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Master Ubrath’s General Astrology Class, Treeon Temple, Geala. This is another excerpt from my first book in the Quantum Encryption series, Path of the Stray, pg 370-372. Enjoy!

‘Allec,’ Master Ubrath said after waving the class silent. ‘Perhaps you can tell us something about the other modalities? The other forms of motion?’ He indicated the podium. ‘You can sit down, Ruby. Thank you.’

She felt a mix of emotions — relief for herself and anxiety for Allec. She had no idea if he’d looked at their week’s assignment or not, though he seemed to understand the Cardinal signs well enough. Allec stood up, making his way to the front of the lecture hall. She watched him walk — strong, like a high priest. She had a feeling he would manage quite well, no matter how much he knew. It turned out he knew more than enough.

‘The Fixed signs are about stability and tenacity.’ His voice was warm, confident. Ruby felt lulled by it.

‘Can you give some examples?’ Ubrath said.

‘The Aurochs stabilises on a material level — in the realm of the tangible — whereas the Lion …’ he smiled at Ruby ‘… represents unwavering creativity and self-expression.’

She averted her eyes, wishing he wouldn’t do that — draw attention to their intimacy in public. He clearly didn’t know that she had Venus in the twelfth house, that privacy in her affairs was paramount. Maybe she would mention that to him later. . .

The Scorpion perseveres emotionally, and the Waterbearer represents immovable intellect and conceptualisation.’ Allec finished the Fixed sign examples.

Brief, but not bad, Ruby thought.

‘Well said. And what of the remaining constellations?’ Ubrath asked.

‘The Mutable signs are adapting, fluid and obliging.’ Allec winked at someone in the very back.

Ruby couldn’t resist the urge to turn around and identify them. She knew who she was immediately, without the huge grin on her face. Zepha had told her. She and Allec were lovers last year. Are they still? Ruby wondered. Goddess of the night, don’t let me think about that. I can’t afford to get jealous!

Allec was still talking. ‘The sign of the Twins adjusts and flows intellectually. Earthy Ceres represents flexibility and service in practical ways. The Archer exudes spontaneous versatility, and the Fishes, it is said, dissolve into a stream of moving feelings and emotions.’ He stopped to laugh at himself. ‘And all Mutable signs tend to talk — a lot.’ He was looking at another girl who was smiling back.

Oh bother him.

‘Very good.’ Ubrath clapped with everyone. ‘You can sit down, Allec.’ He turned to the entire class. ‘Who can summarise? Why is the Ascendant sign important in the consideration of any horoscope?’

‘It tells us how a person gets things done? Initiates?’ Zepha said.

‘It tells us how they like to be in the world?’ Allec added.

‘All true, but that’s not a summary. Ruby?’

She stood up, focusing her thoughts. ‘Analysing the sign on the eastern horizon leads to a greater understanding of the nature of that moment in time, whether it belongs to a person, place or idea.’

‘Thank you. Examples? Zepha?’

She stood. ‘It helps the star watcher ask the right questions.’

‘Ah. And what would those questions be?’

No one answered and Ruby raised her hand.

‘Go on.’

She was still standing, smiling at Zepha. She hadn’t thought of that one — of asking the right questions —but it made good sense. ‘We ask, is it a Cardinal sign rising? That would indicate the need to initiate and take control. Is it a Fixed sign, bent on endurance? Is it Mutable, ready to adapt and adjust to outer circumstances?’

‘Good answer,’ Ubrath said. ‘Done, and well done!’

Everyone was out of their seats, clapping and whooping on their way to the door.  When Ruby was clear of the hall, Allec came up behind her and circled her waist. ‘You were a genius in there!’ he said. He kissed her neck and her earlier jealousy floated away on the breeze.

And there we have the different modalities on the Ascendant. Check your charts and see what corresponds for you. Comments welcome.

Notes on the Ascendant I – Ruby talks about the Cardinal signs rising.