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Recently, I received this question and thought it would be interesting to explore here.
Hi Kim,

I’m just wondering if you can let me have your thoughts about whether it’s possible to use LOA to manifest a desire/outcome that is not really showing up astrologically? I know astrology can be ambiguous when trying to interpret (transits) but I have noticed that the start of a significant love relationship in friends/relatives lives has always all been strongly indicated (in the chart). So does the absence of these strong indications preclude being able to consciously use LOA to manifest a significant, ongoing love relationship?

I have my answer ready to give but I thought I would put it out there to you all first. It’s such a good questions, bordering on the fate vs freewill dilemma. For those who study and believe in both astrology and deliberate creation, what gives?

Thoughts welcome!

April 30, 2012 – I’m back! Loving all these comments so far! Thank you!

There are philosophical components to this question and deep astrological information that could wax lengthy so I’m going to give my perspective in a yang style delivery. ie, point form.

Q. Is it possible to use LOA to manifest a desire/outcome that is not really showing up astrologically?

A. Yes, if you believe it. No, if you don’t.

If you believe there is something in your astrology that means you can not have x, for example a fulfilling relationship, you will not manifest a fulfilling relationship, NOT because there is some esoteric, mystical, astrological, universal power whatever stopping you. You are stopping you. Whatever you believe, deep down, so be it . . . This is what deliberate creation is all about, awareness of beliefs and the choice to keep thinking them, or not.

Consciousness is the name of this game and that means infinite possibilities. Not infinite possibilities for some, or for those who don’t have planet x in the house of y, or any other shenanigans. We each have access to infinite possibilities in how we want to experience life. Any limits on that are self-made.

Recap on Astrology and the Law of Attraction:

1) Everything is energy.
2) Energy vibrates at a certain frequency.
3) Your beliefs (thoughts that you keep thinking) determine your vibration.
4) The vibration of ‘I can’t have that’ attracts the same. (You can’t have it)
5) If we want a different experience, we change our thoughts (beliefs)
6) New thoughts create a new vibration which equals a new experience
7) Astrological, religion, cultural or philosophical support is optional.

More on the connection between astrology, consciousness and vibration here.

Note: Astrology is not fate, unless you say so!Think of the astrology chart as a road map. It tells you the lay of the land. Here are the mountains. There is the ocean. You wouldn’t ask the map to tell you where to go for a holiday. You would look at the map though, before you packed, to know if you needed a jacket or swimmers.

The symbol system of astrology represents an infinite range of vibrations, just like we do. Saturn in the 7th can vibe fear and isolation, enduring commitment, exalted soulmate experience. Neptune there can be anything from victim mode to divine union.

No transits or progression indicating a new relationship? There are always indication. New experiences are lining up in infinite numbers every day reflected in transits, progressions, converse progressions, T’s to midpoints, transiting MPs, Draconic links and most particularly transits to the composite and progressed comp (of which you can’t know until you meet your new sweetie anyway!) We haven’t even talked about asteroids yet!

I was at a seminar once and the esteemed Dennis Elwell was talking about some of the more obscure aspects including the septile to the sun/moon midpoint saying it was a major indicator in romantic connection and someone from the audience said, ‘But that makes it so complex.‘ He just smiled for a bit, then, ‘It’s the human psyche we’re talking about. Did you think it wouldn’t be any less complex that neurophysiology?

If you still don’t think there are transit indicators of a major life relationship happening every minute of every single day, I give you the birth chart. It is a ‘transit chart’ for a moment in time and everyone, everyone, born begins at that very moment a profoundly powerful and enduring (no matter what happens next) relationship full of potential for great love and compassion.

Every moment contains in it infinite possibilities. Just think about that!

Summation:Consciousness = infinite possibilities. We decide. Astrology = a map of the psyche that gives us insights to the infinite possibilities of expression.

Let’s not put the map in the driver’s seat!