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May begins with a lot of emotion (and that’s not just me doing flip-flops with Road to the Soul’s shortlisting for the Norma K Hemming Awards). It’s like they say in the Vampire Diaries – when you ‘turn’, all your senses are heightened so when you feel doubt or insecurity, you feel it one hundred fold. But when you feel love, joy, bliss, that too is one hundred times stronger. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be an emotional month!

Celebrate that! The key is to feel your feelings and not try to ‘sort’ them rationally. Just feel the damn things without judgment! (ha!) There is beauty, intensity and a message there. Don’t chew it to the bone. Process, let go and keep making choices towards what gives you more happiness, peace, and relief.

There is a steady the buildup to the full moon on the 6th. Some things begun in April will actualize now so think opportunity, expansion and emotional freedom. Open palm. Ask, will this matter in five years? In ten? Mercury moves into Taurus on the 9th and has a grounding influence. Communication is more point form and pragmatic. More Yang. The sun is conjunct Jupiter on the 13th for its once a year super dose of optimism. Be sure to get yours. It’s there for the taking. Also note this activatres the Kuiper Belt planetoid, Sedna, a time to turn our attention to Mother Earth, the Environment and how we can respect our home world.

As I’ve already mentioned, Venus goes retrograde on the 15th. I’ll be posting more about this, and inviting guest bloggers to speak on various topics of Venus – relationship, sociability, love, self-worth, artistry, money and finances. Meanwhile, prep to reevaluate these areas of your life; know what they mean to you.

May 20th is a big shift as the sun goes into Gemini and forms the new moon at 0 degrees. It’s extremely playful and chatty. I love it! Mercury catches up on the 24th and is into Gemini as well. All month long Uranus and Pluto will be moving slowly but surely towards the exact square aspect, one that is transforming the area of life where they are in your birth chart, from the ground up! I’ll do a separate post on this and we can all work out where it’s happening in our natal charts.

Have a wonderful month of May, everyone! Namaste,xKim