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Astro Flash: Artemis, goddess of the hunt, is trine Eros, god of love, bringing a sensual, erotic, potent air to the week. There is an earthy call to nature where instincts take over the rational mind and intuition, when tapped, becomes your strongest guide. Stormy with a chance of wild success!

Things to do to awaken your intuition:

Listen to the body. Take time out when you feel something physical, a pain, sensation, or delight and tune in. There is a message there!

Be in nature. We are of Mother Earth and though sometimes our modern lives separate our feet from the ground, our hair from the wind, our skin from the sun and rain, we respond on an inner level to being ‘in the wilds.’ Go there.

Connect with those who have ‘no voice’. Animals, planets, rivers, oceans, storms, trees all have an inner voice if we care to listen. Expand your connection through touch, meditation and active imagination. Listen, nurture, trust.

Let me know if you have any other ideas on how to connect to your instinctual wisdom and your inner guides. Have a great day!

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