativity in individuality and distinction and Aquarius finds it in groups and community.  When in relationship, both signs can manifest conflicting urges, and both signs can be incredibly willful! Stories go like this: No one’s good enough for me. Relationship is sacrifice. They always hate my friends. (I always hate their friends). With alignment they can learn to pool their resources in a creative and erotic merging that brings about a beautiful result. Then the story becomes, Creativity through collaboration!

Virgo & Pisces: Order vs. Chaos. Virgo compares and contrasts; Pisces merges and dissolves.  One takes unformed mass from the sea of the collective and shapes it into something functional.  The other lures those forms back into the sea so they might remix in new ways. In love, these signs manifest some conflicting feel goods! Stories might be: I’m so confused. What they don’t know can’t hurt. It’s too good to be true. I let the good on get away. With acknowledgement of both ritual order and immersion in the unknown, relationship can bring these seemingly opposite qualities together.  Then the story becomes, Love is the soul of harmony!

What’s your new love story in six words or less? Remember, your story is your fate!

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