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Astro-Flash: Asteroid 23 Thalia contra-parallel the Moon adds colour, drama and thrill to the day. Suddenly everything feels larger than life. Breathe in this moment and from a place of poetic expanse, take a new look at your situation. Can you can see the hilarity of it all? Laugh out loud!

Thalia is the Muse of comedy, pastoral poetry, feasts and festivals and although the Quantum Enchantment book trailer created by fellow HarperCollins Voyager author Mary Victoria is more dramatic than funny, it gives a feeling of the epic proportions of the QE series. And in those pages there is laughter . . .

No matter how deep and dark and dramatic my storytelling gets, I always seek to awaken laughter. Certain characters are perfect for this: Quillian the Were-fey, the Shakespearean intellect of the temple cats, the Three Sisters . . . the Muse Thalia was leaning over my shoulder while I wrote them! lol! Laughter is the best medicine! It relaxes the body, protects the heart, releases endorphins, boosts the immune system and helps form bonds between people (not unlike kissing but that’s another post!)

What’s making you laugh today? Was there anything particularly funny in my QE series that cracked you up? I know some of my characters made great fun of certain sun signs . . . I’ll see if I can fish some of those out for another post.  lol Feel free to share your thoughts here! Have a great weekend!

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