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'The Chariot' Rider-Waite Tarot; art by Pamela Coleman Smith

Astro-Flash: Leo Moon is trine Uranus as it crosses Talitha, a binary, topaz and purple star on the front paw of the Greater Bear. This is the symbol of awakening, victory, success! In times of change, disruption and contrast, more than ever inspiration, warmth of heart and playfulness have their place. Celebrate your next intention now!

This energy reminds me of the tarot card ‘The Chariot.’ It’s a bold, confident energy where things are moving forward from thoughts to inspired action. Traditionally the Chariot assures victory, reaching the goal, being successful, winning the race, receiving the degree, gaining the accreditation.

The Chariot is forward motion on the life’s journey but it all begins with setting an intention – stating what you want – and then believing in it with all your heart. With the full moon nigh, it’s a good time to let go of ventures completed or outworn and state what’s next! Remember, you decide!

What’s next for you on the journey?

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