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The Fool - Rider-Waite Tarot; art by Pamela Coleman Smith

Daily Astro -Flash:4450 Pan conjunct the 0 Degree Aries Point heralds awakening. It evokes the archetype of the fool – a risk taking, naive view of life. Blind trust! There is a powerful link with the instinctual nature (note the dog as companion) and a wily, trickster, attitude. On the AP the feeling is renew, reinvent, revision! Who’s on that path today?

And is it a rocky one? Pan likes to shake things up (wait a few days until he’s conjunct Uranus! Oh boy!) so we can have a feeling of risk. Why? Risk allows us to trust, to conjure some blind faith from the depths of our souls and take that leap in the dark. Emotional, physical or spiritual, we don’t know how we’ll land, and we jump anyway.

We were talking yesterday over at Good Vibe University about this idea of trust. One point made was that it took practice. We have to get into the ‘habit’ of trusting ourselves. To do that we need the risks in life, the no guarantee moments, so we can trust it all to work out, no matter what. Like the fool, we are on the adventure, putting one foot in front of the other! Bottoms up!

Like Ramsay Clark said: Turbulence is life force. It is opportunity. Let’s love turbulence and use it for change.

Who’s loving the rocky road today?

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