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I just had the pleasure of interviewing Malian, the Heir of Night, a beautiful and intensely focused character from Helen Lowe’s Wall of Night Series. Wow, that was insightful!

The post is over at The Supernatural Underground where I blog on the 16th of every month. It includes a giveaway of Helen and my books so post a comment there (or here if you are after a kindle version of one of mine) to be in the draw.

I plan on interviewing more characters this year! What fun!

Interview with Malian, Heir to the House of Night

Hello Everyone! Today I have a special treat – an interview with Malian, the Heir to the House of Night herself, and a four book giveaway from myself and Helen Lowe. Enjoy, and post a comment to be in the draw. [See details below]

Kim: Hello Malian. *small bow* Thank you for coming to chat with us at the Supernatural Underground. First up, to clarify, you are Heir to House of Night in the Derai Alliance. Can you tell us briefly what that means? Why an alliance and what is the Wall?

Malian: [inclines her head in the Heir of Night’s acknowledgment of an equal] Thank you, Kim. It is an honor to be a guest of the Supernatural Underground; I have heard so much that is good about it through my chronicler, Helen Lowe.

“Heir” is a formal title, like crown princess or crown prince in your world, except that the rulership inherited is not that of a “kingdom” but an “earldom” or alternately “House”—think “clan” in your language. More . . .

Kim: I believe Malian will be within reach for a while so if you have any questions for her, post them in the Supernatrual Underground comments and perhaps she, or her scribe, Helen Lowe, can answer. Everyone who comments will be in the draw to win one of two book packages 1) Helen Lowe’s The Heir of Night and my Path of the Stray 2) Helen Lowe’s The Gathering of the Lost and my Road to the Soul.