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Mars has ‘stopped’ in the sky and is turning retrograde on the fixed star Epsilon Carina, once part of the great ship of Argos. This is so apt! Think of it as a settling time in your journey, a chance to fit your sails, adjust the heading and make ready for perfect progress through smooth seas. Allow for success!

The key here is allow. This is not about push, try, struggle. Take a moment to imagine things happening first before you lift a finger. Let your motivation and will accomplish goals in a single thought! If you have resistance to relaxing, Jeannette Maw has some excellent hints and tips. If life seems to have gotten too much, check out Janette Dalgliesh’s top three tips for overwhelm.

Mars Rx Times 23 VIRGO 06′
L.A. Jan 23 @16:55
NEW YORK Jan 23 @19:55
LONDON Jan 24 @00:55
SYDNEY Jan 24 @11:55

Mars Direct 03 VIRGO 41′ 2012
Corrected times – Thank you Nancy!
L.A. Apr 13 @19:38
NEW YORK Apr 13 @22:38
LONDON Apr 14 @03:38
SYDNEYΒ Apr 14 @14:38

And yes, it’s a LOT of Virgo for Mars, (seven months in the sign where usually it’s six weeks). This prolonged stay puts a spotlight on the ‘Virgo’ area of your chart, activating and heating up any planet it aspects at this time. How so?

Virgo is industrious, able to work hard in creative, ingenious and practical ways. It can also be a scrutinizing energy so we can become more aware of how we value things, people and experiences and how that view can effect thoughts and feelings. The idea is to lighten up on criticism, especially if it is directed inward, and get active, playful and adventurous in your Virgo house. (If you want to know where Virgo is in your horoscope but aren’t sure, follow along the tutorial here. Let me know if you need help.)

Scopes for the long transit of Mars through Virgo are up.

Note: For the next five days, I’m taking my own advice and having a little break to celebrate Mars transiting my first house a la meditation, weight training, runs on the beach . . . chocolate. I think the only thing I’ll be working on is my tan πŸ™‚ No posts or Astro-Flash updates (or any of the other million things I do each week) but I will be having fun and socializing so if you have comments, let’s chat!

I’d love to hear how you are fairing with Mars Rx, and also would like suggestions for posts in the upcoming months. What’s most interesting to you? Law of Attraction? Astro insights? Learning astrology? Tips on writing, publishing, PR? Saving the planet? Mythology? Tarot? The best brownie recipe ever? Let me know, and have a great week!


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