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With Venus Rx, I am inviting some talent here to the blog to talk about various aspects of this backwards moving love goddess. The first is Cate Frazier-Neely, a brilliantly creative friend, artist, writer and fellow Gemini! You can find her blog at Heart on My Sleeve. Let us know what you think of her perspective!

Hi Everyone! I first met Kim in a dream many years ago: I found a portal to Australia and went through it to visit a “friend” there. She had long, dark hair and we got along fabulously. When I left, she said that we’d meet again in “dream-time.” Many years after this dream I stumbled upon her Eros Forum in 2004 and the rest, as they say, is herstory.

Kim invited some of my thoughts on rx Venus because I have natal rx Venus. Venus is also my chart ruler and aspects both personal and outer planets and points in both the natal and Draconic charts.

The planet Venus spends the least amount of time retrograde of any of the main astrological planets. As an archetypical symbol rx in the natal chart, it gives a person the ability to look “inward” for her personal values and relationship to Self and others, as opposed to following the values of the person’s culture, society or tribe. There is a constant inner questioning of who she is and what she values, and a continual emphasis on self-actualization, self-sustainment and self-reliance. Come to think of it, these are 2nd house values, ruled by Taurus and Venus.

Venus has another side, too—her Libran emphasis is on equality in relationships, and as a result, She is always tight-rope walking the Venus-Mars polarity in any kind of relationship, personal or professional. So this why the rx is good time to rethink your relationships, although don’t do anything drastic while Venus is doing her cha-cha across the skies. You can also rethink your decorating or hair style or wardrobe, (all ruled by Venus,) but no drastic moves until She’s ready to move forward.

Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green says that rx Venus often attracts Aquarians because of Her natural ability to rebel from social norms and appear detached from what’s going on around her. (Believe me, we are not. We just look that way.) I have had two great loves in my life, but the one that is my husband has a long stellum of planets in Aquarius. Interesting, no? In his first love letter to me he said “…you see me in a different way than the Blue- Eyes-Great -Body way, and you refuse to conform to this crazy world.” (a-hem. I DID see the blue eyes and great body, but appeared to be looking inwardly at something else which is what attracted him.) rx Venus will also attract in Her polarity, to help her realize her inner visions and balance her inward gaze. With Venus in Cancer, that means my life is full of Sun sign Capricorns. Both my husband and this other man are Sun sign Capricorns and I have many students, relatives and friends who are Cappys. So don’t be surprised if rx Venus in Gemini invites Her opposite in your chart to help you navigate the inner terrain!!

Gemini wants to talk, read, write, learn—although any kind of communication will do, especially with Venusian themes such as sex, singing, gardening, cooperation and beautifying. Personally, I think Gemini gets a bum rap for being described as frivolous. Gemini is on an eternal search for her missing twin, and Her highly tuned nervous system can tell immediately when that twin can’t be found in a pursuit, so she’s off to continue the search. Both Venus and Gemini are not known for wanting to wade into the messy undercurrents of values, attitudes and relationships that need a redo, but the rx is meant to help us do just that.

I am a voice trainer, singer, and musician by profession at catefrazierneely.com Singing is ruled by Venus. She is in my 9th house, and I am a teacher of adults and professional voice users. A passionate hobby is refashioning jewelry (rx Venus) from vintage costume jewelry that is broken or worn. (Cancer rules old things like antiques.) I write a reflective blog on ‘refashioning jewelry as a metaphor for refashioning midlife,’ at http://www.catefneely.wordpress.com.

Practical examples of rx Venus in Gemini (in 8th house) for me right now include: 1) revisiting and editing a collection of romantic and erotic poetry I wrote when the first phase of the Venus occulation in 2004 brought someone into my life that knocked me upside down…2) waiting for an inheritance that got tied up in probate, 3) redoing my practice and technical study of singing 4) discussing with my husband a part of our marriage which has taken, and continues to take, open communication and a willingness to grow separately and together in areas of intimacy and sexual expression. 5) finishing an on-line course on healing the male/female relationship within myself. 6) big changes in the relationship with my mother and family as we make plans to move her near us. Reevaluating everything that goes with that, including boundary issues, money and house projects. 7) several unexpected repair bills for a car and a computer. (Venus rules money and in Gemini, electrical gadgets and cars.)

Venus came from the rolling waters of Neptune…like Botticelli’s painting of Her rising from the sea. During this rx, murky inner landscapes can become clear if you are willing to “see.” It might not be comfortable (especially if she is transiting one of your water houses) and you might feel ornery or out of sorts. But this inner eye on feelings and values, free of learned behaviors, is rx Venus’ greatest gift.