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How do we know if there is too much stress in our lives? Check in with emotional guidance! Feel good = stress free. Feel bad = stressful.  The idea is to bring awareness to the situation so we can let go of what’s not supporting us. Indicators of stress include:

• Fatigue, yawning, dozing, spacing out, depression
• Aches and pains and symptoms in the body
• Nervous tension, anxiety or apprehension
• Insomnia and sleep disturbances
• Lack of enthusiasm for life

Reducing Daily Stress

Where is the relief? Where is the liberation? Four quick ways to let go of stress:

• Burn off the adrenaline! Find a feel good exercise!
• Remove the source of stress by reassessing plans and restructuring goals.
• Eliminate ‘tolerations’. Let them go, or find a new way to think about them.
• Learn to say no, delegate, and entrust others.
• Nurture mind/body/spirit. Exercise and meditate!

Stress Reduction Through the Zodiac

The signs of the zodiac can alert us to authentic needs and modes of stress reduction. We each have all twelve signs in our charts, although some will be emphasized more than others. Looking at the natal signs of the Sun, Moon, Ascendant and Ascendant ruler(s) offers a good starting point.

AriesAries need to express through assertion and action. Stress accumulates when physical restrictions are imposed or there is a lack of independence, authority and self-direction. Effective stress relief includes defining goals, regular exercise, and focusing on the areas of life where you CAN be in charge.

TaurusTaurus need to express sensually. Stress can accumulate when there is physical isolation, deprivation of intimacy or lack of comfort and security in the environment. Stress relief may come from healthy physical contact, bodywork, regular meals, intimacy, and good financial planning.

GeminiGemini need to express through communication and multitasking. Stress builds up when there is no one to talk to, too little to do, or no way to disseminate ideas. Stress relief comes with the right amount of activity levels, new projects, cultivating friends, study, and varied types of playful exercise.

CancerCancer need to express through emotional bonds. Stress can arise from discordant surroundings, moving house, loss of nourishing family ties, minimal creative and emotional outlets and financial insecurity. Stress reduction includes building self-nourishment and love, creativity, domestic security and emotional ties.

LeoLeo need acknowledgement, distinction, and an audience. They like drama! Stress can arise from lack of recognition,  humiliation or a feeling of insignificance. Anything that adds sparkle and specialty will help reduce stress, as will exercise, playful joint activities, romance and creative or dramatic self-expression.

VirgoVirgo need to categorize, refine, plan and examine. Stress can arise from emotional or environmental chaos, inactivity and lack of order or meaningful tasks. They need to feel their work reflects a valid contribution, great or small. Control over diet, exercise, communication and the day to day environment is critical.

LibraLibra need to harmonize, share, beautify and relate socially. Stress can arise from imbalance, injustice, harsh environments, social isolation and lack of image control. A stressed Libra needs to talk things out, sharing feelings and experiences with a caring other. One of the people pleasers, they stress about having to say NO.

ScorpioScorpio need to interact intensely, get behind the scenes and live on the edge. Stress can occur when life is too sedate or lacking in emotional intimacy. Some risk or danger can be nourishing for Scorpio, as is fortifying personal relationships and allowing time and space for passionate expression. Dramas and upheaval are allies = healthy transformation.

SagittariusSagittarius need to explore, find meaning, direct others and adventure. Stress can arise when life is too confining and predictable. There is a strong need for social contact and a longing to lead the group. Physical exercise in natural outdoor settings is a must, as is spontaneity.

CapricornCapricorn need to assert their own authority, build structure and gain achievement and results. Stress augments when this sign lacks control, security, plans or power. Self-sufficiency, planning, and wise time management reduces stress, as does exercise that builds, strengthens and refreshes. T

AquariusAquarius need stimulation, challenge, knowledge and freedom. Stress can arise when life is banal, restrictive, subdued, or routine. Linking with like-minded others, making sudden decisions and daring to be different can reduce stress. Exercise is vital as mental focus causes this sign to forget the needs of the body.

piscesPisces need to imagine, commune, restore and escape. Stress builds when they ignore physical needs, lack emotional bonds, feel pressure to perform or have no outlets to create and/or escape. Pisces thrives on an active and imaginative inner world where they can retreat to regain balance.  Must have a sanctuary.

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