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The goddess Abundantia by Rubens

Daily Astro Flash: The void of course moon is over asteroid 151 Abundantia, goddess of luck, affluence and plenty! This is a perfect time to appreciate all the wealth and beauty in your life right here and right now. Set an intention to allow for flow both in and out. Ask, how would Abundantia do this? There’s your answer.

I love Ruben’s interpretation of the goddess of abundance. She holds the cornucopia, the never diminishing flow of sustaining energy, and with her breasts exposed (nurturing, life giving mother) she makes sure her treasures are within easy reach of Earth’s children.

Note that she is seated comfortably under the rays of the sun (consciousness) and is very much ‘in the light’. The only thing the ‘children’ (that’s us) have to do to partake of the abundance is to reach out. There’s no test or discrimination. Abundantia is there for all who are willing to receive.

Allowing is the best way to let the good stuff in . . . Jeannette Maw

The astrological representation of abundance is represented in all the planets in different ways. The Sun is an abundance of consciousness and individuality. The Moon is an abundance of nurturing and love. Mercury is mental abundance and Venus is artistic and attraction abundance. Mars is action and Jupiter expansion. Saturn is an abundance of focus and discipline. Uranus an abundance of eccentricity and freedom. Neptune an abundance of compassion and Pluto is transformation, change.

The asteroid 151 Abundantia is the heart of prosperity, who says, β€œThe universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.” –Men and the Mother Goddess With Abandantia in late Aquarius and graced by the Moon, it’s a perfect time to notice the abundance in your life! You can also go here and find out where asteroid 151 is in your birth chart. Are you receiving through activities described by that area of life? My tutorial will help you get your chart drawn and find where any planet or point resides. Let us know if you need help. There are plenty of astro-savvy readers here!

Check where Abundantia is transiting now and where she was when you were born. (Moi natal 8th – joint projects, shared resources!) and transiting my 6th – receiving all the ‘sweet little things’ in life! Comments welcome!