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Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good. Lucia Capocchione

Catch anyone?

Welcome April! The month starts with the Moon, North Node and Uranus coinciding with a burst of energy and optimism to ‘get thee on thy path‘! This is an internal motivation that amplifies and builds, waiting for the perfect moment to bloom. If you want the best results, set the release date for after April 4th (Mercury turns Direct) or even more aligned is after April 14th when Mars turns around and starts to arrow forward again.

Meanwhile, April is sensual and productive in quiet ways, beautiful ways. The motto of the month is go outside and play! Venus glides into Gemini on the 3rd with a light, curious and sexy energy. The square to Mars and Neptune on the 6th-7th could reveal a loophole or ‘flaw’ in the plan. It’s all to your advantage to discover this now! Expect something that makes your eyes bug out on the 9th!

Retrograde alerts:  Pluto goes Rx on the 10th giving us all a chance to integrate the insights and realisations gained since September 2011. Allow for the the emotions to rise and disipate without judgment. Mercury goes direct on the 4th and Mars on the 14th. Think greased wheels, mega juju.

The sun enters sultry Taurus on the 19th and it could be challenging to ignore the senses. Remember that chocolate, symphonies, beautiful prose, those kisses .  . . are all just electrical signals interpreted by . . . well, by (as Sir Arthur Eddington would say) something unknown doing we don’t know what (ie consciousness). Remember, ‘reality’ is an externalization of our thoughts. You decide what the heck it is you’re experiencing!(and oh boy will it seem real)

Rounding off the month, the Sun trines Pluto reactivating the Grand Earth Trine from mid March. I can say only two words. Milk it! There’s romance and high fantasy in the air by the 30th. Enjoy. Smile. Ge grateful. Most of all, have some fun!