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Ceres over the 0 degree Aries Point is a force of nature awakening our sense of nurturing and connection to Mother Earth.

Honour her by listening to the sentience in life around you. River, rock, tree, animals, plants, people–we are all one. Feel it and draw strength, beauty, rejuvenation.

The average footprint in the western world is 6.2 Earths. Mine was 1.7. What’s yours? 

The combination of this powerful symbol – Ceres as Mother Earth, divine goddess of fertility, harvest and seasons – and the 0 degree Aries Point highlights where you Self-nurture, respect and honour body, mind and spirit. From a point of self-awareness and love, we can extend that light out to our great Mother, the earth that sustains our physicality. Give to yourself today. Give to the Earth!

Where 0 Aries is in your chart, go there! Do activities associated with that house. (If you don’t know how to find it, try the tutorial) Think thoughts of appreciation and abundance in your Aries area of life. Do something wonderful that makes you smile, for the great mother in all of us!

Jan 19 – Jan 20
L.A. – Thursday – 10:35
NEW YORK – Thursday – 13:35
LONDON – Thursday – 18:35
SYDNEY – Friday – 05:35

Have a wonderful day and I’d love to know how you celebrate! Ideas?

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