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The Horses of Neptune by Walter Crane

The astrological Neptune portrays a myriad of meanings from the dreamy depths of the watery unconscious, the longings of spiritual aspirations, the obsession of powerful desires to the revelation of the divine beloved. Some say it is where we seek the ineffable, or where, conversely, the ineffable seeks us. This planet also symbolizes a place of confusion and deception because Neptune is sometimes too intangible for the mundane world to decipher . . .

Astro-Flash: Neptune into Pisces is illusive, unconscious, ineffable. It represents a part of us that can never be defined. Neptune asks us to experience life without concrete boundaries, knowledge or proof. Sometimes Neptune can coincide with confusion . . .

And confusion gets a lot of bad press, right?

Aren’t we told to get clear, know our why, be aware of our unconscious motives, gremlins and tolerations?

Clarity is a great way to bring awareness into our lives but sometimes there is a better one: hanging out in ‘I don’t know.’ There is a role in deliberate creation for confusion, chaos, and lack of clarity and that role is inspiration. Creation. Artistry. Love.

The eighth century BCE Greek poet Hesiod said before any of the original deities, there was chaos. Ultimate confusion! All our creation myths, in all places in all cultures in all times, begin with chaos, darkness, water. The unknown. “In truth at first Chaos came to be . . . Hesiod

There is a archetypal metaphor here!  To create something truly new, first there must be chaos. We have to go back to scratch, forget what we think, and what we think we think, and immerse!

Jeannette Maw puts it like this:  Sometimes reality is a handicap to vibrational alignment because what’s happening in our “real world” is very different from what we want to create.

Neptune is all things unworldly, without form, ideas that cannot be proven. In esoteric terms we say it represents what is behind the veil.  This energy, this part of us, wants Bliss. Reunion with the divine. Merging with source.

Higher and lower Neptune –  My friend Mystic Medusa talks about higher and lower Neptune, lower being escapism, addictions, fears, and phobias because we want something so far beyond the rational, mundane experience of life, something so rarefied and beautiful that we reach for anything that can ‘drown’ us in the feeling. Higher Neptune energy is more the expression of bliss, love and communion with all life. Source. An experience of source while in a physical body. Transcendence.

Neptune is bliss/confusion that doesn’t really function in the world of form because this energy is only interested in formless states of infinite possibility. Think of Deepak Chopra’s Discontinuity (the space or gap between our thoughts). That’s Neptune. By the time you get the message of Neptune, he’s already ‘gone’ because the getting is the realm of Saturn (the edifice of the ego). Neptune is outside that.

Neptune denies evidence. Neptune defies logic. Neptune simply believes – Joanne Wickenburg.  This energy wants to dissolve overly rigid structures so that you can receive inspiration, communion, source energy. It is from a place of ‘uncertainty’ and allowing that creative originates!

Neptune into Pisces is a home coming for this planet. The sea god returns to his rightful realm. There is power there, and relief! Honour this transition. Allow yourself to get swept up into the bliss of the unknown. Welcome this ingress into Pisces like a Muse, a divine lover, the part of us that takes things on faith.

Neptune says stop thinking and dance!

Another word for Neptune – Namaste 🙂

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