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Draconic Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is a time of intensified will to carry out actions, but what kinds? The feeling is ambitious, the desire to achieve strong. You’re going to want to point it somewhere.

It can live out on a personal level, like the right job, career, relationship, home, artistry, or it can be more transpersonal, caring for animals, the environment, creating clean water and good food for all.It can also be both.

The Draconic zodiac resonates with a deeper level of soul, a deeper level of the collective. You can take this will to action and make strides in your personal life, and you can also give something back to the community, environment, Mother Earth. Mars Rx in this position asks us to consider our actions and reactions. Get beneath the surface to your core values. What intentions are you setting today? What is it you would like to see accomplished?

If you don’t have a favourite organization for your save the planet fund, join me with ISF 🙂

Details: Mars is currently at 19 Virgo in the Tropical Zodiac and 8 Capricorn in the Draconic Zodiac. If you’ve got questions about reading the Draconic chart, let me know. I’ll incorporate into a series of posts on the subject.

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