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The Elegant Nature Of Boots by fallenrosemedia

The full moon in Libra has a feeling of elegance, that is, elegance in the balance. The focus is on relationship but to whom? Message: if you want to improve your relationships ‘out there’ in the world, improve your relationship to yourself. Period. 

With asteroid Circe, the mother of magic, conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, the feeling is to make something ‘happen’, explore the unknown. This is a wonderful self-discovery, but remember to explore the inner world as well.

‘Reality’ is an externalization of consciousness. Everything begins within.

L.A. – Friday – 12:19
NEW YORK – Friday – 15:19
LONDON – Friday – 20:19
SYDNEY – Saturday – 05:19

AriesARIES: This full moon highlights a contrast between career/creative goals and your love life giving you a chance to see things from a different perspective. Take time to consider all sides then make a choice that feels like the most adventurous and challenging. After all, you are meant to have fun!

TaurusTAURUS: There is an indulgent feeling in the air, a sweet song that lures you away from practical goals like sensible eating and a good night’s sleep. The full moon in Libra will enchant you and then suddenly snap you back to ‘reality.’ Fortunately, a path once traveled is easily found again. You can walk both.

GeminiGEMINI: The Muse is out this weekend, called by the full moon in your house of creative self-expression. This is where you follow your heart’s desire be it a lover, work of art, manuscript or film. You’re officially clocked off! If it doesn’t start with ‘fun’, it’s not on the docket. Think childlike, playful, enraptured!

CancerCANCER: The full moon in your home sector brings the urge to retreat, but not alone. You want those close to you gathered around. Easy done. Host a family dinner, have friends over for a film night, dance or ritual, organize a working bee. Take the initiative and bring loved ones together for a purpose.

LeoLEO: After nearly a month of crazy communications, this full moon is a time to clear up any lingering misunderstandings. Start first with yourself. What wires are crossed? What inner messages have you missed? Once sorted you go on to straighten out any kinks with friends and family. A simple, let’s start again will do.

VirgoVIRGO: Mars is still retrograde in your sign and after ruling Mercury Rx for weeks you might feel like your spinning your wheels. Not so! To get your life on track, think of three things you want to do this year, set clear intentions to do them and roll up your sleeves. By April 14th it’s onwards and upwards!

LibraLIBRA: This is your yearly full moon and one that has you feeling intense, focused and a little overworked. Set the tempo for the rest of the year now by creating perfect balance between home/family, career/creativity, lovers and others and your own ‘me’ time. Think equal portions, clear intentions, easy done.

ScorpioSCORPIO: This full moon is tagging your ruler Pluto, bringing up content from the unconscious like a dog digs up an old bone. It might help to remember that for the dog, that rotting thing is a treasure! The key to sailing through this lunation is to relax, let go and allow. Notice your dreams. Glean the message and move on.

SagittariusSAGITTARIUS: The key words for the centaur are socialize, tantalize, realize. This is not a go it alone time. As you mix with like-minded others, the moonbeams shine on your goals and wishes for the future. Are they current? On track? Still relevant? Take time to sort through, eliminating anything past its use-by-date.

CapricornCAPRICORN: The full moon lights up your house of public relationship, reputation and career. There could be some limelight, or at least an interview or two. The key is to ‘create no response’, that is, pay no attention to any gossip or whispers. Your authenticity stands; just acknowledge credit where credit is due.

AquariusAQUARIUS: This is an explorer’s moon for all Water-bearers, one that has you looking to distant horizons, speaking of sweeping events and notions and finding new paths to enlightenment. Under the cool rays of the moon you will see things from a new perspective. Think awareness, contemplations, assimilation.

piscesPISCES: Full moon in your regeneration sector has you thinking intense thoughts and prepping to make life changing decisions. There is no rush. Actually, it serves you better to pace yourself this month, launching new plans after the next lunation on the 21st. Now is for composure and intimate connections. And peace.

Have a wonderful FULL MOON Everyone!

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