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Henri Gervex (1852 – 1929)

Astro-Flash: Moon trine Venus today on Azelfafage, a star in the tail of the Swan. The feeling is contemplative, dreamy, receptive, if you know what you want. Get past the physical form – money, relationship, new home, career – and ask, how do I want to feel? That’s what you go for, the feeling not the thing.

I learned the concept from a wonderful coach, Jeannette Maw. We were talking about money, at first, and then love – all Moon/Venus things. She said, ‘Nobody wants money. I mean, what is it really? Paper? Coins? Figures on a spread sheet? We don’t want that. We want the way we think money’s going to make us feel.

This is why we can feel disappointed when we finally reach a goal (x amount of dollars in the bank, this job, that marriage, etc) only to realise it’s not making us feel like we thought it would.

One quick step to bliss: Go for the feelings we are after and don’t worry so much about the things. They are energy, just as it is. Nothing more. No magical potion to a feel good state. But when we feel NOW how we’d like to feel WHEN (our desire happens) that’s pure gold!

Practice it today! I know I am 🙂

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