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2000 Olympic trials - Blemheim Equisports

Objects, events, measurements and FACTS are modes of human perception, not attributes of the universe. – Deepak Chopra

You’ve heard me quote Deepak on this before but it’s so relevant, and so counter intuitive to the way we were raised, it bears repeating.

Astro – Flash: Uranus has been hovering over the first degree of Aries for some time and is now smack on the fixed star Kerb, a sun in the constellation of the winged horse Pegasus. Think audacity, risk and daring to be different. This energy shouts rise above the obstacles! Are you listening?

Another favorite adage is ‘The Number One obstacle is thinking there are obstacles!’ We have to stop doing that. Period.

Our ‘job’ in life is to be happy, to find fulfilment and connect with the wonders and diversity of Mother Earth. It is not our job to be long suffering, work ourselves to the bone or to repress our creative, playful, mystical, carefree, wondrous side because we believe we have ‘responsibilities’ or must do what is ‘expected’.

Let’s all give ourselves permission to be you in all of who we are, in all our diversity. Let’s give ourselves permission to live the life of our dreams. Include everything; exclude nothing!

Have a one liner for the life of your dreams? I’d love to hear it!

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