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Astro-Flash: Mercury. messenger of the gods, is on the Mars (healthy aggression) and Uranus (freedom/change) midpoint making communication less than diplomatic. People are going to speak out, minus the social filters. Think truth serum with an amphetamine base. Clear the air. Listen. Learn

Some people are reporting ‘contrast’ with this Mars retrograde period, big contrast! Things of a mercurial nature (computers, internet, servers, communication, thoughts, contracts, the written or spoken word) are going haywire and although given a great enough perspective, they may lead to creative outcomes, still, the frakups are frustrating! What is going on?

Think of Mars as an archetype of our inner warrior. He is raw, animated energy. He represents the force that gets us out of bed in the morning, staking claims, winning battles and achieving all desires. Vital for our ability to move forward, Mars is an energy gauge, suggesting how much dynamic force we wield and where. As Mars links to healthy aggression, he can also be impulsive, rash and willful. Does our inner Mars like to retreat?


It would appear that this retrograde motion, particularly in Virgo, is rubbing him the wrong way! Some are feeling a frustrated energy. We can’t get our way, be assertive or initiate current desires. While using this time to question what we want and if it is a match to our core values, it’s best not to let Mars stew. With links to the flight/fight response, he needs an outlet, preferably physical. No matter what contrast comes your way, taking your Mars out for some healthy exercise is going to help move things along. Relief! Meanwhile, there is a message in the madness. Can you decipher it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. What’s your inner warrior been saying lately?

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