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Between Mercury and Mars Retrograde, Neptune into Pisces,  and the long term Uranus/Pluto transit, I’ve had a lot of questions about ‘what the hex is going on?’  My friend Mystic Medusa calls it the Zap Zone and indeed these signatures in the sky can coincide with inner radical developments and quick change. Perfect time to check your vibe and see exactly what it is you are flowing. The question to ask: Is it taking you where you want to go?

If you want to know the state of your personal consciousness, just look around and see what is happening to you.Deepak Chopra

If you want some help with realignment, enter the Vibe Doctor, or in my case the Witch-Vibe-Doctor. I’m now one of the staff at thevibedoctor.com at the request of Jeannette Maw from Good Vibe University.

Meet Kim (Astro-LOA & Magic Spells Expert):

Kim Falconer, Astro-LOA and Magic SpellsKim Falconer, fondly known as the vibe witch-doctor, has been using astrological insights and magic spells (ritual intentions) to shift vibes and help people align with their desires for over thirty years.  An international astrologer and author, Kim uses the symbolism of your birth chart, along with your current situation, to quickly cut to the chase, assess blocked energy and prescribe your individualized Rx to create positive change, liberation and relief.

Kim is fluent in spotting your authentic relationship to money, love, prosperity, creativity, career, home and happiness via your astrology. She uses the power of myth and ritual to help you shift your vibe, from the inside out. Her prescriptions—including a spell designed specifically for you—are perfect for those wanting an Astro-LOA approach coupled with the ‘outsourcing’ power of ritual magic. Kim will help you spot the ‘gremlin’ gumming up the works and help you release it, just like that! Purchase your custom Vibe Rx and Magic Spell from Kim for $66AUD. **Be sure to click on the Add special instructions to the seller link in PayPal to include your date, time and place of birth.** (Order now)

Tale the quiz and see if your vibe could use some tweaking!There are other LOA experts there as well. Have a look around!

Also check the Readings 2012 page for new additions: Align with the Retrogrades, a look at the retrograde periods of the next 12 months and how you can best go with the flow and get the most out of them.

What insights are you getting this Mercury/Mars/Saturn Rx period? Feel free to comment!