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Astro-LOA Flash: Neptune is the planetary ‘final dispositor‘ for the next few weeks giving the mystical god of the sea full sway. See this as a chance to glimpse behind the veil. When you open your mind to the magic of the universe, that which was inanimate comes alive. There is a message there if you would but stop for a moment and listen.

Note: Dispositors are not used by all astrologers though I find them very insightful, especially from a Law of Attraction perspective. Dispositors can help pinpoint what things boil down to. Following their path can reveal a major key to the eternal goal: Know Thyself, super helpful in a deliberate creator’s evolution.

But before I go any further, do we all know what a dispositor is?

DEFINITION: A dispositor is a planet which rules the sign another planet is in. Read an in-depth article here by Alan Oken.

If Venus is in Aries, we say Mars (who rules Aries) is the dispositor because he disposes Venus. He becomes an extra authority over Venus in Aries. He lends some of his drive, intention and energy. Same is the case when the Moon is in Scorpio. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) lends energy and influence to the Moon. A final dispositor is a planet that ‘disposes’ all the others. Not every chart boils down to just one planet. Sometimes there are three or more, but any final dispositor is always in its own sign.

While Mercury is in Pisces, Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) is the final dispositor. Let’s run through how we get there so it makes perfect sense. Here are the signs and their ruling planets:

Aries – Mars
Taurus – Venus
Gemini – Mercury
Cancer – Moon
Leo – Sun
Virgo – Mercury
Libra – Venus
Scorpio – Pluto (Mars)
Sagittarius – Jupiter
Capricorn – Saturn
Aquarius – Uranus (Saturn)
Pisces – Neptune (Jupiter)

In the chart to the left, starting at the bottom, we can see how all the planets in the sky right now are disposed by Neptune: Pluto is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), Saturn is in Libra, (ruled by Venus), Jupiter is in Taurus, (ruled by Venus), Uranus and the Sun in Aries (ruled by mars), Venus in Gemini (ruled by Mercury, Moon/Mars in Virgo (ruled by Mercury), Mercury in Pisces (ruled by Neptune).

Dizzying, I know, but can you see how we got there? Now, the question is, what does this mean?

The prevailing wind of  the next few weeks (save when the moon is in her own sign of Cancer) has a decidedly Neptune Vibe – more sensitive, more intuitive, more illusive. We might feel time alone in nature or in meditation, or in the sea, is particularly healing. Even with the sun in Aries etc, Neptune has sway!

By the 18th of April, Mercury is back into Aries and Mars (ruler of Aries) is in Mercury’s sign of Virgo so we have a mutual receptions loop overseeing the vibe. Instead of mystical longs of Neptune we shift to quick wit, cut to the chase, analytical, assertive action as the prevailing wind.

If you have your own char in front of you, have a go at working out your final dispositors. You might end up with one, or several or a mutual reception feedback loop (for example I have Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Cancer so those two are in a continual strange loop, but the rest of my chart boils down to Mercury in Gemini).

Think of your dispositors as having more strength and purpose in the chart. Their message, what they symbolically need and want and have to offer, can be more important to us than we might first think. Bottom line, when we honour them, life moves forward in a more authentic direction.

Are you sailing with this wind, or against it?