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Hi Everyone! I’m back from a mini-break and feeling  . . . well, not so much tanner (it rained all week non stop!) but a lot less cluttered. With the help and encouragement of my friend Mystic Medusa, I did a fabulous job de-cluttering the house while spending down time reading, playing in the rain forest, extra meditations, cooking instead of snacking. weight training without looking at the clock (actually I did everything without looking at the clock!) and hanging out with friends. Now I’m refreshed and we can expect mini-breaks more often. I love them!

Astro – Flash: Saturn trine Neptune is a harmonious aspect conducive to deep reflection and quiet meditation. By calming the mind and allowing self assurance and steadiness, answers to all kinds of questions arise. Something you achieved in the past is revisited with a chance of being honored and acknowledged. Listen. Reflect. Receive.

One way I’m celebrating this energy is by signing up for Deepak Chopra’s 21 day mediation challenge. I already meditate twice a day a la TM but I’ll be doing the Chopra Center’s challenge as well! Join me and let me know how else you are honouring this Saturn/Neptune vibe. Before enlightenment – chop wood; carry water. After enlightenment – chop wood; carry water . . .

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