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Astro-LOA FLASH: With Venus poised to turn retrograde, we relax, reinvent, reflect, reread, resource, recover and reconnect to our true values.  Add to that the Sun over Jupiter and the feeling is renewal! You can have big news, hot feelings and make outstanding goals for the future. Think – sun shower of optimism, compassion and expansion. You get up and at it – going for ways and means to support the inner circle, community, globe. Enjoy the brilliance, everyone. Here’s my big new! Tell me yours too!

Kim – Ian – Kim: Last year I made a small online contribution to ISF and moments later, to my surprise, I got an email from the CEO. She happened to be online at the same moment and noticed my name come through. Turns out the ISF CEO is a Kim too, Kim Klingler to be exact.

After we got over our serendipitous names (and then some serendipitous astrological placements), she asked me what inspired me to donate. I told her about the series of novels I was writing and the issues of environment, extinction, technology, consciousness, intention, education . . . She was keen to check them out. As they were not yet available in North America, I sent her Path of the Stray. We chatted off and on over the months after that until in January 2012 I got an email that knocked my socks off. She was swearing up a storm, frothing over how much she loved the books!

She’d read Path of the Stray in two days, thought it was everything she’d ever wanted to incorporate into a story-eco-education-enlightened-law-of-attraction-entertainment series and asked if I would like to collaborate with ISF and Ian’s fans. I said Hell yes and the results is the Ian Somerhalder Foundation Book Club featuring Path of the Stray, opening May 13-14th.

Path of the Stray Book Trailer

The ISF Book Club is a place for us to share stories, characters, environments and ideas found in the books we love, starting with Path of the Stray. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is creating a community where we can talk about books and anything that supports our connection to all life, the environment, mind, body, spirit, personal power, self-awareness and consciousness. My 11th house community is most definitely invited to join in!

Where to get the book: In Australia, you can find Path of the Stray at your local book store. Elsewhere worldwide, you can order online from Fishpond.com (shipping is free worldwide) Also note – if you ‘friend’ Fishpond.com on Goodreads, you get 10% off your first order of any of my books! For those with eReaders, see Kindle.com.

All proceeds from book sales are donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

See the full intro to the book club on the ISF site. If you have any questions, let me know. I’ll be on the forum and so will Ian, Kim and the ISF team and hopefully a lot of 11th house people ready to connect, think tank and lift the consciousness of the planet. See you there!