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The Artist

Astro-Flash: Asteroid 18 Melpomene, the muse of artistry, melodrama and mime, links to Mercury, planet of communication. It’s the perfect time to think about what you are saying, not with your words but with your body. Are the two aligned? Get them in accord and your day will sing!

Of course writers know the old saying, show don’t tell. By letting characters portray their thoughts and feelings via actions and body language, readers immerse in the story, experiencing the journey deeply because they aren’t being told what to think or how to feel.

But body language is more than a medium for novelists. It has much to do with our authentic communication with others. Mixed messages abound if I  say yes while rubbing the back of my neck, or I’m not upset while cross my arms and take a step back, or no to a first date if I’m smiling and playing with my hair. Clear and honest communication means checking in with the body and seeing what it has to say. The recent Oscar winner, The Artist, is a wonderful reminder of how much information we receive without words. Have you seen it yet? Wonderful!

There is yet another reason for getting our body language and thoughts in accord and that is effective deliberate creation. The first step is to set an intention. This is a way to focus our thoughts on what we want, helping us believe we can have it. But often we do this without noticing our body’s response. If I set an intention with my shoulders hunched, eyes looking down, hands clenched, my signal to the universe will get jammed. There’s a mixed message there. But if I set an intention with my shoulders back, eyes smiling, open palm, the door to creation swings wide. See the difference?

Take a moment today to set a new intention and invite your body to launch it with all the enthusiasm in your heart. Get thyself in accord! You might find it brings fabulous results!

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