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Birth of Venus by DuvalAstro-LOA Flash: Venus at 16 Gemini preheats the degree of the upcoming ‘eclipse’ of Venus across the sun on June 6th. This is a rare event harking back to 2004. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have come and what you have learned. The constellation of Orion adds strength, fire and audacity. Think recognition long coming!

Today’s Astro-LOA Flash is the first in a series of posts about Venus – the planet, the goddess, the archetype. With the astronomical Venus in Gemini, we are in the slipstream of some rare and powerful ‘events’. Think: as above, so below . . .  The synchronicity of the Venus eclipse of the sun and her lengthy stay in the sign of the Twins means there is energy at our fingertips to create inner changes towards greater awareness, authenticity and consciousness.

Note: A transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes directly between the sun and the Earth. The last time this happened was in 2004. After June 6, 2012, it wont’ happen again until 2117.

Dates to Note
Venus into @0 Gemini – April 4, 2012
Venus over the eclipse degree @16 Gemini – April 23, 2012
Venus retrograde @24 Gemini – May 15, 2012
Venus Occult the Sun (eclipse) @16 Gemini – June 6, 2012
Venus Direct @ 7 Gemini – June4 17, 2012
Venus leaves Gemini –  Aug 7, 2012

Venus is a symbol of the powers of attraction. She rules love, affection and beauty, and also what we value aesthetically and artistically. Where Venus resides is where we can attract naturally, where we can win others over to our side. It also depicts a desire for relatedness, not so much for the sake of merging but for the determination of deeper values. Through one-to-one relationship, personal values are identified, refined and adopted.

The sign of Gemini is light, breezy, curious and open to learning. Also think airy, intellectual, loves space, freedom and variety. Knowledge is power so this is a time to KNOW what you desire, really. Get current with core values. Get conscious!

Over the next few months I’ll be bringing in guest experts on some of the core Venus related topics such as intimacy, desire, love, money, artistry and values. For today, if we tune into what we love and how we express our core values, we’ll be in great shape to utilize the magnificent energy of Venus for our personal evolution and the evolution of the planet! Check out where @16 Gemini is in your chart and put some love there! Comments welcome.