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Beauty and the Beast by Irulana

Astro-Flash: Saturn parallel Eros represents a deepening of relationship into a more tangible form with all the anticipation and excitement that coincides with such an event.  It can also signify separation of a bond if the tension/lack of alignment becomes too great. Expect sun showers with a chance of authenticity, high spirits and grace.

When Saturn is linked to Eros, the opportunity to transform lead to gold may come though the medium of love and relationship. In the process can be contrast! When Saturn and Eros meet we come to know the depths of our flaws (gremlins, ‘tolerations’). They usually appear before the eyes, in full Technicolor, in the form of the beloved other.

Eros to Saturn can be like like the bond between Beauty and her Beast. At first, she is terrified of the monster in prince’s clothing, yet to save her father, (a symbol of Saturn and the edifice of the ego) she offers herself to the creature. She willingly places herself in the Beast’s domain, determined to protect her father in spite of her overwhelming fears. This represents a willingness to enter the realm of Saturn through the medium of erotic love. In this story, it is not long before the daughter sees beauty where others only see destruction, ugliness.

This lesson of Saturn and Eros is one of perspective. Shift yours and see how the world changes. Have you ever had this experience? Where something you feared or were repulsed by suddenly transformed – the fear and loathing gone? I’d love to hear about it!

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