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Astro-Flash: Between 736 Cupido opposite the Sun, poetic 80 Sappho opposite hot hot hot 1221 Amor and erotic 433 Eros nearing the conjunction with blissful 16 Psyche, love really is in the air . . . that is, if you want to breath it in. There’s not much point denying the vivacity of the moment. Really. If the intoxicating feeling is there, by all means, fall!

Why? Because love loves. It is its nature and when you feel that love within, you see the world in a new light. You become a new light!

The madness of being in love clearly shows many characteristics of soul activity: interference with plans and projects, long periods of time spent in daydream…projection of ideal fantasies…confusion about personal goals and values, a weakening of willpower—all of these reveal an activation of the deeper strata of the soul. –Thomas Moore

How does this happen? All romance, all love, begins with Self. If that sounds narcissistic, it’s because it is. Self-love is at the core of all connection. If you have no reverence for your own life, you will not have it for anyone else. Self-love is also at the core of deliberate creation. Jeannette Maw puts it like this:

When it comes to confidence building, allowing new relationships and lifting the vibe, a lot of people don’t realize how important the Self Love factor is.  But learning to practice it is CRUCIAL to successful deliberate creation, because the Universe can only be as good to us as we are to ourselves

If we want to save the planet, nurture Mother Earth, connect with like-minded others, fall head-over-heels in love, we have to awaken ourselves first, just as Psyche awoke Eros!

With that in mind, here’s wishing everyone oceans of love, beginning with love of our own hearts.


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