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Die Jungfrau – 1913 The Virgin; Narodni Galerie, Prague

Astro-LOA Flash: Venus, the goddess of love, turns retrograde today. Think ‘pausing to add new colours to your inner palette’. This is preparation for a renaissance of values, attractions and desires.The feeling is to turn inward and admire what’s working, change what isn’t.

There is plenty of time. No rush. For now, appreciate who you are and what you love. If you can stay in your feelings, sensuality and heart about it, all the better. But remember Venus is Rx in Gemini, so no worries if you do have a few things on your mind from time to time. Quite a few. This is part of the process. Just mix in the quiet time of meditation or whatever practice gets you into a calm state of ‘lightness of being’.

Notes: Venus is a symbol of the powers of attraction. She rules love, affection and beauty, and also what we value aesthetically and artistically. Where Venus resides is where we can attract, where we can win others over to our side. It also depicts a desire for relatedness, not so much for the sake of merging but for the determination of deeper values. Through one-to-one relationship, personal values are identified, refined and adopted.

Gemini is light, breezy, curious and willing to learn. An air sign and intellectual, Gemini needs a lot of space and variety. Knowledge is power so this is a time to KNOW what you desire, really. Get current. Get conscious!

Venus is a representation of love, what we love to love and in Gemini it’s what we think we love. The focus is on our thoughts of love, beauty, what we value. That means it’s what we attract, right here, right now. Our life is a representation of what we love. If we aren’t happy in it, it’s not that the powers of attraction have gone wrong.  It’s because we are not completely self aware of our true loves. Now’s the time to set that straight.

 4 Apr 2012 Venus enters Gemini at 0 Gemini
15 May 2012 Venus turns Retrograde at 24 Gemini
6 June 2012 Venus occult the sun (eclipse) at 16 Gemini
27 Jun 2012 Venus turns Direct at 7 Gemini
7 August 2012 Venus leaves Gemini at 0 Cancer

I’ll be posting more on Venus over the next few months and have some fabulous guest posts lined up as well. Meanwhile, look to where Venus is at a standstill in your chart (which house) and meditate on your values there. There is a key word rundown of the houses below and you can create your chart and find the degrees of Gemini in this tutorial.

Namaste, everyone and happy re-valuing!

Quick list of the 12 houses:

1st house – Appearance, personality traits, outlook on life
2nd house – $$$, resources, talents, peace of mind
3rd house – Teaching, learning, writing, talking, connecting
4th house – Home, family, ancestors, emotional ground
5th house – Creative expression, offspring (books/kids etc), romance
6th house – Health, pets, daily routine, magic
7th house – Socially significant relationships, contracts
8th house – sex, death, taxes, shared resources, trust
9th house – New horizons, travel, beliefs, WWW
10th house – Career, mission, profession, public relations
11th house – Friends, goals for the future, groups
12th house – unconscious, dreams, giving and receiving, meditative states