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What supports your spiritual bliss?

February begins with the last few days of Neptune in the sign of Aquarius. Think back to what was on your mind in April 2011. Inspiration and discovery, contrast and challenge all zoom back to that point (and actions around August – September 2011) so you can relax, let go and move on. There is an erotic (of Eros) link between Venus and Mars as well. Oh boy! Clear out the old relationship weeds so you can cultivate and bask in the new!

Remember, Mars is retrograde until mid April and it’s the perfect time to prune, shape and sculpt your life to fit your dreams. Inner journey! By the 4th (official date for Chinese New Year of the Dragon – make your Feng Shui changes now), Neptune is in Pisces for the next fourteen years. (I’ll devote a post to this soon!)

Saturn goes retrograde on Feb 7th for the last time (29 Libra in the Via Combusta). Look at the activities of the house that has the latter degrees of Libra and do that puppy. Get it right for you. De-clutter, mentally, spiritually, emotionally. This is all lined up with the Full Moon in Leo (scopes/tips will be out on the day).

Venus into Aries on the 8th is an assertive, go after it, kind of vibe. You will want to pursue. This will be interesting as it leads up to Feb 14th, St Valentine’s Day–a time when some people feel glowing, in love and romantic and others do not. The point is, it’s a national day to notice your relationship/love vibe. Put awareness there and create the changes YOU want, not the ones others expect. Find your relationship happiness mantra and use it! Venus conjunct Uranus on the 10th says change up! Mercury into Pisces on the 14th. Write a love letter, to yourself, your angels, your earthly lover . . . Just write it, even in haiku. The idea is to express.

The Sun goes into Pisces on the 19th so check out your Pisces house(2) for emphasis. DO that area of life. Put the light of consciousness there. New Moon on the 21st (sign up for the Newsletter to get more insights) is perfect for boosting your artistry, creativity and ability to follow your bliss a la Joseph Campbell. Nobody on their deathbed says “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.

The end of the month has Moon in Taurus over Jupiter, a grounding, sensual and luxuriant end to the month. And, don’t forget, it’s a leap year. Those born on Feb 29 get a proper birthday out of it!

Enjoy the month!